Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 370:

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Chapter 370:

“Would you like something to drink?” Lin Yuan pointed to the wine cabinet in the car and asked Li Feifei after she got into the car.

“Okay.” Li Feifei knew that Lin Yuan has a good background and treats his guests very well.

So she gladly agreed and pointed to a bottle of Bordeaux in the wine cabinet.

Someone immediately came over to open the lid and prepared to pour the wine.

But Li Feifei’s agent, Sister Lili, immediately rushed to do it herself.

Lin Yuan didn’t mind.

Lin Yuan and Li Feifei chatted for a while.

They didn’t talk much about cooperation, but they talked a lot of things, mostly about music.

The three had a very good chat.

Seeing how Li Feifei have a special conversation with Lin Yuan, Sister Lili was very surprised.

Although Li Feifei usually portrays a cheerful image to the people, after all, she is a singer and can’t sing with a serious face.

But because of the pressure, Li Feifei isn’t the type that smiles always in private.

She actually has a quite serious personality.

But when she is chatting with Lin Yuan, Li Feifei occasionally laughed.

And she smiles sincerely. It seems that they have a good relationship.

She even sang and asked Lin Yuan for guidance.

Simply unbelievable.

Seeing Li Feifei actively moving around, talking and laughing with Lin Yuan, Sister Lili began to be vigilant.

The closeness between Lin Yuan and Li Feifei suddenly became a threat.

You must know that Li Feifei is a very famous singer.

She also has superb looks. Rich and handsome guys from all walks of life have deliberately come up to her and revealed their interest in her.

But they were all firmly rejected by her.

A lot of outstanding men tried to chase Li Feifei.

But Li Feifei seemed not moved and just wanted to focus on her career.

But Li Feifei seems to feel differently about Lin Yuan!

This is not good!

Although Sister Lili actually has a good impression of Lin Yuan because he is really handsome and capable, but as an agent, she heeds to protect Li Feifei and her career from all distractions.

If their relationship becomes closer, Li Feifei’s career as a singer will be at stake.

She must not let that happen!

And just as Sister Lili could see, Li Feifei does have a good impression of Lin Yuan.

He is very handsome, has such an elegant temperament, and has a strong family background.The most important thing is that Li Feifei is musically inclined and Lin Yuan seems very well accomplished in this field.

This really fascinates Li Feifei who loves music very much.

He is simply the perfect Prince Charming.

Li Feifei actually had a good impression of Lin Yuan even before.

Otherwise, she would have never invited him to enter her agency.

After knowing Lin Yuan’s identity, it makes her heart beat faster.

But Lin Yuan doesn’t say anything about it and Li Feifei dares not show it.

Of course, because she is a celebrity.

So Lin Yuan and Li Feifei just enjoyed each other’s company.

Lin Yuan quickly instructed the driver to head towards a seven-star hotel.

The hotel is owned by the Lin family.

After all, they are asking people to do things for them.

Although both parties shall benefit from it, the rules and etiquette must still be in place.

Therefore, Lin Yuan isn’t in a hurry to make Li Feifei do the endorsements.

They enter the luxurious lobby of the hotel, Lin Yuan sat unceremoniously on the main seat.

And Li Feifei also sat directly on the right-hand side of Lin Yuan.

Seeing Li Feifei’s familiar movements, Sister Lili couldn’t help but be cautious.

Li Feifei’s temperament and appearance are quite top-notch and she is actually one of the best if not the best beauties among the countries singers.

In her opinion, Lin Yuan being the son of a powerful family should have seen and met a lot of beautiful women.

So, she came over quickly and sat beside Li Feifei.

She intends to prevent what shouldn’t happen.

Seeing this, Lin Yuan understood her thoughts.

But he just smiled and said nothing.

Lin Yuan ordered the front desk to serve something.

Then he smiled at Li Feifei and said: “Wait for a moment. The ingredients were already prepared in advance. It won’t take long.”

”Sorry for the trouble Young Master Lin.” Li Feifei answered.

”No Problem.” Lin Yuan waved his hand indifferently.

At this point, someone suddenly came over and whispered to Lin Yuan.

”Young Master, there… there is someone who wants to enter the hotel.” One of Lin Yuan’s bodyguards whispered.

”Huh? Didn’t I tell you to book the whole venue?” Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows and was a little confused.

”Yes…” The bodyguard was about to explain when suddenly a voice came from behind.

”Lin Yuan…” As soon as the visitor came in, she called Lin Yuan’s name directly.

Lin Yuan looked up and then immediately understood.

The person who came was not someone else but Yan Ruyue.

She came when Lin Yuan told her about Li Feifei’s arrival.

Yan Ruyue is very beautifully dressed today.

Those straight long legs looked like carefully carved by God.

All of the women who see her can’t help but be jealous.

At this time, Li Feifei and her agent Sister Lili were just the same.

Even if they are both women, their eyes were fixed on Yan Ruyue.

They couldn’t move their eyes away from her.

Yan Ruyue just looks really good.

Especially with those straight long legs, others can’t help but be jealous and resentful.

”Lin Yuan…” Yan Ruyue shouted once more while walking towards Lin Yuan.

”Hello Miss Yan.”

Even though Yan Ruyue’s effort to dress up really caught Lin Yuan’s attention, Lin Yuan isn’t that affected anymore being immune to seeing a lot of beauties.

Lin Yuan just smiled and replied to Yan Ruyue.

In their previous conversation, they talked about cooperation with Li Feifei.

And Yan Ruyue also said before that she would come to meet Li Feifei personally.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t expect that Yan Ruyue would dress up so well today.

But soon Lin Yuan understood Yan Ruyue’s thoughts.

In combination with Yan Ruyue's latest attempt to impress him.

Yan Ruyue doesn’t want to be outshined by Li Feifei, although they will meet to discuss cooperation, she still cannot put her guard down so she came specially prepared.

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