Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 372:

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Chapter 372:

The meal was quickly finished in a slightly strange atmosphere.

Although Yan Ruyue only ate a few bites, she didn’t care as she was busy picking up food and drawing the same into Lin Yuan’s mouth.

And she ate very happily.

Because of Yan Ruyue’s feeding, Lin Yuan was also full.

He quickly finished eating.

When Lin Yuan signaled that he is full, Yan Ruyue naturally stopped feeding him as well.

Li Feifei is also watching her figure so she stopped eating as well.

She ate a little bit of the dessert and then took a rest for some time.

Lin Yuan then took both Yan Ruyue and Li Feifei directly to the Yanyue Company.

The plan is to get Li Feifei to shoot the advertisement for the company’s facial mask product today.

After all, they need to release the same tomorrow.

So the shoot should be finished.

As for Li Feifei, she doesn’t mind.

So the four quickly arrived at Yanyue Company.

The shooting and the production team had long been waiting.

All were completely planned and prepared.

After returning to Yanyue Company, Yan Ruyue became busy preparing for the new product launch and press conference tomorrow.

As for Li Feifei, Lin Yuan took her to meet the professional advertising shooting team.

Soon, Li Feifei and her agent are in the dressing room.

Once her makeup and clothes are already done, they shall begin shooting.

”Feifei, they will prepare you a little bit, and then we’ll start shooting. I have given you the song before. Can you sing it?” Lin Yuan asked.

That song’s purpose is not only so that Li Feifei can compete as the new generation queen but also for advertising purposes.

This way, with the success of Li Feifei as the new generation queen, the product launch will definitely get a lot of attention.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Li Feifei nodded obediently.

”Yes. I can sing. I will prepare now.” Li Feifei didn’t have any comments on Lin Yuan’s arrangement.

Lin Yuan was about to go out immediately as Li Feifei was already preparing when a voice from behind was suddenly heard.

”Wait, Young Master Lin.” Lin Yuan looked back and found out that it was Li Feifei’s agent, Sister Lili.

Seeing Lin Yuan turn his head to look at her, Sister Lili said immediately: “Young Master Lin, can we have a look at the facial mask that Li Feifei will be endorsing? Usually, before Li Feifei endorses, we give it a try first…”

Lin Yuan smiled when he heard the words of Sister Lili.

Although polite, the underlying motive is actually very clear.

In fact, it is to protect Li Feifei’s reputation. Her agent is afraid that Li Feifei’s image and reputation will be tarnished if she endorses a low-quality facial mask product.

But Li Yuan hasn’t even spoken yet when Li Feifei on the side interrupted.

She frowned first and then said: “It’s okay. You don’t need to let her try. If I say I want to endorse it, I shall endorse it.”

Although she knew that her agent Lili was just thinking about her welfare, she thought that Lin Yuan would become unhappy hearing the same.

Li Feifei is very fond of Lin Yuan and trusts him very much.

So Li Feifei was a little dissatisfied with the words that come out of agent Lili’s mouth.

Sister Lili shut up immediately when she heard Li Feifei’s objection as there was a sense of dissatisfaction in her tone.

But Lin Yuan smiled indifferently: “It’s okay. Just try it out.”

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate and asked someone to send him the facial mask with essence.

The name of this new facial mask is nothing fancy.

They just used Yanyue from Yanyue Company.

They called them Yanyue Mask.

Lin Yuan intends to completely start the Yanyue Company’s emergence as a brand by making the facial mask popular.

Only in this manner can they achieve the goal of making the company popular in the whole of China.

Sister Lili then received the facial mask product from a company employee.

Then agent Lili came to Li Feifei and said: “Feifei, you can’t put this on your own because your finger is injured. Turn your head up a little and let me put on the mask for you.”

Li Feifei shook her head and refused. ”It’s okay. It is just a light scratch. Putting on the mask on my own won’t be too much of a problem.”

Lin Yuan knows that these top artists value every little detail of their lives.

