Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 386:

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Chapter 386:

Feeling the moisture on her cheeks, Song Xuan felt a little dumbfounded.

She didn’t know how long since she hadn’t been kissed.

Let alone be kissed by her own daughter, Yan Ruyue.

That can be traced back to when Yan Ruyue was still very young.

Feeling the tenderness and warmth of Yan Ruyue’s kiss.

Song Xuan immediately glanced at Lin Yuan.

After all, Yan Ruyue kissed her while calling Lin Yuan's name.

It’s obvious what her daughter was thinking about.

She feels that Yan Ruyue is so skilled, has their relationship developed to this point?

Not only was Song Xuan staring at Yan Ruyue, but Lin Yuan also.

Yan Ruyue is quite bold after drinking.

Although not that obvious when Yan Ruyue is usually facing Song Xuan, but in reality, she is a really little afraid of her mother

Unexpectedly Yan Ruyue behaves like this after being drunk.

And Yan Ruyue didn’t mean to stop.

Yan Ruyue who was held by Song Xuan began to move again.

Her red lips which lipstick was fading, kept on opening and uttering nonsense, not knowing which planets language she is speaking.

Her body fluttered along with it as if she was about to dance.

Song Xuan also quickly prevented her.

Finally, Yan Ruyue stopped a little.

Then Lin Yuan heard some noise right away.

Yan Ruyue’s beautiful face was slightly distorted as her lips widened and she directly vomited onto Song Xuan.

The formal clothing that Song Xuan was wearing got dirty.

Feeling the alcohol and vomit on her body, Song Xuan smiled bitterly.

The feeling was vaguely familiar.

It was a bit like that of Yan Ruyue’s father from ten years ago.

Lin Yuan also remembered that Yan Ruyue hated drinking because her father was drinking too much.

It’s because she hasn’t been drunk so much that she gets drunk easily.

Lin Yuan didn’t think too much about it.

He went directly to help Song Xuan hold Yan Ruyue who was still not awake after vomiting and even planned to make a fuss.

Feeling Lin Yuan’s movements, Song Xuan was taken aback.

It has been a long time since she helped a drunk person.

In fact, she doesn’t really like others getting drunk.

The feeling of helping the drunk Yan Ruyue felt both familiar and strange.

She easily recalled the same scenarios from the past.

However, this time, Lin Yuan was there to help.

This made Song Xuan feel a lot less burdened.

After all, Song Xuan is still a woman.

Yan Ruyue, who has a pair of long legs, isn’t fat but is definitely taller than Song Xuan.

So, it is really a great deal of work for Song Xuan to hold her own daughter.

Little did Lin Yuan know, Song Xuan had a lot of things in her mind because of his help.

Lin Yuan just wondered why Song Xuan looked at him blankly.

Raising his eyebrows, Lin Yuan immediately reminded her of the current situation. “Aunt Song?“

After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Song Xuan soon reacted.

Song Xuan waved her hand quickly and said, “It… It’s okay.”

”Hurry up and help Yue’er upstairs.” Song Xuan instructed.

Lin Yaun didn’t think too much and helped Song Xuan carry Yan Ruyue upstairs.

Most of Yan Ruyue’s weight is on Lin Yuan’s side while Song Xuan’s side is lighter.

Song Xuan felt an inexplicable sense of security and contentment.

Is this how it feels to have a man at home?

Her feeling was quite vague.

Song Xuan, who has been an independent woman for more than ten years, felt even more satisfied with Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan helped Song Xuan carry Yan Ruyue to the bathroom to clean her, then to her bedroom.

After Yan Ruyue is settled. Song Xuan begged Lin Yuan: “Xiao Yuan, please put Yue’er on her bed. Auntie has to clean herself.”

Lin Yuan looked at Song Xuan and nodded in understanding.

Song Xuan smiled and then turned to go to the bathroom.

And Lin Yuan carried Yan Ruyue, who was like a dead pig to her bed.

After covering Yan Ruyue with the quilt, Lin Yuan took out his mobile phone.

Just when she covered Yan Ruyue, he felt his mobile phone vibrating.

Since Yan Ruyue is already settled, Lin Yuan decided to look who sent him a message.

Turning on his phone, it turned out to be Qiu Wanxi’s message.

She asked him if he was still working, how soon he will be back, etc.

Just like a caring little wife.

Although the tone is a little restrained, Lin Yuan still feels deep love and concern in Qiu Wanxi’s message.

After all, their relationship just broke through the next level. Qiu Wanxi definitely wanted to be with Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan also feels the same way.

Lin Yuan replied immediately that he will be home very soon.

Qiu Wanxi also responded with a few sweet smileys.

Lin Yuan didn’t wait too long.

Song Xuan was finally done cleaning herself.

But seeing Song Xuan walking out of the toilet, Lin Yuan was taken aback.

Song Xuan was also taken aback when she saw Lin Yuan sitting on Yan Ruyue’s bed.

Because Song Xuan was in a hurry, she forgot to bring a change of clothes, so she just wrapped herself with a bath towel and came out.

Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan was still in the room.

But Song Xuan quickly figured out that Lin Yuan must have waited for her to come out and say farewell politely before he goes out.

Thinking that she is already an old aunt, what should she be embarrassed about?

Song Xuan tightened the grip of the bath towel in her body and greeted Lin Yuan with a smile.

Lin Yuan also smiled.

Although the two of them is not thin-skinned person, but the atmosphere of Song Xuan being wrapped in a towel is really quite awkward.

So Lin Yuan smiled directly and said: “If Aunt Song has no more requests, I shall leave first.”

Lin Yuan then got up and prepared to leave.

However, Song Xuan stopped him and said suddenly: “Xiao Yuan, Auntie’s shoulder has been painful recently. Can you please do some acupuncture on it?”

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