Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 381:

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Chapter 381:

And Ye Feng also found Lin Yuan seated on the high platform at this time.

Lin Yuan’s position is actually not that conspicuous.

Otherwise, with his face value, he would have definitely attracted the attention of most girls that would come to buy the mask.

But Ye Feng still saw him instantly.

Perhaps because he has an unforgettable hatred for him!

At this time, Lin Yuan looked at Ye Feng condescendingly, his expression indifferent and his eyes calm.

He even talked and laughed with Yan Ruyue.

Ye Feng looked at Lin Yuan and his eyes with extreme anger.

He really wanted to rush over to where Lin Yuan was.

Lin Yuan was seated on the high platform with a beauty in his arms, plus his business booming.

As for him, he lost again!

Seeing how well Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue as well as the Yanyue company are doing with the success of the public conference and so on, Ye Feng understood.

Although he doesn’t know how Yan Ruyue and Yanyue Company got through the difficulties, one thing is for sure, it is because of Lin Yuan.

He had also received some intelligence reports before, but he didn’t take the same to heart.

He just thought that the winner had already been decided and that victory is already close at hand.

Now he thinks about the issue with the facial mask sheet with Feng Dahai, he understands that it could be also Lin Yuan’s doing.

He could also see the star, Li Feifei here.

She might have rejected his offer and come to endorse Lin Yuan!

Although Li Feifei’s decision to reject Ye Feng has nothing to do with Lin Yuan.

But at this time, Ye Feng couldn’t think clearly.

He was extremely angry.

Watching Lin Yuan sitting on the high platform looking at him condescendingly, Ye Feng wanted to burst from anger.

He really couldn’t help it.

Just when Ye Feng was so furious, thinking about what to do with Lin Yuan, a voice suddenly came from behind.

”Excuse me. Make some way.”

Ye Feng looked back and found out that it was Li Feifei and her agent, Sister Lili.

They just came from the bathroom.

It was Sister Lili who spoke and her tone was a little rude.

After all, neither Li Feifei nor Sister Lili had a good impression of Ye Feng.

The agent Lili’s attitude is more direct.

Her eyes and tone were full of disgust.

Ye Feng became even angrier when he heard disgust in Sister Lili’s tone and in Li Feifei’s eyes.

The disgust hurt Ye Feng’s feelings and self-esteem.

Additionally, seeing Lin Yuan and thinking about him, Ye Feng’s mood was extremely bad, like a gunpowder keg about to explode.

Ye Feng didn’t notice but his face had already begun to become ugly.

Ye Feng said coldly: “Are you blind? There’s still so much space elsewhere. I must make a way for you? Is this big star that amazing?”

”No. There are a lot of people in there. This is the only way I can go backstage without difficulty.” Li Feifei began to explain.

But Ye Feng shouted irritably: “Get out! Get out of my sight!”

Ye Feng’s voice suddenly became louder and his tone was extremely violent.

Both Li Feifei and Lili were taken aback.

The loud shout drew the attention of many people. The security guard not far away also discovered the situation.

They recognize Li Feifei.

The security guard hurried over to ask: “What’s the matter?”

The agent Sister Lili is responsible for ensuring Li Feifei’s safety so she took a step forward and said: “This person is crazy. He blocked the way and prevented us from passing!”

The security guard immediately walked towards Ye Feng and said: “What are you doing blocking the way? Just go in line if you want to buy a mask and get out of the way.”

”Buy a mask? Get out of the way? Is this space yours? Come over and try me. I will get out if you’re able to pull me out.” Ye Feng sneered as the fire in his heart made him feel uncomfortable.

The security guard took out the intercom and said: “Come here. There is a crazy person here!”

Soon, seven to eight security guards assembled.

”Get him out of the way!” The chief of security commanded.

Three to four security guards went up to him together.

However, Ye Feng didn’t move.

They can’t pull him at all.

He is much stronger compared to these securities.

Seeing that he can’t be pulled out of the way, the security guards immediately took out their electric baton.

