Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 387:

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Chapter 387:

Hearing Song Xuan’s words, Lin Yuan paused.

Then he raised his hand and took a look at his watch.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s actions, Song Xuan hurriedly said, “If you still have something to do. Anyway, it is already late, you can just come whenever you have the time.”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “It’s fine.”

He didn’t want Song Xuan to get the idea that he didn’t like to help her and be anxious after he looked at the time.

Song Xuan must be suffering from some physical pains recently, and it is true that she hasn’t undergone acupuncture for a while. So it is okay to help her undergo acupuncture for seven or eight minutes.

”Acupuncture here?” Lin Yuan asked Song Xuan.

They are still in Yan Ruyue’s room at this time.

Song Xuan hesitated for a moment and then nodded and said, “Let’s do it in Yue’er’s room. Her bed is quite big.”

Although it may be more comfortable to change to a wider room, but Song Xuan was currently feeling a little weird.

So, she chose to be next to the drunk Yan Ruyue and the three of them to be in the same room.

Otherwise, she might feel more uncomfortable due to that vague feeling in her heart.

Song Xuan lay flat on the bed, familiar with the procedures.

She tugged both her shoulders but the bath towel did not move.

Lin Yuan reached out and help Song Xuan pull it down.

”Thank… Thank you, Xiao Yuan.” This sudden movement of Lin Yuan made Song Xuan’s heart skip a beat.

She quickly thanked him.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

Then Lin Yuan took out the silver needle and began the acupunture.

While Lin Yuan was doing the acupuncture, he asked: “Aunt Song, you have been overworked again, which is why you are suffering from shoulder pain. Although your body has recovered a lot, you still have to take it slowly. Healing is a long-term process…”

”Um…” Song Xuan’s reply was simple. She feels like Lin Yuan’s acupuncture today is a little different.

Lin Yuan frowned. It was not the first time that they are doing acupuncture. His movements are still very proficient. But Song Xuan seemed a little nervous today. It was a bit like the first time. Her back muscles are a bit stiff.

However, it can be said that today’s environment is indeed different from the usual.

Lin Yuan put down the silver needle directly and pinched Song Xuan’s back with his fingers, signaling her to relax.

Song Xuan was startled by Lin Yuan’s actions at first but soon relaxed.

Song Xuan, who has always been talkative while undergoing the procedure, didn’t talk much today.

Soon, Lin Yuan finished the acupuncture.

After the acupuncture, Song Xuan wrapped the bath towel tightly and stood up.

Perhaps because acupuncture promotes blood circulation, her face is a little red.

After Lin Yuan packed the silver needles, he said goodbye immediately.

Song Xuan smiled and said: “Yue’er is so drunk. You must have drunk a lot as well. I will make Yue’er some tea to make her sober later. Would you like to stay and have a drink as well?”

Lin Yuan declined, “Thank you Auntie, but there is no need. Actually, I didn’t drink that much.”

After all, Qiu Wanxi just sent him a message.

The acupunture procedure does not take much time.

But if he stays to have some tea, there should be some conversations.

So after Lin Yuan declined, he picked up his jacket and left.

”Well then, Xiao Yuan, be careful on your way.” Song Xuan smiled and nodded and watched Lin Yuan leave.

After Lin Yuan left, Song Xuan looked at the boiling water in the pot and held a handful of tea leaves but was still motionless and a little absent-minded.


On the other side, Lin Yuan quickly returned to the villa.

As soon as he walked to the door, without picking out the key, the door suddenly opened.

Qiu Wanxi stood by the door with a beautiful smile on her delicate and pretty face.

She should be just by the door for it to open so fast. It seems that Qiu Wanxi is very happy and excited for Lin Yuan to be home.

It was not long since they had been separated, but Qiu Wanxi looked like she missed Lin Yuan very much, like a clingy little wife.

But Lin Yuan doesn’t hate it either.

Touching Qiu Wanxi’s little head, Lin Yuan entered the door.

And Qiu Wanxi was really like his little wife and thoughtfully took the coat from his hand and straightened his collar.

She even planned to help Lin Yuan take off his shoes, but Lin Yuan refused.

Qiu Wanxi’s newly revealed little wife attributes made Lin Yuan comfortable.

Qiu Wanxi who was holding Lin Yuan’s coat suddenly paused.

This is because she smelled a strange perfume.

Lin Yuan naturally doesn’t use perfume.

There is no doubt that the fragrance of the perfume belonged to other women.

Qiu Wanxi became a little jealous, which is a woman’s nature.

However, she decided not to worry about it and instead helped Lin Yuan with his other things wholeheartedly.

And Lin Yuan also saw Qiu Wanxi’s nose fluttering, and probably guessed what she was thinking.

But Qiu Wanxi didn’t ask anything and still took care of him.

Although this has something to do with Qiu Wanxi’s full trust in Lin Yuan, but it still made Lin Yuan quite happy.

Lin Yuan leaned forward and gave Qiu Wanxi a kiss.

”Oh, young master. What are you doing?”

Qiu Wanxi pursed her lips and her cheeks were slightly red.

”Wanxi is so cute. I can’t help it.” Lin Yuan laughed.

”I hate it…” Qiu Wanxi blushed and gasped involuntarily.

Even though their relationship has gone closer, Qiu Wanxi remained so cute and easily shy.

Being kissed by Lin Yuan suddenly still brings her a lot of joy.

As for the perfume smell, she decided to put it aside.

”Young Master, did you have a drink? Let me get you some tea.” Qiu Wanxi said again.

Although Lin Yuan did not look so drunk, he has helped Yan Ruyue earlier, so he has a faint smell of alcohol.

Lin Yuan certainly wouldn’t refuse Qiu Wanxi’s and so he smiled and nodded.

Soon, Qiu Wanxi brought the tea to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan took a sip, it smelled of honey and it was quite sweet.

Although not so drunk, it still made him more sober.

”It’s delicious. I didn’t expect Wanxi to have a talent in this.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“When I checked some information about cakes on the internet, I saw this recipe accidentally. I thought it would be useful, so I wrote it down.” Qiu Wanxi explained.

”By the way, while drinking the tea, chewing the tea leaves will make you more sober.” Qiu Wanxi reminded.

Lin Yuan immediately poured some tea into his cup and picked it up.

But he didn’t drink it. Instead, he reached out and put the teacup in front of Qiu Wanxi’s mouth.

Then Lin Yuan smiled and asked, “My teeth are a little weak. Wanxi, can you chew it for me?”

Seeing Lin Yuan leaning the cup on her pink lips and hearing his words, Qiu Wanxi’s pretty face turned red.

She knows how good and fierce Lin Yuan’s physique is and how is it impossible for him to have some weak teeth.

The meaning is obvious, he wanted her to chew the tea leaves and feed the same to him!

This… this is too shameful!

After all, they aren’t some type of old husband and wife who chews things and food for the other, Qiu Wanxi still feels very shy.

But Qiu Wanxi still took the teacup.

In fact, she also has some expectations!

Her little mouth chewed the tea leaves gently.

Under Lin Yuan’s smiling eyes, Qiu Wanxi finally mustered up the courage, then feed the chewed tea leaves to Lin Yuan.

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