Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 388:

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Chapter 388:

While Qiu Wanxi was chewing and feeding the tea leaves to Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan wrapped his arms around her petite and exquisite body.

Being together again after so long, of course, they won’t just feed each other tea leaves.

Absence really makes the heart grow fonder.

It was obvious that the two of them don’t want to let go of each other.

But at this moment, there are two pairs of shiny little eyes peeking at the two people on the sofa from the room.

Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi were on fire on the sofa.

Chen Yu, who had just made the bed, saw Xiao Lian and Xiao He by the door so she immediately asked strangely, “What are you doing?”

Hearing Chen Yu’s words, the two girls who had strong curiosity became so scared that they tried to stand up immediately while pushing each other.

With this, they fell directly behind the door and made a sound.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yuan and Qiu Wanxi both turned around.

Seeing Xiao Lian and Xiao He peeking, Qiu Wanxi’s face immediately turned red and she shyly plunged into Lin Yuan’s arms.

Lin Yuan looked at Xiao Lian and Xiao He with a smile on his face.

The grin on those two little faces had a trace of 30% curiosity, 30% nervousness, and 40% embarrassment.

Lin Yuan shook his head helplessly and said. “It’s the two of you again.”

Xiao Lian and Xiao He could not answer Lin Yuan’s remarks, they could only shut their mouth and lowered their head and slipped without rebuttal.

After being interrupted, Qiu Wanxi got shy and prepared to run away.

However, Lin Yuan directly hugged her into his arms.

Then, they went straight upstairs.

After all, they have that relationship already.

Soon a big battle came.

Lin Yuan feeds Qiu Wanxi…

The well-fed Qiu Wanxi fell asleep deeply.

After Lin Yuan put the quilt on Qiu Wanxi, he went to the other room.

He still has things to do and doesn’t want to disturb Qiu Wanxi in her sleep.

Qiu Wanxi’s body is still relatively weak and recovering.

When he came to the other room, Lin Yuan directly took out his mobile phone and contacted Long Wu.

Then he commanded and issued a series of orders to Long Wu to organize some people to increased the propaganda.

He wanted to seize all of the share in the market from Ye Feng and the Chen family.

He wanted to completely block Ye Feng and the Chen family’s way into the beauty industry.

Long Wu has been prepared long ago.

So after receiving Lin Yuan’s orders, he acted quickly.

Soon, Lin Yuan heard the prompts from the system.

[Ding! Successfully intercepted Ye Feng’s entry into the mask industry! Plundered 150 fate value!]

[Ding! Reward: 5000 counterattack points!]

From embarrassing Ye Feng in the public to completely blocking his path, the impact is not small and the rewards are quite big.

He was able to plunder 150 fate value points.

Obviously, what Lin Yuan asked Long Wu to do is successfully completed.

Ye Feng’s road was completely blocked.

”Good job.” Lin Yuan praised Long Wu and then he was about to hang up.

But at this moment, Long Wu suddenly said, “Young Master, wait!”

”Hmmn? What’s wrong?”

Long Wu said hurriedly: “You have previously told that there are forces in other regions who intend to intervene in Jiangbei, and you said we shall report to you no matter how big or small. Just now, we suddenly learned that there is the Lu family who seems to have an intention to enter Jiangbei.”

Hearing Long Wu’s words, Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes and tried to think.

At this time, his intelligence system has already been integrated into that of the Jiangbei General Administration with the help of Ning Shu. It can be said that threats to Jiangbei can already be grasped. It is estimated that very few people knew about the Lu family’s entry to Jiangbei.

”Lu Family…”

”Is this Lu family from Shanghai?” Lin Yuan asked suddenly.

”It is not clearly known…” Long Wu was about to say that it is not clear, but he suddenly stopped.

That is because another intelligence message came in.

Long Wu then continued: “Yes! New information just arrived. The Lu family is indeed from Shanghai!”

Long Wu was so surprised that he almost blurted out and wanted to ask Lin Yuan how he knew about the Lu family.

