Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 374:

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Chapter 374:

Yan Ruyue had two big dark circles under her eyes and she was holding on with a very tired appearance.

After sitting down, maybe because she was close to Lin Yuan and there was a very comfortable and reliable feeling, it didn’t take long for Lin Yuan to feel something falling onto his shoulder.

Yan Ruyue fell asleep directly on his shoulder.

Lin Yuan smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t push her head away and instead just let her lean on his shoulder.

Seeing this, the voice of the staff who was about to come over to ask something was quite lower.

The boss was asleep, after all.

They looked at Lin Yuan with much admiration.

Yan Ruyue looked like a little bird leaning on his shoulder.

It can be said that only Lin Yuan can do this thing to her.

Not long after Yan Ruyue fell asleep, Lin Yuan commanded for a while.

Xiaoyun, Yan Ruyue’s secretary came over.

Lin Yuan told Xiaoyun his decision.

After that Xiaoyun understood.

Lin Yuan planned to end the day and go back to rest.

At this moment, Lin Yuan suddenly felt wet on his shoulders.

He turned his head to see that Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president, had her mouth opened slightly and spouting saliva.

Her thin pink lips were moving as if talking in her dream.

Lin Yuan embraced the sleeping Yan Ruyue in his arms.

Then he lowered his head and listened carefully.

Then his face became weird and dumbfounded.

”Come… Come on…”

”I… I am not afraid of pain…”

”Don’t go… Please… Don’t leave me…”

Listening to this sleep-talking, Lin Yuan was dumbfounded.

He doesn’t know what Yan Ruyue dreamed about.

But he is sure that most of it is related to him.

Lin Yuan kissed Yan Ruyue’s smooth forehead.

Then he directly picked up Yan Ruyue.

Before Xiaoyun’s surprised look, Lin Yuan embraced her boss and carried her like a princess.

They went to the same seven-star hotel where they received Li Feifei earlier during the day.

The hotel is near Xingyue Square and it belongs to the Lin family.

After seeing Lin Yuan come in, there was no need for him to speak.

The beautiful front desk lady immediately arranged the most luxurious presidential suite for Lin Yuan.

”Young Master Lin, please come in.” The front desk lady respectfully accompanied Lin Yuan to the VIP elevator.

Although the front desk lady knew she shouldn’t watch him, however, she still couldn’t help but stare at Lin Yuan from head to toe.

She was curious about young master Lin Yuan who is extremely handsome, rich, and powerful.

Then she wondered who could be the woman he was holding in his arms.

Who is this fortunate woman young master Lin Yuan was holding like a princess in his arms?

However, after seeing the woman held by Lin Yuan more clearly, the beautiful front desk lady was utterly shocked.

It turned out to be the young lady of the Yan family!

She is one of the four major beauties of Jiangbei.

Moreover, she is the precious jewel of the Yan family and her background is no worse than Lin Yuan.

She seems to be asleep.

Now she is being carried into the hotel room by Lin Yuan.

Are they going to…

”Ding” The elevator sounded.

The sound interrupted the thoughts of the front desk lady.

She did not dare think any further.

She hastily walked ahead to lead the way for Lin Yuan.

She opened the door to the presidential suite and closed the same after Lin Yuan entered.

Looking at the door, the front desk lady looked a little envious.

The young master of the Lin family is extremely handsome and has a great temperament.

Even if you can’t be his wife, it would be of great luck to your life to be together with him even once…

That would be enough in this life.

The front desk lady shook her head and slapped her delicate cheek.

Then the front desk lady finally left and went downstairs.

Her dream was too far-fetched.

Only someone with Yan Ruyue’s beauty and background is worthy of Lin Yuan.



Back at the presidential suite, Lin Yuan laid down Yan Ruyue on the big bed.

She looked really tired.

It may also be because of Lin Yuan’s familiar embrace that she felt very warm.

Lin Yuan held her as they went into the presidential suite until she was laid down on the bed.

Yan Ruyue was deep asleep and it doesn’t seem she would be awake at any time.

Her long eyelashes quivered slightly occasionally.

After putting Yan Ruyue down, Lin Yuan took off his shoes and his coat.

Then he observed the sleeping Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president.

Her beautiful little face is blushing and looked very cute.

Her long eyelashes combined with her breathing while sleeping makes people have the urge to kiss her.

Her sleeping position is normal and she looked very well-behaved.

She looked entirely different when she is awake.

She looked very vulnerable at this moment.

Lin Yuan leaned on the bed and lay next to the sleeping Yan Ruyue.

Yan Ruyue who was fast asleep turned over and stretched her arm to hug Lin Yuan.

Her beautiful face was at a close range.

Her exquisite figure is also within reach.

And she is completely defenseless against Lin Yuan.

It seems that Lin Yuan can take advantage of her anytime he wants.

The only trouble is untying her gorgeous but very complicated dress.

But when faced with such an alluring temptation, it won’t be much of a trouble.

If he forced it, even if Yan Ruyue struggle a bit, he can still take her in the end.

But although the urge is strong, Lin Yuan was very busy today and was a little tired mentally.

And he only had it with Qiu Wanxi last night.

Lin Yuan is not that anxious.

For Yan Ruyue, the ice-cold female president, Lin Yuan had already made a plan long ago.

Lin Yuan wants Yan Ruyue to take the initiative!

So after touching Yan Ruyue’s pink cheeks, Lin Yuan turned off the lights and went to sleep.

He was not in a hurry.

Lin Yuan didn’t plan to sleep elsewhere.

Lin Yuan is not bothered by what the people in the hotel would say.

He pulled the quilt and fell asleep with Yan Ruyue.

It seems that Lin Yuan has not moved while Yan Ruyue held him tightly all night.



Early next morning, Yan Ruyue woke up a little dazed.

Still bleary-eyed, she looked at the surroundings.

Then she was taken aback!

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