Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 362:

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Chapter 362:

Lin Yuan followed Ning Shu out of the office.

Then Lin Yuan saw a beautiful shadow standing not too far from the door.

And Ding Xiaorong was looking at Lin Yuan with a worried expression at this time.

Obviously, she is not very optimistic that Lin Yuan can deal with her aunt, Director Ning.

As soon as she saw Lin Yuan coming out, Ding Xiaorong looked at Lin Yuan warily.

Lin Yuan returned a smile.

Lin Yuan’s smile meant that Ding Xiaorong shouldn’t worry about anything.

Ning Shu seemed to have noticed the exchanges between Lin Yuan and Ding Xiaorong and so she glanced at Ding Xiaorong.

Ding Xiaorong shuddered when she felt the gaze of her aunt, Ning Shu.

“What are you doing here? You can go down now if you have nothing more to do here.” Ning Shu said lightly.

“Yeah, okay!” Ding Xiaorong nodded.

Obviously, Ding Xiaorong is still very scared.

After nodding, Ding Xiaorong turned and prepared to go downstairs.

But before leaving, she still couldn’t help but glance warily at Lin Yuan once more.

Lin Yuan shook his head slightly, signaling that everything was all right.

Ding Xiaorong then immediately turned and left.

Lin Yuan followed Ning Shu.

Soon, they arrived at the training ground.

After Ning Shu swiped her access, the gate of the training ground opened.

It is not known whether it is because of the time or it could be that this training ground is exclusive for police officers of high rank.

Lin Yuan saw that the huge training ground was empty.

After opening the gate, Ning Shu took the lead and entered.

Lin Yuan followed her inside.

Seeing Lin Yuan following Ning Shu into the training ground, the eyes of the police officer who happened to pass by widened.

“It’s not good. It’s not good! The handsome guy who just came with Xiaorong was dragged into the training ground by the director!”

“I don’t know how much he might have offended Director Ning. He is so miserable!”

“Yeah! It’s miserable. Director Ning is very good at fighting. And she could be a bit cruel sometimes. This handsome guy is pitiful.”

The policewomen whispered in low voice.

At this time, Ding Xiaorong who was waiting for Lin Yuan at the entrance of the building heard the whispers of these policewomen.

And so she hastily ran over.

True enough, she saw that the gate of the training ground was closed, indicating that there are people inside.

It was tightly closed.

“Poor Lin Yuan! Just how much has he offended my aunt?”

“It’s miserable.”

Ding Xiaorong prayed silently for Lin Yuan.

She knew how good Ning Shu is in fighting.

Even she thinks that her aunt alone may be able to beat five or six people with no effort.

And those elites aren’t even Ning Shu’s opponents!

Ding Xiaorong is afraid that her aunt Ning Shu won’t show mercy in her combat with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan is surely going to suffer.

Ding Xiaorong couldn’t get in either, so she could only pray outside for Lin Yuan, hoping that his injury would be less severe.

On the other side, Lin Yuan and Ning Shu have already positioned themselves in the training ground.

The training ground is very clean and spacious. There shouldn’t be many people who use the facility. It should be dedicated to only a few people including Ning Shu.

As soon as Ning Shu came in, she locked the door.

Lin Yuan’s actions had made Ning Shu very upset, and so she had already set her mind.

She has decided that Lin Yuan should suffer.

He just threatened her, so she wanted to teach Lin Yuan a lesson.

Lin Yuan looked at Ning Shu as she took off her coat where she wore only a small green army vest inside.

Although she was not especially dressed, Ning Shu’s figure is quite good.

Lin Yuan looked at her and could say that compared to Mei Yuxian, Ning Shu is only a level behind.

And each of them had their own appeal.

Needless to say, Mei Yuxian’s figure is perfect, that can get a score of 100 points.

However, Ning Shu’s figure is equally hot. And maybe due to long-term exercise, those meat are more tightly intact.

Those loose trousers cannot hide that fact, and the small thin vest makes it more vivid.

Ning Shu’s figure is also beautiful, a beauty that is slightly biased towards strength.

Coupled with Ning Shu's glamorous yet serious temperament, Director Ning is very attractive.

Feeling the gaze of Lin Yuan, Ning Shu raised her eyebrows slightly and snorted coldly.

“Hmmph! Warm-up and get ready!”

While talking Ning Shu was already doing warm-up exercises to prepare her bones and muscles.

However, those movements seemed quite seductive considering Ning Shu’s good figure.

Lin Yuan folded his arms on his chest and looked at Ning Shu’s body with a smile, not shying away from it.

Seeing Lin Yuan motionless and not warming up at all and instead even took the opportunity to watch her warm up, Ning Shu frowned.

Lin Yuan’s physical appearance is quite similar to those spoiled brats she has seen before.

However, in the office, he proved he is on an unequal footing as those spoiled brats.

So what does Lin Yuan mean by this?

Does he think he is a man who is naturally stronger, so he will win?

Ning Shu sneered. “I advise you to still warm up, so you don’t hurt your muscles and bones in a little while. You can’t cry when the time comes.”

With Lin Yuan’s arrogant behavior, Ning Shu was really afraid that he would be overwhelmed later on.

With regards to Ning Shu’s persuasion, Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head, and then said, “Thank you Director Ning for your kind advice, but there is no need.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Ning Shu snorted and didn’t persuade him anymore.

Ning Shu warmed up for a few minutes and was then ready.

At this time, she stood upright.

Her appearance is very beautiful and her figure makes her look more appealing.

But at this time, this sight can’t make people feel the slightest coveted feeling but a sense of horror like a fierce tiger sprang down from the top of the mountain. (T/N: Chinese idiom which means to describe the power and prestige when the tiger descends the mountain)

It is daunting.


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