Although it was just a small finger injury, Sister Lili would still want to help Li Feifei.

The reason why Li Feifei refused the help is probably that she is still dissatisfied with the behavior of her agent just now.

Sister Lili also understands Li Feifei’s dissatisfaction.

She could only sigh and say nothing.

As she was about to pass the facial mask to Li Feifei, a voice suddenly came from the side.

”How about I put it on for you, Feifei?”

Sister Lili turned her head to look and it turned out to be Lin Yuan who had just spoken.

”I engineered this mask. I should be the one most familiar with how to use it.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Li Feifei’s eyes widened as she looked at Lin Yuan with surprise.

“Okay, Okay!” Li Feifei was afraid that Lin Yuan would change his mind, and so she nodded endlessly.

”Sorry for troubling you, Young Master Lin.” After having said that, Li Feifei tilted her head back and it looked like she couldn’t wait.

Seeing Li Feifei who was a little reluctant earlier and now couldn’t wait to try the mask on, Sister Lili was a little embarrassed.

However, she immediately handed over the mask to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan tore off the packaging and applied the mask onto Li Feifei’s face.

In the process of applying the same, Lin Yuan had to press the pretty face of this big star.

Lin Yuan didn’t feel much.

But Li Feifei felt very comfortable.

This is the first time that a man has ever touched her small face.

If the facial mask sheet is lifted up, Li Feifei’s face would be red.

The employees of Yanyue Company and the makeup artists who were preparing to put makeup on Li Feifei were all stunned.

Today, they were surprised enough to see that the top star of China, suddenly appeared in the company.

They didn’t expect to see Li Feifei, a big star who had always kept a distance from the opposite sex, actually act so intimately with a man.

If the news spreads, it will definitely be in the headlines!

Although shocking, but no one dared to take a picture with their mobile phones.

After all, Lin Yuan’s identity is not a joke.

Far more terrifying than Li Feifei’s.

No one dared to make a mistake.

The agent Lili on the side also gritted her teeth when he saw the contact between Lin Yuan and Li Feifei.

This news must not be out!

After putting on the facial mask to Li Feifei, Lin Yuan casually said to Sister Lili, “If you want to try the product’s effect, you can also try it.”

”Ah, okay.” Sister Lili nodded quickly when she heard Lin Yuan’s invitation.

Being the agent of a top star like Li Feifei, who has also endorsed a lot of skincare products, Sister Lili has also tried many of the same.

For Lin Yuan, it seems that Sister Li is thinking that Li Feifei agreed on the endorsement based on her close relationship with Lin Yuan.

It could be that the quality of the product to be endorsed isn’t really good, so Sister Lili didn’t want to try anymore.

But just now, Lin Yuan asked her to try it which gave her an opportunity to save her face. So, Sister Lili really shouldn’t refuse.

So she tried the same obediently.

Seven to eight minutes later, Li Feifei and Sister Lili removed the mask at the same time.

They looked at the mirror and their faces were extremely surprised.

”This, this, this…”

”My dark circles have disappeared a lot!” Li Feifei said with surprise on her face.

”My dark spots are also lighter!”

”Even the freckles that I have been unable to get rid of have faded! Oh my God!”

Sister Lili’s reaction was more exaggerated than Li Feifei's.

She was born with freckles and this had always been a problem.

But after applying the mask for only ten minutes, there was a magical result.

This is too amazing!

”Young Master Lin, can you give me more of this magical mask?” Sister Lili couldn’t help but ask Lin Yuan for more.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “As an endorser, I will definitely give Feifei stocks.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Sister Lili calmed down immediately.

Lin Yuan said that he will give stocks to Li Feifei as the product endorser and not her. Sister Lili actually know what it meant.

Sister Lili winked at Li Feifei quickly.

The mask is really important to her. There isn’t any woman who doesn’t want to be beautiful. Let alone she always stood next to the dazzling star every day, so she wanted to be more presentable.

