Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 378:

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Chapter 378:

Ye Feng continued to complain: “In addition to the problem with the venue, only a second-line singer was invited.”

”Those first-line celebrities are just too proud. Knowing that the product launch of the new facial mask is from a start-up company, they weren’t willing even if the talent fee is high.”

”I always feel that many things are not going very well.”

Chen Zheng patted Ye Feng on the shoulder. “It is okay Xiao Feng. The quality of your facial mask product is quite good and with the power of the word of mouth, it will surely be popular. When the sales soar, those shit stars will definitely be rushing to endorse the product.”

Ye Feng touched his uneven head, as well as his left eyes that had been completely destroyed.

Then he smiled and said: “The skyrocketing sales volume is certain. These stars are too proud to think about doing endorsements for start-ups. Especially the top female stars like Li Feifei whom I contacted before. All of them are very proud. I even scolded them several times. They are still very arrogant.”

”Hey Xiao Feng, don’t tell the head of the family. We will tell him when the time comes. We shall do it together.” Chen Zheng laughed wryly.

”Okay! Let’s go have fun after the press conference is over!”

Ye Feng, who originally like hunting for beautiful women, became even more fond of chasing after them after being devastated by Lin Yuan.

He was originally only looking for high-quality ones. Recently, he has been a little hesitant to enjoy. It may be related to the psychological effect of the destruction of his handsome face.

And Chen Zheng is even more lascivious.

At this time, the two also laughed wretchedly.

Ye Feng continued: “The most important thing is that we had Yanyue Compay handled. Although my company had a rough start, their company is far more miserable. They don’t even have the raw materials for their facial mask.”

”Yanyue Company, Lin Yuan, I want you to witness how I rise as I watch your downfall!”

Then Ye Feng, the members of the Chen family, and many others began to prepare for the promotion of their new facial mask product.



Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue also arrived at Xingyue Square.

After the publicity they had done, the venue was already overcrowded.

There was already a torrent of people on the huge square.

Fortunately, Lin Yuan had asked someone to maintain order.

Otherwise, a stampede would have occurred.

And when he came backstage of the Yanyue Facial Mask Promotion Conference, Lin Yuan also saw Li Feifei and her agent had come first.

”Young Master Lin, the popularity of the press conference is going very well.” Li Feifei smiled as she took off the mask that covered her face.

”Fortunately, most of it is estimated to be because of the advertisement we shoot yesterday and its publicity yesterday.” Lin Yuan smiled.

After the shoot was done yesterday, Lin Yuan asked people to publish the news on channels he had prepared long before.

With those multiple channels and Li Feifei’s fame, the brand Yanyue facial mask has been introduced to many people.

Just now, Lin Yuan overheard a lot of people discussing about Li Feifei’s endorsement in the square.

”Young Master Lin, do you want me to go out and sing you a song now?” Li Feifei smiled.

Lin Yuan also smiled and said: “Don’t worry. Wait a while. Let consumers try out the quality of the mask first. After all, people came to buy things. You just can’t put the cart before the horse.” (T/N: put the cart before the horse meaning to put things in the wrong order; to put something inconsequential as more important than something more essential.)

”Okay. I believe that with the quality of this mask, it will definitely sell. It will be popular all throughout the country.” Li Feifei smiled. She knew how good it is after having tried it.

She wishes all the best for it.

”By the way, Young Master Lin, your scarf is very nice. Where did you buy it?” Li Feifei asked when she looked at the scarf on Lin Yuan’s neck.

”It was given by Yue’er.” Lin Yuan smiled and looked at Yan Ruyue on the side.

And Yan Ruyue also smiled and nodded to Li Feifei.

At the same time, she straightened her chest out.

Although she didn’t show it, she felt a little proud.

”Yue… Yue’er?” Li Feifei whispered.

Women are more sensitive especially when it comes to the people they like.

She remembered that Lin Yuan called Yan Ruyue, Miss Yan yesterday. And today he refers to her as Yue’er and the relationship between the two seems to be closer.

Li Feifei curled her lips, not knowing what to say, turned her head to retouch her makeup and clean her throat.

After Li Feifei left, Yan Ruyue didn’t hide from Lin Yuan.

She raised her pretty face proudly.

Only when she saw that Lin Yan wasn’t smiling that she recovered her seriousness.

Yan Ruyue smiled and asked: “By the way, isn’t your price of the mask too high? This is not comparable to the prices of the products released by Yanyue Company previously.

” Do you think the quality of the new facial mask is deserving of its price?” Lin Yuan asked with a smile.

”Uh… it is actually worth it. For girls, beauty is priceless…”

”But the price feels like… it will scare away many consumers.” Yan Ruyue thought for a while.

”It’s okay if you are afraid that they won’t try because of the price. I have arranged free trials soon, the immediate effect will make them want to pay for it.” Lin Yuan smiled.

Then there were no further discussions.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue then found a comfortable place where they sat together as they watched as the people from the front desk announced that the press conference and product launch is about to begin.

The host at the front desk and the representative of Yanyue company were already in place.

Although Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue are the owners of the company, there is basically no need to show up.

After Lin Yuan has arranged everything, he leaves these things to their people.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue were seated in the most comfortable place arranged by the staff so they can have a perfect view of the promotional press conference.

”Hello everyone. I believe that everyone who came here has seen the publicity…”

”Yanyue Company’s new facial mask will be officially launched today. This skincare exudes beauty beyond your imagination.”

”As we have proclaimed, like a permanent camera beautification effect that perfectly restores your natural beauty…”

”We also invited our endorser, top singer, Li Feifei. After she tried it, she agreed and loved it.”

”I tried it too. I really felt like I looked ten years younger…”

Lin Yuan drank tea as he listened to the host bragging about the new facial mask product.

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