Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 369:

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Chapter 369:

Sister Lili persuaded with an unhappy expression: “I really feel that you shouldn’t have come back to Jiangbei just to shoot an advertisement for a facial mask product.”

“The Yanjing tour is just around the corner. But you postponed the tour just to shoot this advertisement. I just feel like this shoot isn’t worth more than that of the tour.”

“It is a serious matter as of this time whether you will become the new generation queen or not.”

“Isn’t he just the young master of a major family in Jiangbei? How many major families have asked you to be their endorser and you didn’t even consider their offers? Why did you agree to this?”

Sister Lili couldn’t understand.

Li Feifei shook her head and said, “Sister Lili, don’t worry about it that much. Anyway, I have agreed and the company also agreed to it.”

Li Feifei only talked to the management about the importance of Lin Yuan’s song in exchange for the endorsement.

Sister Lili obviously doesn’t know about it.

Sister Lili thinks that it would be better for Li Feifei to continue touring.

But Li Feifei isn’t a child anymore. She can already decide for herself.

So Li Feifei walked straight to the passage outside the airport bridge.

The bridge and the passage are empty.

When she saw Li Feifei walked straight forward, Sister Lili gave up.

Sister Lili sighed and could only follow her quickly.

However, she continued to complain: “It would be more comfortable to go to Yanjing.”

“The company had arranged accommodations and meals in seven-star hotels in advance for the tour. But now, you want to suddenly return back to Jiangbei.”

“It took me a long time to arrange the private channel to prevent those paparazzi and fans from harassing you.”

There is really no one around.

It is usual that if a top star like Li Feifei departs or arrives at the airport, a large number of people would flock.

Therefore, a special and private channel must be arranged.

It is okay to make an appointment in advance, but it is relatively difficult to get one.

So Li Feifei thanked her female agent Lili for all the trouble.

“Sorry for troubling you, Sister Lili.”

Sister Lili then responded: “Although there is no one around, we need to take a long walk out to take a taxi. It is a bit troublesome to make a detour, and there is basically no people at this exit.”

Li Feifei smiled and said, “It’s okay. I know the location, so let’s go take a taxi and go there.”

“Okay.” Sister Lili nodded.

There is no other way. You can only choose one between privacy and convenience.

And so, they just walked out of the channel.

They saw a figure in the place which should have been deserted.

Seeing this figure, Li Feifei and her agent Lili were both stunned.

‘So handsome!’

As Li Feifei’s agent, Lili has met many male stars.

But she has never seen such a handsome man!

Sword eyebrows and sparkling starry eyes. Isn’t he too handsome?!’

Sister Lili stared for a while.

Then she reacted.

Isn’t it that nobody else should know about Li Feifei’s arrival?

Why is there someone who came to pick her up?

Is this handsome guy a fan of Li Feifei?

At this time, she was surprised to hear that Li Feifei had greeted the handsome guy first.

“Lin… Lin Yuan… Young Master Lin?!” Li Feifei said in shock.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Li Feifei.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Li Feifei greeting each other, Sister Lili thought to herself: ‘Do these two know each other?’

‘Lin Yuan? Young Master Lin?’

It seems to be the name of that young master who asked Li Feifei to shoot an advertisement?

How did he know that they will be here?

She arranged this trip secretly!

And because it was a sudden arrival, Li Feifei never told Young Master Lin to come to pick her up at the airport.

Could it be just a coincidence?

It must be that it just happened that Young Master Lin is also here waiting for someone else.

But why is he at this exit?

Sister Lili turned her head straight.

Li Feifei quickly walked to Lin Yuan’s side and then smiled and asked, “Why are you here, Young Master Lin?

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “I am waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?” Li Feifei raised her eyebrows and was quite surprised when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

The news that she is coming to Jiangbei isn’t known so as not to be followed around by paparazzi. How did Lin Yuan know?

Sister Lili couldn’t help but asked directly: “Young Master Lin, do you know we will go out from this exit?”

Jiangbei Airport is very large with over a dozen of exits.

This exit is usually not very used and especially hidden.

It would be such a great coincidence so Li Feifei and Sister Lili both looked at Lin Yuan suspiciously.

Lin Yuan nodded indifferently and replied, “Yes.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s affirmation, Li Feifei glanced at him and her beautiful eyes lit up.

As for Sister Lili, there are strong waves in her heart.

She is not stupid. How can a fool be an agent of a big star like Li Feifei and accompany her everywhere?

Hearing what Lin Yuan said and some contemplation, she quickly figured it out.

Their concealed itinerary seemed to be not concealed at all in front of Young Master Lin.

This is incredible!

In terms of protecting Li Feifei’s privacy and her career, she is very well informed.

Others wouldn’t be able to find it, even people in Yanjing wouldn’t know about Li Feifei’s itinerary even if they wanted to.

But Lin Yuan knew.

She doesn’t know if the Lin family could be behind it. But it proves that their intelligence system is extremely terrifying.

It seems that she underestimated Young Master Lin and his capability is probably better than she thought.

Sister Lili glanced at him a little more.

She is planning on reconsidering her view of this handsome and very capable Young Master Lin.

She also seriously thought about cooperation in the future.

But thinking that he is actually extremely handsome, she is considering preparing him to debut as a celebrity.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan and Li Feifei were busy chatting with each other.

Li Feifei and her agent rode the stretched Lincoln limousine with him.

Before getting in, Lin Yuan made a call to Yan Ruyue telling her that Li Feifei has arrived and that she should prepare.

Then Lin Yuan also got in the car.

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