Seeing an electric baton waving towards him, Ye Feng’s eyes were cold.

His right leg flew out rapidly and kicked the security guard.

The other security guards were stunned.

”Let’s get him together!” The surprised security guards said loudly.

At this time, Lin Yuan who was sitting on the high platform also saw the scene.

Originally, Lin Yuan didn’t plan on troubling Ye Feng as it is Yanyue Company’s facial mask promotion and there are a lot of people.

He actually thought that Ye Feng would go away by himself.

Unexpectedly he caused a scene.

”Shengnan, catch that guy,” Lin Yuan said to Shi Shengnan, his bodyguard not far away.

”Yes!” Shi Shengnan nodded.

Then the bodyguard with an extremely strong body rushed towards Ye Feng.

”Be careful. This person is not weak.” Lin Yuan reminded Shi Shengnan before leaving.

”Understood!” Shi Shengnan replied.

She could also tell that Ye Feng is not an ordinary person.

At this time, Ye Feng was in the midst of ‘kicking asses’.

Ye Feng wanted to vent his anger to these security guards.

It can be said that they came in just at the right time.

These security guards are basically not Ye Feng’s enemies but he fought hard.

Suddenly, Ye Feng felt a sense of danger from behind.

He looked back and saw an unusually majestic body, with the same height as him, and whose body was more exaggerated than him… and it seems to be a woman?

A punch immediately came at him!

Ye Feng turned around and threw a counterpunch.

However, since the attack was in a rush, his counterpunch was not as strong as Shi Shengnan’s.

He was directly thrown by Shi Shengnan for several steps.

Looking at Shi Shengnan who looked expressionless, Ye Feng guessed in an instant that she should probably be Lin Yuan’s bodyguard.

The bodyguard looked very strong.

But, again, there was that strange feeling of being robbed off by Lin Yuan.

It is not surprising that he feels this way for beautiful women like Yan Ruyue and Qiu Wanxi.

After all, he is possessive of beautiful women.

Being unhappy for Lin Yuan getting the attention of the beauties is normal.

But for Shi Shengnan, a woman who looked more like a man than him, he also has some possessive tendencies?

After he was maimed by Lin Yuan, had his preference become this bad?

Ye Feng never felt there was a problem with his brain after his head was blasted by Lin Yuan. He even felt that he has become calmer and reserved.

But now, he is a little skeptical.

When Ye Feng was lost in his thoughts, Shi Shengnan directly attacked him and punched him hard.

Ye Feng didn’t want to think so much anymore and continued to fight Shi Shengnan.

The more he fought with Shi Shengnan, the more Ye Feng got shocked.

They are evenly matched!

Lin Yuan’s bodyguard whom he doesn’t know where Lin Yuan got is evenly matched with him!

Moreover, this woman who looked like a man is expressionless.

Ye Feng wanted to vomit blood a little bit.

Ye Feng is a little envious that Lin Yuan can have this kind of bodyguard!

Of course, Ye Feng didn’t know that according to the plot of the original novel, Shi Shengnan was supposed to be his bodyguard.

Ye Feng’s combat skill is also very strong.

But Shi Shengnan is at par with him.

Both of them hung on to each other.

The fight between them was so fierce that it has attracted the attention of many people.

Lin Yuan, who was seated on the high platform also watched quietly.

There are just too many people there so he doesn’t plan on going down and fighting against Ye Feng himself.

But of course, they cannot let Ye Feng cause trouble so he would just let Shi Shengnan take care of him.

Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes as he saw a plate of walnuts beside him.


Ye Feng continued to fight with Shi Shengnan and gradually gained the upper hand.

After all, being regarded as the mercenary king, his fighting force is still stronger than Shi Shengnan.

But then he suddenly felt a strong sense of danger.


A sound broke into the air and something seemed to be coming from behind him.

Ye Feng quickly turned his head to dodge.


There was a brittle sound.

Ye Feng turned his head to take a look.

He saw a walnut had suddenly hit the wall and fell apart.

