Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 384:

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Chapter 384:

Hearing what Yan Ruyue said, Lin Yuan smiled immediately.

”Why are you asking this suddenly?” Lin Yuan smiled.


Yan Ruyue whispered: “This seems to be the first time I have seen you do something, so… so violent.”

Actually, those people with violent behaviors like Ye Feng disgusts Yan Ruyue.

But when it is Lin Yuan, Yan Ruyue is less disgusted.

She was just a little worried…

Worried about how her life after marriage…

Looking at Yan Ruyue, Lin Yuan guessed her thoughts.

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and asked, “What’s the matter? Why does it matter to you whether I will beat my future wife?”

”I…” Yan Ruyue was speechless for a while.

"If you beat your wife, I… I… I won't have with you anymore." Yan Ruyue said in a childlike tone.

Looking at Yan Ruyue’s behavior, Lin Yuan squeezed her face unceremoniously just like before.

Yan Ruyue isn’t against it either.

Xiaoyun, Yan Ruyue’s secretary not far away was extremely surprised.

After dealing with all of these, the publicity conference will be successfully concluded.

There won’t be any more troubles after.

Lin Yuan also left the venue with Yan Ruyue.

It didn’t take long for Lin Yuan to receive the news about Ye Feng and the Chen family.

Lin Yuan got the news right away.

The Chen family and Ye Feng’s product launch was seized and stopped, resulting in huge losses.

The publicity conference of the Chen family and Ye Feng wasn’t only robbed off of popularity, Lin Yuan also seized their opportunity to dominate the facial mask industry early.

The brand Yanyue is a well-known brand and its facial mask products are better.

In addition, the popularity of the endorser, Li Feifei, is far beyond that of Ye Feng's.

It can be said that Ye Feng and the Chen family’s brand is sabotaged in all aspects.

It was suppressed to the point that no one cares about it.

The original plan of Ye Feng and the Chen family is to enter the facial mask industry and oust the Yanyue Company.

However, they didn’t expect Lin Yuan to intervene.

In the end, they are the ones suppressed instead.

At this time, the sound of things getting smashed came from the Chen family’s residence.

On the other hand, Yan Ruyue stood next to Lin Yuan.

Xiaoyun handed over the data on the successful product launch to Yan Ruyue.

While looking at the results. Yan Ruyue said in a surprised manner: “The new product launch was very successful.”

”The publicity channels you have prepared in advance went viral with a lot of positive feedbacks.”

“There are comments like: ‘Li Feifei delayed the Yanjing tour for it!’

’Li Feifei’s new song was used for this product’ and so on!”

“There are too many channels for publicity. It must have cost a lot of money?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Fortunately, there are a lot of publicity channels, but not too many. Needless to say, we have ended in the TV and paper media.”

”But I did especially plan these publicity channels, nor did I spend a lot of money on it.”

“The news about our product launch has become a hot topic, thanks to Li Feifei’s popularity and reputation and the quality of the Yanyue mask.”

”The media will help propagate the same. After all, they will also benefit from it.”

Yan Ruyue nodded repeatedly. “Um. The sales of the new masks have skyrocketed. The total number of online and offline sales have already exceeded 100,000!”

”And the costly ones are also very salable!”

”Didn’t you expect it before? Just look at the company’s market value.”

”I already thought of it, but still this made me excited.” Yan Ruyue also smiled happily.

Yan Ruyue has always been very enthusiastic about operating the Yanyue Company.

She is very happy with the success of the new mask. Although it is because of Lin Yuan, she has contributed a lot to it as well.

In addition to the success of the new masks, Yan Ruyue is also very pleased with the working relationship with Lin Yuan.

This feeling made her very happy. It was a bit similar to them conquering the boss and clearing the stage together, making it a lot sweeter.

This is why Yan Ruyue smiled endlessly.

After checking the company’s market value, Yan Ruyue smiled even more.

”Wow! The market value of our company has increased a lot. It has broken through tens of billions in just a day!” Yan Ruyue handed over the data to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was also a little surprised.

The market value has risen terribly.

Their capital was already recovered.

Although it was just for a short period of time, the market value of Yanyue Company has risen steadily.

It soared almost in a straight line up.

Yanyue Company is a separate entity from Yan Group.

Yan Ruyue operated the company separately and independently.

Its original market value was in billions.

But just in a short period of time, it has broken through tens of billions.

The stock price soared very high.

Lin Yuan only invested half of the shareholding but he had already earned a lot.

But Lin Yuan was not too surprised.

He had already imagined that the same will happen sooner or later.

Lin Yuan also tried to check the company established by Ye Feng and the Chen family to enter the facial mask industry.

Although the same is not listed, Lin Yuan still found a lot of information.

Lin Yuan smiled slightly after checking.

Just as he thought, based on the indications, Ye Feng’s Company which used to shine brightly is probably going to die soon.

Ye Feng expected that he could go as a public entity in an instant.

Now, it could just be a dream.

The losses of Ye Feng and the Chen family combined are estimated to be more than a billion.

And that is just their loss in the business.

Ye Feng’s fate value had decreased as well.

It can be said that for every success of Lin Yuan, Ye Feng loses a lot more.

The market value of Yanyue Company has risen steadily.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother watching it either.

He then gave back the data to Yan Ruyue.

The promotion has finally come to an end.

Very exhausted, Li Feifei returned backstage and smiled at Lin Yuan and said, “Young Master Lin, is it going well?”

”Yes, thanks to your popularity, the promotion went smoothly.” Lin Yuan smiled.

”No, no, no. It is not because I am the endorser, the product in itself is very useful and effective, plus your new song also contributed to the success of the event.”

”By the way, with this new song, I can definitely win the title of the queen of the new generation. I plan to return to Yanjing and continue with my tour.” Li Feifei smiled.

”Okay. I wish you success. But come with us. We are going to have a celebration. Just have dinner and I will arrange a private plane to take you back.” Lin Yuan said.

”Of course, I won’t miss the celebration.” Li Feifei smile.

”Young Master Lin invited, so of course I should be there. We will leave after the celebration is over.”

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