Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 371:

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Chapter 371:

Just as Lin Yuan thought, Yan Ruyue came immediately when she knew that Li Feifei has arrived.

As the president of the company, Li Feifei will be an endorser of one of their products, so she also came to eat with them.

Also, she has come to discuss some matters.

Moreover, she also knows Lin Yuan’s charm.

She has been bullied by Lin Yuan many times that she wondered what kind of relationship they have.

So, not only did she need to come to eat with them, but she also has to be dressed nicely.

Although Li Feifei is a big star, Yan Ruyue doesn’t think that she is any worse than her.

Before Yan Ruyue came, she had silently imagined a drama about harem competition.

Of course, she must be the main heroine.

Seeing the admiration in Lin Yuan’s eyes, Yan Ruyue was also quite satisfied.

After looking at Li Feifei who was seated at Lin Yuan’s right side, Yan Ruyue sat directly on his left.

After sitting down, she immediately moved her chair, trying to get as close as possible to Lin Yuan.

A fragrant breeze like a fresh flower immediately penetrated Lin Yuan’s nostrils.

The fragrant smell was very good.

It smelled a bit like roses. This light perfume should be based on Yan Ruyue’s own bodily fragrance.

Not only does it not cover Yan Ruyue’s body scent but also complements it.

The combination of the two is not as simple as 1+1=2.

Chi Qian’s bodily fragrance on the other hand is like citrus and is also very fragrant, making people feel good when they smell it.

Speaking of natural bodily fragrance, Lin Yuan thinks that Chi Qian’s fragrance is a little better.

Compared to Chi Qian, Yan Ruyue’s bodily fragrance may be slightly inferior.

But with the light perfume, Yan Ruyue’s rose fragrance is equally alluring.

This scent gives people a feeling of hopelessness, but can also arouse their desire to conquer, making them want to pull out this noble and arrogant thorny rose, and then put them in a vase.

Under Lin Yuan’s gaze, Yan Ruyue moved her chair closer.

She wants to be closer to Lin Yuan.

Yan Ruyue only looked at Li Feifei and her agent, accompanied by a charming smile, she said, “You are Li Feifei, the famous singer, right? This is the first time I have seen you in person. You look so much better in person than on TV. I like your songs very much.”

Yan Ruyue smiled after she praised Li Feifei.

She really likes Li Feifei’s songs and she has watched her concerts on the internet before.

This is only the first time she had seen her in person.

But with her woman’s intuition, she is a little cautious of Li Feifei.

Li Feifei smiled immediately upon hearing Yan Ruyue’s words.

But Lin Yuan didn’t wait for Li Feifei to speak and as a mutual acquaintance, Lin Yuan introduced them to each other.

Lin Yuan said, “This is Li Feifei, the top singer and future new generation queen.”

Then he pointed to Yan Ruyue and said “ This is Yan Ruyue, she is the chairman and president of the Yanyue Company.”

”Hello Star Li.” Yan Ruyue smiled and stretched out her hand to greet her with a charming smile, full of calmness and confidence.

Facing other people, Yan Ruyue has always appeared as a calm and confident president.

”Hello, President Yan.” Li Feifei also quickly reached out and shook Yan Ruyue’s hand.

While shaking hands, Li Feifei also looked at Yan Ruyue in surprise.

Li Feifei felt that the woman before her eyes is so beautiful.

She thought and wondered as to why there are always beautiful girls surrounding Lin Yuan.

The last time, a lady named Chi Qian was also around him. She is as beautiful as a fairy making her ashamed.

This time, Yan Ruyue, another girl around Lin Yuan, also looked even more beautiful than her.

It seems she also came from strong family background, being the chairman and president of a company. She must be on the same level as Lin Yuan.

And those pair of perfectly straight long legs that looked like they belonged to a model, they are just so perfect.

Yanyue Company’s beauty products are also well-known all over the country.

Li Feifei is also very much aware of it.

The women around Young Master Lin are just so beautiful.

But anyway, the same shouldn’t be a question since Lin Yuan is handsome.

Li Feifei couldn’t help but glance at the handsome and charming face of Lin Yuan once more.

Every time she looked at his face, her heartbeat races.

Li Feifei definitely has a good impression of him.

In fact, Li Feifei also secretly thought the same as Sister Lili’s thoughts.

She thought Lin Yuan must be interested in her.

After all, she is a famous singer, and she is also beautiful, a future queen.

These are qualities that any man would have been tempted by.

But after seeing Chi Qian and Yan Ruyue, Li Feifei began to wonder if she’s just being too sentimental.

Sister Lili also looked at Lin Yuan while thinking the same thoughts as Li Feifei.

Yan Ruyue is not any worse compared to Li Feifei in all aspects, she can even be said to be better than Li Feifei.

Also, her behavior towards Lin Yuan seemed they are very close and shows that their relationship isn’t ordinary.

Sister Lili originally thought that Lin Yuan would covet Li Feifei’s beauty.

But now, it seems that she was worrying too much.

Soon, the food was served.

While eating, the two sides also talked about cooperation.

Lin Yuan had everything planned.

He had already discussed the same before with Li Feifei and her management.

There were no objections on both sides.

Therefore, the cooperation between the two parties was quickly finalized.

There were no problems at all.

But unexpectedly, during the meal, Yan Ruyue was serving food to Lin Yuan.

She even draws the food into his mouth.

The intimacy surprised Li Feifei and Sister Lili. They couldn’t do anything but be stuffed by dog food.

The hotel manager who knew about Yan Ruyue’s identity was also shocked.

Yan Ruyue and Lin Yuan used to come together for a meal, but after a few bites, Yan Ruyue would make up an excuse to leave after a few bites.

Unexpectedly, she is now serving food to Lin Yuan obediently!

When did their relationship get close?

Yan Ruyue didn’t think there was anything wrong.

While serving Lin Yuan, she would look at Lin Yuan with those charming eyes and would check his emotions through his eyes.

Then she would look occasionally at Li Feifei as if implying some meaning to it.

Seeing how Yan Ruyue is, Li Feifei felt very uncomfortable even if the food served was delicious.

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