Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 379 (1)

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Chapter 379 (1)

But it really can drive the atmosphere.

Many people in the audience also started discussing it.

“I really came here after seeing Li Feifei’s advertisement. It looked pretty good.”

“Yanyue Company’s facial masks have always been very good. You can get quality at a low price, and the results are guaranteed.”

“What you said is correct, but this new product’s price is too expensive, right? The cheapest ones cost dozens of yuan per piece, while the expensive ones are worth hundreds, and the box set is also worth tens of thousands!”

“Is this mask made of gold? Isn’t it too expensive?”

“Although it looks good, I would still pass. It’s too expensive.”

“Yes. I too shall pass. The mask is too expensive. It is better to buy from other brands. With the same price, you can buy a few more pieces.”

“We have come in high spirits but return disappointed…”

Many people were originally interested and very eager to try, but when they see the price range of the mask, they chose to let the opportunity pass.

It is indeed a bit expensive.

At this time, the host quickly said: “Dear handsome guys and beauties, don’t rush away. The price is actually not expensive for the quality of the mask you will get. You will know after using it.”

“There will be a big bargain for today’s product launch. One hundred masks will be given every hour to randomly selected men and beauties to try. The effect is absolutely immediate!”

“They will be given for free so you better try it.”

Hearing that there will be free items to be given, many people stopped from leaving immediately.

A hundred free samples are no joke. They might be selected.

And it is good to witness the effects in real-time.

That is to see if the quality is really as good as they claim.

After all the talk was done, the staff on the stage immediately selected randomly a hundred people.

Xingyue Square is very large, and the stage prepared for Li Feifei is big. It is a bit unsure though if the designated area can accommodate a hundred people, but it would probably be okay.

There are even many chairs for people to sit on.

Yanyue Company is still a well-known brand so those who will try aren’t afraid that something bad will happen to their faces.

So they are also very excited to put on this expensive mask on their faces and see if it really works well.

Soon, six minutes had passed and those people who were randomly selected to try masks can’t wait to remove the same.

Those who can’t wait then went onstage where a large mirror was specially prepared by Lin Yuan.

“Wow! It is really effective! The big dark circles that I have due to staying up late for the past few days are now a little smaller!” The woman shouted in surprise which attracted everyone’s attention.

Others also looked over.

Seeing the woman’s face, they felt what she said is really true.

They only had the masks on for a while, and their skin looked as smooth as glass.

Although there is no point of comparison, it seems really good.

However, after the woman looked again in the mirror, she turned her head back and said to the host: “The effect is indeed good, but it isn’t as good as you said.”

The woman’s tone is not questioning. It’s just that the effect is indeed not as exaggerated as the host claimed.

But even when faced with the woman’s remarks, the host still smiled and said, “You are such in a hurry.”

“It usually takes ten minutes in applying the mask so as to achieve its maximum effect. How long have you put it on?”

“You should have at least waited for that much. The Yanyue mask you just tried is top-notch. The mask essence is extracted from a variety of precious medicinal materials worth thousands! Having it on for an hour or more makes it more effective. If you put it on for less than that time, it would be a waste.”

Hearing the host’s words, the woman was a little distressed. But she can only try the free sample once. After a little time of putting, she had taken the mask off and threw it in the trash. She had no other choice but to step down immediately.

Witnessing this, those who were impatient were also suppressed to take off the mask.

Everyone looked forward to achieving the maximum results.

After another ten minutes or so would probably be good already.

The people who tried the mask took them off one after another and then looked at themselves in the mirror.

Then everyone had wide eyes and their faces full of surprise.

“Wow! It is really effective! I stayed up all night stalking idols’ profiles, but the dark circles are gone!”

“My wrinkles are all gone?”

“Wow, I feel that my skin is a lot whiter and I can definitely achieve even whiter skin after a few times of usage!”

Lin Yuan decided that for trial, they will use the highest price and most effective facial masks.

And so, the effect is a lot immediate.

All of the people who tried it were very satisfied.

And the remarks of the people who tried the same also let the others see the good results.

Everyone got excited, especially those who have tried it.

“I want to buy ten pieces! Price doesn’t matter!”

“I want fifty pieces! Men also want to look more refined!“

The people who have originally decided to let the opportunity pass due to the slightly high prices of the masks are now squeezing in and wanted to buy a lot of masks crazily.

The fierce atmosphere attracted even more people to come and see what was going on.

Even if they didn’t witness the results, they all squeezed in to buy as well.

“Ooh. This is the first time I have seen my own facial mask brand so popular ever since the inception of Yanyue Company.” Yan Ruyue looked at the crazy crowd with astonishment.

Lin Yuan smiled and took a sip of tea.

“Lin Yuan, you are so amazing. Thank you so much!” Yan Ruyue said.

She naturally knows the reason why Yanyue's facial mask is so popular.

From production to sales, Lin Yuan worked on the key steps.

Yan Ruyue feels very good about the new product’s commercial success.

Ln Yuan smiled and said: “We are business partners now. There is no need to thank me.”

After Yan Ruyue bought back most of the shares, Lin Yuan also became a shareholder.

And the relationship between Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue is going pretty well.

The success of Yanyue Company, therefore, is also Lin Yuan’s success.

The following sales were very good, but after about ten to twenty minutes, they stopped.

It’s not that no one wanted to buy anymore.

On the contrary, the goods on the display are temporarily sold out.

The effect was immediate and so it sold very well.

“I wanted to buy my girlfriend this as a Valentine’s Day gift, why is it out of stock? What happened to their supply? It is such a big company and they only produced so much?” Someone who can’t buy anymore because stocks were sold out isn’t very happy.

The host smiled and said: “The handsome and beautiful ladies are really enthusiastic. But please don’t question the capability of our company. Our supply is absolutely sufficient.”

“It’s just that because today is the first day of the product launch and is a public conference that there aren’t many stocks present. There are still a lot in the backstage and some are being transported for the company factory.”

“Don’t worry everyone. Let’s take a break and we’ll tell you some big news later. Have you seen that we have a stage prepared?”

“We have actually invited a top singer to sing for us her new song!”

Hearing what the host said that they had to wait for the new supplies to arrive, everyone was a little disappointed, but they were a little excited when they heard a top singer will appear on stage.

It is known that many people came because they saw Li Feifei’s endorsement.

So, they guessed that the singer the host talked about is actually Li Feifei.

After a while, Li Feifei really appeared onstage.

Although the stage is a lot smaller than Li Feifei’s usual big stage, but the atmosphere is still the same. This doesn’t make people feel any difference.

Although they have already guessed it, the people were still shocked to see Li Feifei appear.

That is because Li Feifei is such a big star and she appeared at a face mask product launch.

It was not just an endorsement, but she will appear in front of the people and sing for them which is really amazing.

Many fans of Li Feifei also remembered that she should be in her Yanjing concert tour today.

Could it be that the concert tour was postponed just to give way to this event?

Isn’t Li Feifei still fighting to get the title of the new generation’s queen?

Is she after making money?

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