Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 383:

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Chapter 383:

Ning Shu is obviously on Lin Yuan’s side.

If Ning Shu hadn’t come, Luo Yinghao would have continued to suppress Lin Yuan, but since she showed up, Luo Yinghao could only bow his head.

”Leave at once!” Ning Shu scolded directly.

After swallowing, although he was very upset, Luo Yinghao could only start regrouping his men and leave the vicinity.


Just when Luo Yinghao looked depressed and was about to leave, Lin Yuan suddenly spoke.

Hearing Lin Yuan speak suddenly, Ning Shu and Luo Yinghao were a little confused.

They both looked at Lin Yuan strangely.

Luo Yinghao was even more depressed as he came here domineeringly and now he was embarrassed.

There were also a lot of spectators who have seen him get embarrassed like this.

Does Lin Yuan still want to embarrass him even more?

Ning Shu did not speak as Lin Yuan spoke.

Luo Yinghao could only stop from leaving.

”Of course, officer Luo, you can leave. But the troublemaker has to stay.”

Lin Yuan pointed at Ye Feng with his finger.

”Today is the public press conference for the launch of our company’s new product and this person tried to beat the security guards and wanted to make trouble. He can’t just go.” Lin Yuan said lightly.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Ning Shu knew that Lin Yuan was about to make trouble.

In fact, Luo Yinghao was already very depressed and Lin Yuan’s making trouble again made Ning Shu a little uncomfortable.

She felt that she has to give these people some break, but she still stood firmly by Lin Yuan’s side.

Luo Yinghao looked triggered and said, “No! I can take care of this person. I will take him back to the station and deal with him.”

How can Luo Yinghao just accept Lin Yuan’s words?

That would be too shameful.

He brought people over to help Ye Feng, now he leaves in a desperate manner?

Will he leave Ye Feng?

He can’t accept it.

”I am not related to this person but he should have been drunk so he caused trouble. I would like to say sorry to Mr. Lin on his behalf. He has no more business here so I will take him back to the station for an investigation.” Luo Yinghao made an excuse once more.

Luo Yinghao obviously insisted on taking Ye Feng away.

Otherwise, what prestige will he have in the future?

Seeing Ning Shu look a little embarrassed, Lin Yuan didn’t want to make it too difficult for her too.

After all, the relationship with Ning Shu hasn’t been fully established yet.

After thinking for a while, Lin Yuan said, “Officer Luo must have really liked this man. But is he really drunk? I think he is sober. Why don’t we check him with an alcohol detector?”

”This…” Luo Yinghao looked embarrassed and Ye Feng lowered his head and said nothing.

”Oh I think it’s not easy to find an alcohol detector now. But drunk people’s faces should be red, right? Let me see. Blushing proves that they are drunk. Only then can you leave.” Lin Yuan pointed to Ye Feng and shook his head.

Hearing this mockery, Luo Yinghao and Ye Feng’s expression instantly became gloomy.

The meaning was quite obvious.

Only if he blushed will Lin Yuan let Ye Feng go.

”Don’t even think about it!” Ye Feng gritted his teeth and roared.

Ning Shu is also very cooperative with Lin Yuan.

With a glance, countless police officers immediately surrounded Ye Feng.

Both Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng knew that if Ye Feng wouldn’t be able to go back with them and fall into the hands of a bold man like Lin Yuan, then his end would be hard to guarantee.

Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng hurriedly pushed Ye Feng signaling him what to do.

Ye Feng hesitated for a while and finally clenched his teeth.

Then he raised his hand and slapped himself hard.


Ye Feng slapped his face several times.

[Ding! Reward: 500 counterattack points! ]

[Ding! Reward: 500 counterattack points! ]

[Ding! …]

Lin Yuan heard a few prompts.

Obviously, with Ye Feng’s behavior, it would definitely reduce his fate value.

After slapping himself in the face several times, Ye Feng prepared to leave with Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng.

But Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “It’s not red enough.”

Lin Yuan only said these words and Ye Feng’s footsteps froze.

”Ah!!!” Ye Feng roared and stomped his feet hard that the same shook the ground.

The police officers hurriedly took out their guns and aimed at Ye Feng.

However, instead of being violent, Ye Feng didn’t move and continued to raise his hand.


Ye Feng slapped his face fiercely, this time the sound resounded throughout Xingyue Square.


The strength used at this time was enormous, that his face blushed after a few slaps.

Until blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth and his teeth loosened that Ye Feng stopped.

Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng then took Ye Feng away.

Lin Yuan didn’t speak any further.

Seeing that Luo Yinghao, Chen Zheng, and Ye Feng already left, Ning Shu asked her subordinates to get back to the police cars first.

Then she frowned and said to Lin Yuan: “You are a bit too much just now. That person was offended to death. He would never forget this until the day he dies.”

Lin Yuan smiled and then replied: “It’s okay.”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s indifference, Ning Shu frowned.

She doesn’t know what Lin Yuan is thinking.

However, based on how she knows Lin Yuan, he is a very calm person and generally doesn’t do things indiscriminately.

She has no way she can reprimand him.

She could only be the weaker party against him and could only say a few words to persuade him.

After discussing some matters, Ning Shu also left.

Seeing Ning Shu’s departure, Lin Yuan looked calm.

He naturally understand what Ning Shu meant.

His behavior offended Ye Feng to death?

However, he and Ye Feng had long since hated each other to death.

If possible, he also wanted to get rid of Ye Feng immediately.

With Ye Feng’s behavior just now and the success of the product launch, Lin Yuan received another three to four thousand counterattack points.

And he was able to reduce Ye Feng’s fate value by three full points.

So he did not lose anything.

Ning Shu also followed Lin Yuan’s orders.

They seized and stopped Ye Feng and Chen family’s publicity conference.

Although it is not so popular already, Lin Yuan always wanted to take advantage of Ye Feng.

He wanted Ye Feng and the Chen family to suffer the greatest losses.

Chen Meng, the head of the Chen family, immediately became furious when he saw Ye Feng, Chen Zheng, and the others back at the Chen family’s residence looking all gloomy.

He also learned that even their publicity conference had been blocked so he became even more furious. Chen's family had invested a lot into the product development and launch.

Back at Xingyue Square, although something happened, the turn of events wasn’t affected even the slightest.

This was because the trouble that happened was immediately concluded and the magical effect of the mask and Li Feifei’s popularity buried the incident instantly.

So the number of people that became interested increased.

Both online and offline sales rose steadily.

After solving the troubles, Lin Yuan returned to the high platform and sat down.

Then Lin Yuan heard Yan Ruyue ask in a slightly cowardly tone next to him:

"Li…Lin Yuan…you…you won't…"

"You won't hit your wife…in the future, right?

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