Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 385:

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Chapter 385:

To celebrate the success of the product launch, Yanyue company held a celebration banquet.

Lin Yuan and Yan Ruyue invited Li Feifei.

After all, she contributed a lot to the success of today’s public conference.

Li Feifei is also leaving soon so it can also be considered a farewell dinner for her.

At the dinner table, Li Feifei first congratulated the two. “Congratulations on the successful promotion. I wish Young Master Lin and President Yan a thriving career.”

”I wish Miss Li would win the queen of the new generation.” Yan Ruyue also replied.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “But by then Superstar Li’s net worth would be high. I am afraid that I can’t afford to get you as our endorser.”

Li Feifei smiled and said, “If you say that, it’s like you are teasing me. Yanyue’s facial mask is so effective that it would be well known. I am afraid that the major stars will be competing to be your endorser.”

”As long as Young Master Lin has no objection, I will definitely continue to endorse it. Unless I am not popular anymore, haha.”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied, “Okay. I will take note of it. Then I wish Feifei a smooth journey.”

”I wish Young Master Lin a lot of money.” Li Feifei stood up and raised a glass of wine, and proposed a toast to Lin Yuan.

Thinking of leaving Jiangbei and returning to Yanjing very soon, Li Feifei is a little bit unwilling.

Of course, it is not because she longs for this place.

But because she doesn’t want to leave Lin Yuan.

There are so many shining points on Lin Yuan which had already attracted Li Feifei.

Had it not been for Yan Ruyue, she would have revealed it already.

But thinking of leaving very soon, Li Feifei still wants to get closer to Lin Yuan.

She picked up a wine bottle and poured Lin Yuan some wine for a toast.

Sister Lili, the agent, remained on the side.

If it was before she met Lin Yuan, she might dissuade it as she won’t let any man get close to Li Feifei.

But now it doesn’t matter.

But watching Li Feifei approach Lin Yuan, there are still people on the side who looked unpleasant and a little upset.

Yan Ruyue pouted and said to the waiter on the side, “Help me also get a bottle of wine.”

”What wine would you want?” The waiter asked respectfully.

“Uh…” faced with such a question, Yan Ruyue was embarrassed.

Her father’s domestic violence was caused by his addiction to alcohol when she was a child.

So Yan Ruyue is actually very disgusted with wine.

She also doesn’t know much about wines.

Just when Yan Ruyue was struggling, Lin Yuan spoke.

”Take a bottle of fruit wine. The degree of alcohol is lower.” Lin Yuan said.

Yan Ruyue returned a grateful glance at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan smiled and still doesn’t know what Yan Ruyue thinks.

After Yan Ruyue poured Lin Yuan a glass of wine, she also proposed a toast and said, “Thank you for helping Yanyue Company this time.”

After speaking Yan Ruyue drank all that was in the glass wine.

Obviously, it was only a low alcohol content wine, but after Yan Ruyue drank it, her beautiful cheeks flushed that Lin Yuan wanted to laugh a little.

”It appears you like it that much. What will you do to thank me?” Lin Yuan smiled and also drank from the wine glass.

After three rounds of drinks and five dishes, the celebration dinner soon ended.

Lin Yuan asked if he could then send Li Feifei to the departure area bound to Yanjing.

But on the other side, Yan Ruyue looked a little drunk.

Her little face which was originally fair has turned red.

She also looks a little tipsy.

She only drank two glasses of fruit wine which alcohol content is actually minimal.

Yan Ruyue didn’t react until Li Feifei left.

She held up a glass of wine and said to Lin Yuan: “Come… come again Lin Yuan. I want to propose a toast with you again!”

”You’d better have some tea instead.” Lin Yuan took the wine glass in Yan Ruyue’s hand.

”No, No… I don’t want to drink tea…” Yan Ruyue grabbed Lin Yuan’s hand and said in a spoiled manner.

Lin Yuan was helpless.

”President Yan? President Yan?” Seeing Yan Ruyue’s appearance, secretary Xiaoyun hurried over and called her name with concern.

