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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1236

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Chapter 1236

Naomi smiled, “Alright, I’ll wait for you.” She stood in the woods and looked around. A rustling sound
could be heard every now and then.

“I’m done, Aunt Naomi,” Daisie walked out from behind the tree and tidied up her clothes.

Naomi looked at this beautiful and well-behaved girl and couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks.

Daisie suddenly saw something and pointed. “Aunt Naomi, there are a lot of wildflowers there. Let’s go
take a look.”

She then hopped over, with Naomi following close behind. “Take it slow.”

At the campsite, Maisie walked to the lake and saw Ryleigh and Colton picking up seashells. She
looked around. “Where are Daisie and Naomi?”

“They’re over there…” Ryleigh looked over but didn’t see them. “Eh?”

Louis walked over, “Are you looking for Naomi and Daisie? They went into the woods.”

Maisie paused. “Why are they in the woods?”

Colton stood up straight and answered, “I heard Daisie say that she needed to go to the toilet, and Aunt
Naomi went with her.”

“It’s been too long. I’ll go and find them.” Maisie started walking toward the woods, but Louis stopped
her. “You don’t need to. Someone went along.”

Maisie was curious and looked toward the campsite-someone was missing.

Maisie nodded. “I guess there’s nothing to worry about then.”

Ryleigh turned around. “What were you talking about?”

Louis walked to her with a smile and put his arms around her shoulder. “Nothing. It’s been a long day,
so let’s get you some


On the other side…

Low hills surrounded them, and patches of grass separated the shallow lake. There were clean and
elegant-looking yellow and white flowers, which looked beautiful among the greenery.

Daisie’s eyes shone. “Wow, what flowers are these? They’re so pretty!”

Naomi didn’t expect the woods to hide such a beautiful and heavenly place. She smiled and replied,
“These are daffodils.”

“Daffodils?” Daisie scratched her head. “But they look different from the ones in school.”

Naomi gave a light chuckle. “Because these are wild daffodils.” She was surprised when Daisie started
plucking them.“

Daisie, be careful. It might be slippery,”

Right after she said that, she slipped and fell to the ground.

Daisie got one of the flowers and turned to look at her. “Are you alright, Aunt Naomi?”

Naomi took a deep breath and smiled, “I’m fine.”

When she was trying to get up, she realized that she had twisted her ankle. She felt someone
approaching and turned to look

Francisco walked over with hands in his pockets and looked at Daisie, “Aren’t you afraid of the wolves
wandering around here?”

Daisie frowned. “Don’t try to scare me. There are no wolves in the woods!”

“Cough… Your mom is looking for you. She says there won’t be any barbecue for you if you don’t go
back now.” Francisco looked very serious while saying that. Daisie immediately forgot about the
daffodils and stood there for a few seconds before throwing the flower away, “How could she do that!?”
She then ran off angrily.

“Dai-” Before Naomi could call out her name, she had disappeared, and only the two of them were left
in the woods.

Naomi sat on the ground and felt a little embarrassed, so she tried to make it less awkward, “Why are
you here?”

Francisco looked down at her and didn’t really answer. “Why are you in such a situation every time I
see you?”

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