Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 380:

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Chapter 380:

Looking at the facial masks becoming a hit, Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

It is not purely because of the facial masks selling very well because it is just as what Lin Yuan expected.

Lin Yuan is pleased with the prompts from the system at this time.

【Ding! Snatched the opportunity of the original protagonist Ye Feng’s facial mask promotion! Reward: 200 counterattack points! 】

【Ding!… 】

Several system prompts for rewards of counterattack points kept on ringing.

It seems that as in the original novel, being able to enter and dominate the facial mask industry is still very important to Ye Feng.

This should be Ye Feng’s first step into entering the business world.

But now that Lin Yuan has stepped in, the dragon couldn’t soar over the sea and could only die of thirst on the shore.

Lin Yuan checked his property panel.

【Host: Lin Yuan 】

【Counterattack Points: 17,000 】

【Wealth Value: 17 billion 】


【Strength: 220+, Speed: 220+, Reaction: 200+, Charisma: 220+, Physique: 220+】


【Medical Skills: Divine Level, Piano: Divine Level, Violin: Divine Level, Singing: Divine Level, Equestrian: Divine Level, Chess: Divine Level, Calligraphy: Divine Level, Fighting: Divine Level, Pistol: Divine Level, Sniping: Divine Level, Cooking: Advanced, Hacking: Advanced, Painting: Advanced, Stocks: Advanced, Antique Appraisal: Advanced, Tai Chi: Advanced, Car Skills: Intermediate, English: Elementary】

【Favorability Panel 】

【Yan Ruyue: 93, Qiu Wanxi: 99, Qiao Siying: 38, Chi Qian: 28, Gui Qingtong: 95, Mei Yuxian: 86, Jiang Rou: 83, Xie Shixuan: 20, Xie Shiyin: 5, Ding Xiaorong: 70, Ning Shu: 40】

【Loyalty Panel:】

【Wang Ergou: 95, Shi Shengnan: 90, Chen Yu: 90】

【Fate Value:】

[Ye Feng: 600 (60% remaining) 】

As many as 17,000 counterattack points can be allocated.

And Ye Feng’s fate value has also decreased a lot.

Lin Yuan thought about it and directly added 30 points to each attribute.

Because of this all of the attributes like strength, speed, etc., all reached as high as 250 points.

A total of 15,000 counterattack points were used.

After all the attributes have been upgraded to 250, Lin Yuan felt that the strength in his body had increased a lot.

If it wasn’t because of his situation now, Lin Yuan would have wanted to try his upgraded attributes.

Lin Yuan continued to check the properties panel.

He thought about using the remaining 2,000 or more, or just keep the same for emergencies.


While Lin Yuan was thinking, Li Feifei who was at the stage finished singing a few songs.

After all, this was just a cameo appearance and Lin Yuan didn’t have any requirements

Li Feifei then stepped down after singing a few songs.

She has to go to the toilet.

Sister Lili, her agent, hurried over to accompany her.

As it is just an ordinary and temporary stage, there isn’t any toilet on backstage.

Li Feifei found a place where there are only a few people and went to the toilet after she got off the stage.

At this time, most of the people went straight to trying out the magical facial mask.

No one noticed she was Li Feifei.

But when she was about to walk to the door of the toilet, Li Feifei came across a man whom she completely avoided.

When she looked up, she saw a man with a sunken left face, like there was a missing piece and with a horrible face.

Li Feifei didn’t care and was going to go to the toilet with her agent, Sister Lili.

But this terrifying man greeted Li Feifei.

”Li… Li Feifei, Star Li?” The man’s eyes were surprised.

This is not someone else but Ye Feng.

Ye Feng rushed all the way from their public press conference for the launch of his facial mask product to Xingyue Square.

He wanted to see which mask company it is that people kept on moving to it from his side.

Xingyue Square which was next to the venue where the public conference for the product launch of his new facial mask products has completely robbed him off of a lot of opportunities.

Is it the company he thinks it is?

After arriving at Xingyue Square, Ye Feng found that there are indeed many people.

He wanted to move around to see which company it was that held the same public press conference.

Then he ran into Li Feifei who was about to go to the toilet.

Ye Feng knows about Li Feifei.

After all, she is a national star.

Moreover, she was the original choice for the endorser of his facial mask product.

In his opinion, his mask has that quality deserving to be endorsed by only a top star like Li Feifei.

However, their invitation was directly rejected.

When he saw Li Feifei at this time, Ye Feng found out that she looked even more beautiful than on the TV screens.

The faint makeup on her face, the faint bodily fragrance, and the unevenness of her figure under such a gorgeous dress, made Ye Feng’s heart excited!

He thought it was predestined and followed his habit from before of picking beautiful girls.

He blinked and then smiled and greet Li Feifei.

”Hello, Miss Li. I am the person in charge of the Yeluya facial mask. I invited you some time before to endorse our company’s products. I did not expect you to be here. It must be fate.” A smile appeared on Ye Feng’s face and he also stretched out his hand to offer a handshake.

Ye Feng didn’t notice that he was smiling brightly as before back when he still had his handsome face.

But at this time, with half of his head destroyed, only the hideousness remained.

The evil charm which attracted women in the past only makes people feel disgusted.

Because of Ye Feng’s hideous appearance, Li Feifei and Sister Lili were both in disgust.

But Li Feifei smiled politely and said: “Ooh, that’s it, it’s fate.”

Sister Lili didn’t want Li Feifei to do much talking and so quickly dragged her away.

”Feifei, let’s go.” Sister Lili directly dragged Li Feifei to the toilet.

Seeing how Li Feifei and Sister Lili didn’t even want to see his appearance even with a hint of disgust, Ye Feng was taken aback.

Then, he took out his phone and looked at himself on the screen.

He then touched the ruined half of his face.

A burst of anger surged once again.

Ye Feng hates this!

Lin Yuan! Lin Yuan ruined him!

Lin Yuan ruined his handsome face and made him experience all the disadvantages of losing the same.

In the past, he used this same strategy to pick up a lot of girls. But now, they are all ruined by Lin Yuan!

There is also that not-so-great person just now who only knows how to sing!

”Isn’t she just a singer, bitch!”

After curing, Ye Feng continued to walk forward.

On the other side, Lin Yuan just had a sip of tea when he heard the prompt from the system.

【Ding! Li Feifei’s favorability towards Ye Feng decreased! Reward: 200 counterattack points! 】

Hearing the prompt from the system, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Isn’t Li Feifei just in Xingyue Square right now? She was still singing just now.

How can she get involved with Ye Feng?

There is only one explanation. That is Ye Feng is here!

Looking in the direction where Li Feifei went, Lin Yuan really saw Ye Feng.


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