After all, he just learned about the Lu family from him and he knew how terrifying this intelligence network was.

Didn’t Young Master Lin Yuan just finished the affairs of the Yanyue Company? Did he get the news in advance?

Long Wu’s curiosity grew deeper but Long Wu knew he is not qualified to ask so much.

Moreover, he has witnessed the young master’s miracles quite a lot.

Lin Yuan didn’t explain everything to Long Wu and after pondering for some time, he said, “Long Wu, have someone monitor every move of the Lu family. Report any situation to me any time.”


Lin Yuan hung up after speaking.

”The Lu family… did the Lu family appear in Jiangbei this soon?”

”It should be due to the butterfly effect I caused again. The plot has changed a lot.” Lin Yuan muttered to himself.

The reason why he was able to tell that the Lu family could be from Shanghai to Long Wu before the intelligence report is not because he is more powerful than the intelligence network of the Jiangbei General Administration.

It is because he knew from the original novel that the Lu Family is from Shanghai.

The Lu Family from Shanghai has a very close relationship with Ye Feng.

Lu Wanli, the current head of the Lu family Is actually Ye Feng’s senior fellow apprentice.

The two of them are fellow apprentices and both of them worshipped the same genius doctors as their teacher.

In the original novel, the Lu Family came to Jiangbei more than a year after Ye Feng returned to Jiangbei. They helped Ye Feng consolidate his influence in Jiangbei.

Now, it has been less than a year, and the Lu family has appeared.

Lin Yuan wasn’t too surprised by it.

His presence has already frustrated Ye Feng so much.

So after Ye Feng’s master learned about Ye Feng’s failures, he definitely planned to help Ye Feng.

So the Lu family began their move.

The Lu family’s power in Shanghai is quite strong.

Their status is similar to that of the Chen family in Jiangbei.

And Ye Feng’s senior brother, Lu Wanli, the current head of the Lu family, has a very strong ability. He makes the Lu Family flourish at present and is well-known in Shanghai.

Originally, before Lu Wanli took over, the previous Lu family was a bit low-key just like many old- fashioned families. But the leadership of Lu Wanli is different.

His dictatorship brought the Lu family to the forefront.

After all, in the original novel, he is one of Ye Feng’s great allies, so naturally, he has a strong ability.

Therefore, Lin Yuan has to pay special attention to the involvement of a top family like the Lu family.

“But even a strong dragon cannot repress a local snake." (T/N: idiom meaning it is difficult for even a capable person to deal with the forces entrenched in the local area)

"Whether your Lu Family is a dragon or a snake, you will still be served on my plate!"

Soon, Lin Yuan took out a piece of paper and began to think about his plans.

After writing a few lines, Lin Yuan drew a circle to emphasize the Lu family.

A line is also drawn from it, which carried the names of the various families who have good relations with him. The Yan family, the Mei family, the Tang family, etc.

On the other side, Qiao’s family was specially circled and Qiao Siying’s name was also written.

After going through his general plan, he kneaded the paper into a ball and threw the same into the trash can.

Then, he took out his mobile phone and clicked on Mei Yuxian’s chatbox.

Regarding the affairs of the Lu family, Lin Yuan plans to discuss the same with Mei Yuxian tomorrow and thank her for all her help so far.

In fact, Mei Yuxian actually contributed a lot of help to Yan Yue’s company.

Although Mei Yuxian is definitely not Lin Yuan’s sugar mama, but Lin Yuan can be regarded as Mei Yuxian’s little darling.

So if anything happens, Mei Yuxian would definitely not just stand by.

Lin Yuan directly sent a message to Mei Yuxian asking her if she would be free tomorrow morning.

However, Mei Yuxian did not reply immediately, perhaps because she is still busy at work and did not pay so much attention to her mobile phone.

However, after some time, Lin Yuan’s phone vibrated twice.

Lin Yuan picked it up and saw some message.

But it was not Mei Yuxian’s reply.

It is from Chi Qian!

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