Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 382:

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Chapter 382:

Shi Shengnan and the others were preparing to take down Ye Feng in accordance with Lin Yuan’s orders.

They didn’t expect a lot of people from the Special Police Force to appear in the next second.

Seeing this large group of Special Police Force Officers led by Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng, Lin Yuan understood immediately.

These people are here to save Ye Feng.

Lin Yuan sighed.

Ye Fen’s luck is really good.

Luo Yinghao and Chen Zheng showed up with a large number of Special Police Force Officers and surrounded Shi Shengnan and the security personnels.

They immediately ordered the release of Ye Feng.

”Hurry up and let Ye Feng go!” Luo Yinghao shouted at Shi Shengnan.

Although there are not many police officers from the Special Police Force, they still carried guns and looked very capable and scary.

The security personnel’s faces turned blue and their legs trembled.

Shi Shengnan, however, had no expression on her face.

Hearing Luo Yinghao’s threat, Shi Shengnan looked at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan nodded slightly to Shi Shengnan.

Shi Shengnan let go of Ye Feng who has just recovered his sanity.

After taking Ye Feng, Luo Yinghao and the others still did not stop surrounding Shi Shengnan and the security personnels.

Luo Yinghao also looked at Lin Yuan who was seated on the high platform.

Lin Yuan patted his butt and walked off the stage with a blank expression.

Yan Ruyue on the side was worried and prepared to get up as well.

But Lin Yuan waved his hand.

”It’s okay. Just watch from here.” Lin Yuan stopped Yan Ruyue.

Lin Yuan walked calmly towards Luo Yinghao and the large group of Special Police Officers.

”Director Luo. What are you doing?” Lin Yuan stood right in front of Luo Yinghao and asked indifferently.

”These people can be charged with assault and attempted murder. I am going to take them all to the Bureau for questioning. Are they your men? Then you are also jointly and severally liable.” Luo Yinghao put the blame on Lin Yuan first.

Without waiting for Lin Yuan to speak, Luo Yinghao looked at the public conference being held and said, “And your conference compromises public safety. There is a threat to safety for holding such a large-scale event. I order you to shut down immediately the activities in Xingyue Plaza and cooperate with us in the investigation!”

Some people panicked immediately hearing the same from a police officer in uniform.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly.

Yan Ruyue on the stage also frowned.

She and Lin Yuan both understood what Luo Yinghao was trying to do.

Luo Yinghao sides with Ye Feng and the Chen family all the way.

He wants to use the investigation on the violation of the safety hazards in order to sabotage their product launch.

If everything goes according to his plan, the sales and even the reviews of the product would be compromised.

Yan Ruyue doesn’t know what Lin Yuan is going to do.

She looked worriedly in Lin Yuan’s direction.

According to Luo Yinghao, since Lin Yuan is an accessory to the charges claimed, he would also be arrested.

Luo Yinghao looked at Lin Yuan indifferently but he was sneering in his heart.

He still remembers how Lin Yuan shot even with his presence.

This time, he wants to take the opportunity to teach Lin Yuan a lesson and disrupt the product launch being held by him and the Yanyue Company.

Last time, he had the help of his Uncle Zeng, but this time, that very person is absent.

And he was with a good number of police officers with him. He thinks that Lin Yuan wouldn’t dare to not follow his orders.Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Yuan just nodded.

”Understood.” Lin Yuan said with the same flat tone.

”Good. Stop all the activities at once!” Luo Yinghao said in an orderly tone.

Lin Yuan didn’t even look at Luo Yinghao and took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

At this time. Ye Feng seemed to have regained himself and seeing the situation, he walked up to Luo Yinghao directly.

”You are fucking crazy…”

Ye Feng was about to speak some more when he was interrupted in the next second.

”Are you in the position to speak here?” Lin Yuan asked with a faint voice as he retracted his foot.

”You!” Luo Yinghao stared at Lin Yuan who dared to step out ahead of him, his eyes widened.

Ye Feng, who was reprimanded couldn’t speak anymore.

The Special Police Force Officers then surrounded Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan dialed a number calmly and talked to the person on the phone without even minding the surrounding situation.

”Hello? Director Ning? Yes. I am caught in a situation. Can you come now?” Lin Yuan talked to the person on the phone calmly.

Luo Yinghao frowned as he listened.

Lin Yuan actually called Director Ning.

Luo Yinghao originally thought that Lin Yuan would stop the public conference and go with him to the Bureau.

But after listening to his conversation on the phone, it seems that it is not the case. Something seems off.

”Who are you calling?” Luo Yinghao asked.

Lin Yuan glanced at Luo Yinghao and said nothing.

At this time, a Special Police Force Officer beside Luo Yinghao hit him with an elbow.

“Off… officer Luo…”

Luo Yinghao followed the police officer’s gaze and he like all the others was dumbfounded.

There came a lot of special police cars with the distinction of the Special Police Force Bureau.

Then a huge number of police officers went out of the police cars, almost double the number of Luo Yinghao’s side.

And all of them are armed!

The head was a female police officer who had a serious and cold expression on her face.

”Deputy Director of the Jiangbei General Administration Bureau, Ning Shu?!”

Looking at this, Luo Yinghao was dumbfounded.

Lin Yuan was completely expressionless.

He had already guessed that today’s launch will not be peaceful.

So he has prepared for this.

He had already briefed Ning Shu about today.

”Put down all of your weapons!” Ning Shu shouted.

Then Ning Shu’s men also mobilized.

The number of weapons is overwhelming.

Luo Yinghao’s subordinates also put down the weapons they carried one after another.

Luo Yinghao and his men were disarmed in a few seconds.

Luo Yinghao looked at Lin Yuan and then at Ning Shu. His face was ugly and he didn’t know what to say.

Ning Shu then asked Luo Yinghao: “Luo Yinghao, why are the police officers here?”

Ning Shu’s tone was questioning.

Although Ning Shu is just the Deputy Director of the Jiangbei General Administration Bureau, she is still higher in rank than Luo Yinghao being the director of a branch.

Luo Yinghao could only lower his head and then replied: “We need to bring these people for questioning since they posted a threat to public safety…”

Ning Shu reprimanded angrily: “Is your brain broken? How can there be a threat to safety? Where is it? You point it out! This event was organized with my approval. Where is your warrant? Show it!”

Luo Yinghao just made it up as an excuse. How can he have an investigation warrant at hand?

So Luo Yinghao could only lower his head and said: “I don’t have any…”

Then Luo Yinghao was silenced immediately.

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