Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 392:

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Chapter 392:

Feeling the heat blowing on his ears.

Lin Yuan is surprised by Mei Yuxian’s bold action.

But after thinking about it, it’s not that surprising. Mei Yuxian has a good reputation within the company and doesn’t need to care about image or anything.

Besides, Mei Yuxian would probably say that he is her daughter’s friend or something. No one would think that he and Mei Yuxian have an affair because this possibility is extremely unlikely.

In response to Mei Yuxian’s bold action, Lin Yuan stretched out his hands.

But before Lin Yuan could even hug her, Mei Yuxian pulled away.

Seeing his hands empty, and the faint smugness in Mei Yuxian’s eyes, Lin Yuan understood that she was teasing him.

”Sister Yuxian. You came a bit late.” Lin Yuan didn’t care and just smiled at Mei Yuxian.

”It’s Xiao Yuan who came too early."

"Why? Do you miss me?" Mei Yuxian smiled.

Looking at Mei Yuxian who just said she missed him yesterday, but acting differently now, Lin Yuan wants to say that women are really difficult to understand.

When Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian were chatting, the others around are shocked.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian being very intimate with each other, they dare not comment on it.

However, even if you don’t know the true relationship between Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian, this is already shocking enough.

They had never seen Mei Yuxian act so close with anyone.

And looking at Mei Yuxian, it seemed that she personally came downstairs to pick up Lin Yuan.

What kind of identity does this man have and why is his relationship so close with Mei Yuxian?

Everyone was in shock and in confusion.

The two bodyguards behind them also stepped back and dare not disturb Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian.

And the most surprised is Xiaoyun who was on the side.

She heard the conversation between Mei Yuxian and Lin Yuan conversation most clearly.

Mei Yuxian’s tone was something she had never heard before.

You must know, although Mei Yuxian is as beautiful as a flower and as charming as snow, but her tone to others has always been cold or flat.

Her tone just now does not make people feel too unfamiliar and distant.

Earlier, Xiaoyun was ready to be thrown out for Lin Yuan.

But who would have thought of this?

Mei Yuxian actually walked in their direction to meet with Lin Yuan!

And it appears that their relationship is very good.

Remembering what Lin Yuan said earlier, only did Xiaoyun understand.

Could it be that the appointment Lin Yuan was referring to is with Mei Yuxian?

Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian ignored the shocked people around them.

Led by Mei Yuxian, they directly went upstairs to her office.

After they left that the people on the first floor of the Mei Group finally reacted.

”That handsome guy… unexpectedly knows President Mei?!”

”Oh my God! Not only is he handsome. His identity is also so mysterious!”

”President Mei actually came personally to pick up someone? I have never seen this happen before!”

”And President Mei seemed to be very happy just now!”

Everyone is discussing.

You must know that although Mei Yuxian is called President Mei, she is actually both the chairman and president of the Mei Group.

But rather than calling her chairman and the like, she prefers to be called her President Mei.

Everyone knows that Mei Yuxian is the one who decides everything about the Mei Group.

It’s the first time for them to see someone have a good relationship with Mei Yuxian, and he is still a man.

This is enough for them to have something to talk to for a week.

Of course, most of them guessed that Lin Yuan must be a friend of Mei Yuxian’s daughter, Gui Qingtong, or a young master of some family, or a partner of the Mei Group, etc.

None of their guesses are wrong, but they are not entirely correct.

The little beauty at the front desk, Xiaoyun, still stood in shock.

Obviously, Lin Yuan’s identity is not ordinary. After all, he is treated specially by the leader of the Mei Group, Mei Yuxian.

Lin Yuan can talk and laugh with Mei Yuxian, obviously, they have a close relationship.

Suppressing her thoughts, she honestly returned to her post at the front desk.

Although knowing that there is basically no possibility between her and a person like Lin Yuan, it is difficult to erase him in her mind.

On the other side, Lin Yuan and Mei Yuxian took the elevator upstairs.

While chatting with Mei Yuxian, Lin Yuan suddenly said: “By the way Sister Yuxian, I saw the little beauty at the front desk on the first floor is quite clever.”

”Tsk tsk tsk… you mean that little girl?” Mei Yuxian stared at Lin Yuan’s eyes immediately after hearing his words.

” You are not thinking of hitting on some little girl, are you?" 

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head: “How can I? Seriously, after seeing Sister Yuxian, no man can ever think of other women.”

”Could you take your hand off my butt first before you say that?” Mei Yuxian’s eyes rolled at Lin Yuan.

Although she is acting jealously, she still is very charming.

Of course, Lin Yuan didn’t like Xiaoyun at the front desk. Although she can be called a little beauty, she cannot compare to a big beauty like Mei Yuxian.

It’s just that despite the pressure from Mei Yuxian, Xiaoyun still dared to pull his sleeve in front of her, so he just say something about her casually.

Mei Yuxian knew the same too. After rolling her eyes at Lin Yuan, she didn’t scold him further for his sinful left hand.

Mei Yuxian then said: “In fact, you need not tell me. I have noticed that little girl before. Even if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have also promoted her in the near future.”

”Oh, Sister Yuxian is quite discerning.”

Feeling the pain and numbness from being kneaded by Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian groaned again. “We are still in the elevator, and there are cameras set up!”

”Anyway, when they saw you go in the elevator, no one would dare to stop it halfway. As for the video, you can just always delete it.” Lin Yuan didn’t care about this.

Hearing that Lin Yuan knew so well, Mei Yuxian shut her mouth and let Lin Yuan do as he pleases. After all, it was indeed a long time since they saw each other.

”By the way, what are you going to discuss with me this time?” Mei Yuxian asked.

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