Yan Ruyue’s behavior in front of Lin Yuan made secretary Xiaoyun dumbfounded.

Yan Ruyue, who is usually cold to other people, suddenly changes every time she is with Lin Yuan.

”Young Master Lin, let me send President Yan back.” Secretary Xiaoyun said to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan glanced at Xiaoyun and then said, “No need to trouble yourself. Let me take her home.”

Lin Yuan directly hugged the delirious Yan Ruyue in his arms.

Seeing Yan Ruyue didn’t resist but instead subconsciously dived into Lin Yuan’s arms like a kitten, Xiaoyun couldn’t object either.

”I… I still… drink!”

”Ch… cheers…”

”Lin Yuan are… are you drunk…”

”You… cannot!”

These were among the delirious words that Yan Ruyue spoke.

Lin Yuan carried Yan Ruyue back to the car.

Although he actually drank a lot more than Yan Ruyue did, it is naturally impossible for him to be so drunk with his physique.

Lin Yuan then stepped on the accelerator and headed towards Yan's family’s residence.

During their trip, Yan Ruyue was quite noisy.

However, with Lin Yuan’s driving skill, it was not a problem at all.

Yan Ruyue was soon sent back to the Yan family villa.

Back at the Yan family’s villa, the family maid was surprised to see Lin Yuan carrying Yan Ruyue in his arms.

Because Lin Yuan treated Song Xuan, everyone in the Yan family knows that Lin Yuan can go in and out of the villa freely.

So there is no stopping him from coming.

Lin Yuan carried the slightly drunk Yan Ruyue into the Yan family villa.

As soon as he entered the villa, Lin Yuan saw Yan Ruyue’s mother, Song Xuan.

Song Xuan was wearing a formal dress. She should have just come home from work or was just about to go to the company.

”Xiao Yuan? Yue’er?” Song Xuan immediately stood up from the sofa as soon as she saw Lin Yuan carrying Yan Ruyue in his arms.

She was a little surprised.

”Hello, Auntie.” Lin Yuan smiled.

”This is…” Song Xuan came over to them and looked at Yan Ruyue who looked like a dead pig in Lin Yuan’s arms.

”She drank some wine.” Lin Yuan explained.

”Oh!” After approaching them, she had already smelled alcohol a little bit. So with Lin Yuan’s explanations, Song Xuan understood instantly.

Obviously, she also knows why Yan Ruyue could be going home drunk today.

Lin Yuan explained about the celebration dinner.

Song Xuan seems to have an idea about the same too.

Song Xuan nodded and said, “Thank you, Xiao Yuan. Sorry for such trouble. Yue’er is just so ignorant of these things. Hand her to me and I will take her back to her room.”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Lin Yuan is about to hand over Yan Ruyue to Song Xuan when Yan Ruyue spoke once again.

”Cheers Lin Yuan… Lin Yuan… I still want to drink!”

Seeing Yan Ruyue’s behavior, Song Xuan couldn’t help but smile.

However, just when Song Xuan was about to take Yan Ruyue from Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue suddenly said, “Kiss… Lin Yuan. I want to kiss!”

”Kiss me. You are too much! We’ve kissed so many times… Now… now you’re not kissing me again!”

Hearing Yan Ruyue’s sudden words, Song Xuan’s hand that was about to reach out to Yan Ruyue suddenly stiffened.

”Uh…” Song Xuan looked at Yan Ruyue whose face was extremely red at this time and whose eyes were closed.

Both Lin Yuan and Song Xuan fell silent.

But shortly after, Song Xuan continued and quickly picked up Yan Ruyue.

While Song Xuan held Yan Ruyue, what happened next stunned Song Xuan.


Only a rattling sound was heard.

Song Xuan stared blankly at the lips of her daughter that was suddenly coming into her.

Yan Ruyue kissed Song Xuan!

”Lin… Lin Yuan… If you won’t kiss… won’t kiss me… then I will be the one to kiss you…hehe…”

Feeling her wet cheeks, Sing Xuan was stunned.


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