And the wall where it hit was also slightly sunken!

Hidden weapon?!

Ye Feng frowned.

While dealing with Shi Shengnan, Ye Feng turned to look in the direction where the walnut must have come from.

He saw Lin Yuan rubbing a walnut in his right hand.

It’s Lin Yuan on the high platform!

It really is him!

Ye Feng last had a head-to-head confrontation with Lin Yuan during the Mei family’s banquet.

Ye Feng knew that Lin Yuan was not easy to deal with at that time.

But this walnut is actually deadly!

Throwing it at high speed is like a hidden weapon, which is too scary!

At the Mei family’s banquet, Ye Feng thought that he was similar to Lin Yuan, or maybe even stronger.

But now he is faced with a big question mark.

He can’t really see through him at all!

Ye Feng was a little scared.

Just as Ye Feng was thinking, another squeaking sound came from behind him.


Ye Feng dodged in a hurry but wasn’t able to avoid the same at this time.

The walnut traveling at a fast speed directly hit his shoulder!

It was just a walnut, but Ye Feng felt that his shoulder went numb.

It would have been bearable under normal circumstances.

But at this time he was still fighting with Shi Shengnan.

The slightest impact will make him suffer a heavy blow.

Being attacked by Lin Yuan like this, Ye Feng looked like he was really struggling.

Ye Feng was anxious at this time and he couldn’t wait to rush up to Lin Yuan and fight him up close.

But reason told him that he should run away.

After Ye Feng suffered the loss of a dear friend and damage to his head, Ye Feng had become calmer.

However, how can he run away?

Shi Shengnan is currently getting on his way.

Ye Feng can’t go anywhere even if he wanted to.

Yan Ruyue also discovered what Lin Yuan was doing.

Under Yan Ruyue’s gaze, Lin Yuan flicked the walnuts one by one in his fingertips.

One by one, the walnuts popped out quickly.

All the attacks were on Ye Feng’s vital parts.

Ye Feng could only curse Lin Yuan in his heart.

Most of the places hit by Lin Yuan were the left side of his head, which actually took a long time to heal and is still very fragile.

In addition, his lower body and the side where his heart is also critical points.

Ye Feng couldn’t do anything.

He had the upper hand in the fight with Shi Shengnan.

But now, his performance is slowly going downhill.

Shi Shengnan doesn’t plan on surrendering either.

Because Ye Feng was hit everywhere, in less than half a minute, Shi Shengnan was able to punch him in the face.

This heavy punch made Ye Feng a little dizzy.

While Ye Feng was still confused, Shi Shengnan directly suppressed him on the neck.

This is not purely out of Shi Shengnan’s strength.

Under normal circumstances, Shi Shengnan will definitely have a chance against him.

But if it will involve firearms, Shi Shengnan will definitely lose.

Without any firearms, the two could be 50-50 at most.

The reason why Ye Feng was subdued by Shi Shengnan was that Lin Yuan interfered.

Lin Yuan knows very well Ye Feng’s weak spots.

So even if Lin Yuan was far away, Ye Feng had a hard time.

Shi Shengnan then seized the opportunity to clamp Ye Feng.

Ye Feng hasn’t even counterattacked yet when immediately a number of security personnel holding electric batons madly hit Ye Feng’s body.

They directly electrified him.

They handcuffed Ye Feng who still looked a little confused.

The security guards who got hit by Ye Feng earlier connived.

Ye Feng was beaten quickly and his nose and face got swollen.

”Young Master, what should I do?” Shi Shengnan asked Lin Yuan.

”Go and escort Li Feifei and Sister Lili backstage.”

There were a lot of people at the publicity conference.

It is impossible to kill him directly.

So Lin Yuan asked Shi Shengnan to escort them back backstage first.

However, just when Shi Shengnan and the security personnel’s tried to suppress Ye Feng, special police force cars with flashing red lights appeared.

One by one, special police force personnel’s in uniforms jumped out of their car.

Soon, Shi Shengnan and the others who were holding Ye Feng were surrounded!

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