Li Feifei understands. She actually also wants more stocks too. So, she smiled and said, “I can’t wait to shoot the advertisement. I don’t need the talent fee. I could really use ten boxes of this facial mask instead!”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied, “Ten boxes of facial masks? That price is more expensive than your endorsement fee.”

”Is this so expensive?” Li Feifei asked referring to the facial mask sheet as she was taken aback when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

”Just kidding. I knew this could be expensive.” Li Feifei said quickly.

”I am also just joking. Of course, you can use it openly. As the endorser, you can have an unlimited supply and you can also give it to other people.” Lin Yuan laughed.

Anyway, the cost is not that high, and it will not be at so much loss giving lifetime stocks to the celebrity endorser.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Li Feifei immediately smiled happily.

The agent Sister Lili on the side was also very happy.

Lin Yuan’s words meant that he really doesn’t care about her previous offense.

To be honest, Sister Lili had been anxious after she agreed to try the same.

Lin Yuan has a temperament that shocks her.

So now, after hearing Lin Yuan’s words, she felt relieved and grateful.

”Young Master Lin, your facial mask is amazing. The effect on the face is too good!”

”I stayed up late and rushed over to Jiangbei. The dark circles under my eyes that had to be covered up with heavy makeup have disappeared for the most part now. Is this the new product that Young Master Lin formulated?” Li Feifei asked curiously.

“Didn’t I tell you that before? I specifically formulated the facial mask essence.” Lin Yuan smiled.

”Young Master Lin, you really did?” Li Feifei was surprised.

”Yeah.” Lin Yuan nodded slightly.

”You can even do this?” Li Feifei was shocked.

For such a rich young master, being able to sing well is good.

But he can also formulate a great facial mask essence?

Is he still human?

Sister Lili, the agent, was also very surprised. This young master is too mysterious.

He looks even more mysterious than the Yanjing young masters she knows who also have monstrous backgrounds.

Sister Lili silently regarded Lin Yuan as someone whom she should not offend and that she must find a way to get to his good side.

For the effect of the facial mask product, Li Feifei and her agent, Sister Lili are very satisfied.

That is with a full score of 100, they will give it 200.

So after trying the facial mask, Li Feifei put on makeup and then shoot the advertisement.

Both the team and Li Feifei are professional so the shoot was done quickly.

”It is done. Any problem Young Master Lin?” Li Feifei wiped her sweat and asked Lin Yuan as soon as the shoot was done.

”Well, there is no problem." Lin Yuan shook his head. All that was part of the shoot were professionals, after all, so the endorsement was done perfectly in all aspects.

”Are you going back tonight or tomorrow? I will arrange a private jet to take you back so that your privacy is guaranteed.” Lin Yuan said casually while continuing to check the advertisement.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s casual remarks, Li Feifei and her agent, Sister Lili, both smiled bitterly.

Then Li Feifei smiled and said, “Tomorrow.”

Then she added: “But tomorrow is already the product launch in Jiangbei, right? I shall have a small concert for the event.”

”Eh?!” Lin Yuan glanced at Li Feifei unexpectedly.

”If you have a concert, it will definitely be a big event, not a small one. Your fans come from all places so it will definitely be a big event in minutes.” Lin Yuan laughed.”

“Haha, thank you Young Master Lin for such flattery. You can just give me a few more packs of masks after singing.” Li Feifei smiled.

Since Li Feifei is righteous, Lin Yuan is also not polite.

He directly agreed.

After discussing some more matters, Lin Yuan let Li Feifei go to rest.

Lin Yuan took out his mobile phone and went up to the topmost floor of Yanyue Company.

He then called Qiu Wanxi.

Last night he was with Qiu Wanxi, and the moment he spent in the morning with her was too short.

Lin Yuan feels a bit uncomfortable.

But going back to the river view villa is not feasible.

He will need to go out again tomorrow.

So he plans to make a video call with Qiu Wanxi.

Just when Lin Yuan dialed the phone, a beautiful shadow also quietly went to the top of the building.

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