Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 376:

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Chapter 376:

After pulling Yan Ruyue into his arms, Lin Yuan started to move.

As a cat person, he decided to make Yan Ruyue, a dog person, get swayed.

Yan Ruyue was suddenly out of breath.

”No… No…”

”Don’t… Don’t do that!”

Yan Ruyue fought hard but it was basically useless.

”Say cats are cuter than dogs.” Lin Yuan put both his hands into Yan Ruyue’s most cherished mutton fat jade and white jade pillars.

”…dogs.” Yan Ruyue as a dog person won’t be easily swayed.

Lin Yuan immediately pinched harder.

Yan Ruyue couldn’t help but yell directly.

”Say cats are cuter or dogs are cuter.” Lin Yuan asked again.

This time, Yan Ruyue is smarter.

She just keeps silent.

Lin Yuan continued on his journey again.

”Take your hands out.” Yan Ruyue shouted timidly.

”We still have a product launch today.” Yan Ruyue was out of breath.

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, Lin Yuan finally stopped.

Lin Yuan did it just to scare her.

They have the new product launch and presentation of the mask this morning.

They will be very busy today.

After Lin Yuan let go, Yan Ruyue immediately retreated.

But she seems a bit reluctant and did not leave the big round bed.

Lin Yuan smiled and was about to speak when the phone on the side rang first.

Lin Yuan took a look and saw it was Li Feifei calling.

Lin Yuan knew why and so he pressed to answer.

”Is Young Master Lin awake? I am actually ready. I’ve promised to hold a small concert today to help you pull popularity in today’s event. What time will you be leaving?” Li Feifei’s voice sounded on the other line as soon as the call was connected.

Her voice seemed full of joy maybe because she got Lin Yuan’s new song ‘Encounter’ and she feels that she has the chance to win as the New Generation Queen, or maybe the effect of the mask is beyond what she could imagine.

Hearing Li Feifei’s words, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Okay. You can go downstairs in half an hour. The venue is in Xingyue Square. I have arranged a special car to pick up the ‘New Generation Queen’ in half an hour. The stage is also set up and we will see you perform after a while.”

”Haha. Don’t worry. By the way, what do you mean ‘Queen’? The song was just given to me by the great Master Lin. Stop teasing me. Just call me Feifei.”

”Okay Feifei.” Lin Yuan smiled.

After clarifying the time and the place, Lin Yuan hung up the phone.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Lin Yuan heard some strange noises.”

"Fei,… Feifei seems so affectionate.” Lin Yuan turned his head and saw Yan Ruyue talking.

She had a sour and jealous look.

Sure enough, women are jealous creatures.

Even the ice-cold female president is now showing some jealousy.

She seems uncomfortable with Lin Yuan’s relationship with Li Feifei.

”Why can’t I call her Feifei?” Lin Yuan smiled and looked at Yan Ruyue.

”Oh you just want to call her that and it’s none of my business.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smile Yan Ruyue turned her head looking disdainful.

The sour tone she couldn’t hide.

”Yueyue come here.” Lin Yuan smiled and said suddenly.

”Yue,… Yueyue?” Yan Ruyue was taken aback when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

Then she pointed a finger at herself and said, “Calling me?”

”Well, Yueyue sounds a bit awkward, and I don’t like Ruyue either. How about Yue’er? But it sounds like a cat’s name.” Lin Yuan laughed.

”Like… like a cat…” Yan Ruyue was so happy when she heard Lin Yuan’s words. She didn’t care about Lin Yuan mentioning cats.

Lin Yuan kept calling her Miss Yan, and she feels that it is a little too formal.

There was that time when Lin Yuan sent her home and she asked him to address her differently, but Lin Yuan didn’t agree.

Unexpectedly this morning, Lin Yuan addressed her differently, a little more personal.

Happiness came in suddenly.

Yan Ruyue was a little surprised.

Is this the benefit of sharing the same bed and sleeping together?

And she hasn’t even lost anything.

Why doesn’t she ask that they sleep again together later honestly, just to promote feelings?

’Pooh pooh pooh!’

How can they always sleep together when they’re not even married?

Yan Ruyue quickly threw the strange idea out of her head.

”Yes, you may call me Yue’er moving forward, you can’t change it later!” Yan Ruyue pointed at Lin Yuan and said with some nervousness and seriousness.

Actually, if others called her that, she would definitely be angry.

But if it would be Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue feels very happy.

She was even afraid that Lin Yuan would not call her that way anymore.

Looking at Yan Ruyue’s serious look, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Well, it depends on your performance, I prefer a cute little cat.”

”Oh!” Yan Ruyue blushed.

”You knitted this scarf, right?” Lin Yuan took out a gray scarf suddenly.

”Huh? Why is it with you?” Seeing the scarf held by Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue checked out her pockets and they turned out to be empty.

Lin Yuan smiles and said, “I took them out as I felt something bulgy in your pockets. I thought you were gaining weight, turns out you had something hidden in your pocket when I touched you.”

”Well, I forgot to give it to you yesterday…” Yan Ruyue’s pink cheeks blushed but she couldn’t look away as if wanting to be praised.

”Not bad, better than the previous gloves, but still a little weird looking.” Lin Yuan smiled and wrapped the scarf around his neck.

”Well, you look so handsome in it. I knitted it well. How do you feel? Is it uncomfortable? Does it feel warm?” Yan Ruyue blushed as she praised her work first and then asked with concern.

”Very comfortable.” Lin Yuan wrapped the scarf and smiled.

Then he hugged Yan Ruyue in his arms and said, “Thank you Yue’er.”

[Ding! Yan Ruyue’s favorability +5! Reward 3000 counterattack points!]

A notification is prompted from the system.

Lin Yuan could see that Yan Ruyue’s favorability is now as high as ninety-three.

He is sure that very soon after their busy schedule for the new facial mask product launch is over, the relationship between them will grow deeper.

He wants Yan Ruyue to take the initiative.

For how Lin Yuan addressed her and was hugged by him, Yan Ruyue didn’t resist at all.

She even took the initiative to drill into Lin Yuan’s arms, just like a kitten.

Of course, kittens are generally colder.

They aren’t that cute in Yan Ruyue’s opinion.

She likes puppies more.

However, Lin Yuan likes cats more so she treated her like a cat and soothed her hair.

Yan Ruyue’s bare hands also held Lin Yuan’s waist tightly.

They have completely forgotten about the time.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Look at you holding so tightly…

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