Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 368:

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Chapter 368:

“My aunt didn’t hurt you that much, right?”

Ding Xiaorong knew how terrifying his punishment would have been for getting her aunt Ning Shu angry.

So while walking, she helped Lin Yuan examine his body.

She even touched Lin Yuan’s arm directly, squeezed his shoulder, patted his chest, and so on.

Looking at how much Ding Xiaorong was worried and how much she cared about him, Lin Yuan was a little dumbfounded.

“Don’t worry. It’s okay. But your hand…” Lin Yuan smiled.


After realizing what she was doing, Ding Xiaorong blushed a little since she almost touched Lin Yuan’s whole body.

Ding Xiaorong didn’t think too much because she was so worried.

“It’s okay. I am fine.”

After checking, Ding Xiaorong did find out that Lin Yuan is indeed doing alright.

Although she couldn’t understand how Lin Yuan is doing well, Ding Xiaorong still said: “I’m really sorry. My aunt has always had a bad temper. Let me invite you for a meal to apologize to you on behalf of my aunt.”


Hearing Ding Xiaorong’s words, Lin Yuan didn’t even have time to speak and there was a loud noise from Ning Shu’s office.

Ding Xiaorong was startled and almost jumped from where she stood.

Ding Xiaorong realized that she and Lin Yuan were talking very close to the door of Ning Shu’s office.

“Shhh!” Ding Xiaorong put her index finger on her mouth and hurriedly pulled Lin Yuan.

She didn’t know what happened, but she can feel vaguely that Ning Shu is not in a good mood.

She was terribly scared of Ning Shu.

Lin Yuan knew exactly what was going on.

He immediately smiled and let Ding Xiaorong drag him away.

And just when Ding Xiaorong was taking Lin Yuan away, Ning Shu on the other side leaned against the other side of her office door.

The sound just now came from her hitting the door.

She was so angry that she could die from it.

She was miserably bullied by Lin Yuan.

She was taken advantage of.

And now, her niece Ding Xiaorong actually apologized to him?

Her niece even said behind her back that she always had a bad temper and even invited him to a meal to make up for what she did.

These annoyed Ning Shu so much.

Soon, she couldn’t sense any movements outside.

After knowing that Lin Yuan and Ding Xiaorong has left, Ning Shu locked the door.

She also closed the windows.

Then she carefully untied her black cloth bag.

She then began to examine those precious mutton fat jades of her, which she had treasured for so many years.

While she was being bullied by Lin Yuan earlier, there was that feeling of pleasure that she couldn’t understand.

But at this time, after checking the aftermath, Ning Shu immediately felt distressed.

She had cherished those precious mutton fat jades and had never been touched by anyone after so many years.

Now, they have become extremely swollen and even a little purple.

“Damn bastard! I hate you!” After rubbing them twice she put back on her black cloth bags and cursed viciously.

Although she was angry, her heart also felt a little weird.

There was even a feeling of yearning…

She felt that her body had become strange.

She was obviously bullied by Lin Yuan but she couldn’t hate him.

There was even an inexplicable feeling of affection.

She gently patted her face and slapped the same annoyingly.

Then she rubbed her face vigorously.

Ning Shu then washed and changed her clothes.

She changed her entire clothing.

Fortunately, she had some spare clothes in the office.

In the earlier fight with Lin Yuan… or rather being bullied by him, her clothes got stained, especially her underwear…

She blushed at the thought of what happened.

After changing her clothes, Ning Shu began to work again with a complex look.

Her face looked extremely complex at this time.

She seems distressed, but also excited and expectant, yet angry.

In other words, her mood is different from her usual serious and glamorous self.

And she looked more feminine than before.

Ning Shu squinted her eyes hard and tried so hard to devote her energy to the official documents she should deal with.

But that handsome face always appeared in her mind and made her annoyed.

‘Lin Yuan! Lin Yuan! Lin Yuan!’

‘Damn Lin Yuan!’


Ning Shu slammed her hands directly on the desk.

There was a muffled noise.

The police officers of the Special Police Force Headquarters trembled when they heard it.


On the other side, Lin Yuan accompanied Ding Xiaorong for a meal.

After making some good impressions once more, Lin Yuan sent Ding Xiaorong home.

After bidding farewell to Ding Xiaorong, Lin Yuan called Long Wu.

Lin Yuan told Long Wu some information and asked him to begin the integration of the two intelligence systems.

Lin Group’s intelligence department began to connect with the intelligence system of the agency after receiving Ning Shu’s secret order and authority to proceed.

With the official forces and private forces together, Lin Yuan plans to build a net that can cover the whole of Jiangbei.

Lin Yuan's plan to build a huge intelligence department now starts, but it will take a little time.

After ordering Long Wu, Lin Yuan went straight back home.

Upon arriving home, Lin Yuan turned on the computer.

He first modified his own IP and other data.

He took some security measures and then used Ning Shu’s secret key.

Lin Yuan was able to enter the Special Police Force Headquarters database, and even the national database.

In this era of exceptionally advanced information, most people really can’t enjoy any privacy.

However, Lin Yuan’s authority isn’t enough to get a hold of the database of the whole country.

For Jiangbei’s data, however, it is basically enough.

Lin Yuan searched a little bit and found some useful news.

Tomorrow, Ye Feng and the Chen family are going to hold a press conference on the release of the new facial mask product.

The time, place, who will be present, etc. are all complete.

Lin Yuan wrote all the details down and searched for other information.

He looked for Yun Yaxuan.

Lin Yuan soon saw that Ye Feng’s fiancée had already booked a ticket.

The departure date from Harvard to Jiangbei is only less than two weeks from now.

Lin Yuan searched for all the other things he wanted to know.

He was able to obtain a lot of information.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan let out a surprised voice. “Huh? This is…”

Lin Yuan saw a strange news about Li Feifei.

There’s news that Li Feifei will come to Jiangbei by plane.

It is not so surprising that Li Feifei will come to Jiangbei.

After all, she had entered an agreement with Lin Yuan before.

What was strange in Lin Yuan’s view is that Li Feifei, a top star, took the economy class!

Compared with her previous departures and arrivals, she had always taken first-class flights, had always been surrounded by bodyguards, and always attracted a lot of people.

But Lin Yuan quickly figured it out.

She will come to Jiangbei suddenly.

He suddenly asked Li Feifei to come and be Yanyu Company’s endorser and spokesperson for the facial mask product it will introduce to the market.

So this is the only way that she wouldn’t attract so much attention.

Of course, what Lin Yuan is up to can’t be known to others.

Lin Yuan discovered that although Li Feifei was in economy class, she booked through private channels.

Ordinary people must not find out about it in the slightest.

Maybe this is also to protect her privacy.

She is a big star, after all.

Of course, this has nothing to do with hiding from Lin Yuan.

Tomorrow, Ye Feng and the Chen family will hold a facial mask product press conference.

He has to be prepared too.

Lin Yuan thought for a while.

Then he went straight downstairs, got on a stretched Lincoln limousine, and then let the bodyguards go ahead.


On the other side, Li Feifei just got off the plane.

She wore big sunglasses, walked on the bridge of the airport with a smile, and said: “Sister Lili, the climate in Jiangbei is not as cold as Yanjing. I feel like I can finally take off my coat.”

Sister Lili is Li Feifei’s agent.

Upon hearing this, Sister Lili immediately discouraged her: “Feifei, you should leave it. What would I do if you take off your coat and catch a cold? It might affect your commitments.”

“Touring is so important. I think I really shouldn’t have agreed to you doing this endorsement!”

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