Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 395:

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Chapter 395:

While talking, Mei Yuxian leaned towards Lin Yuan’s arms again.

The body scent entwined with perfume is so aromatic that it itches the nose.

At the same time, she was like a little wife calling her good husband.

Seeing Mei Yuxian’s appearance, it is obvious that they have to see the scenery again together.

Lin Yuan had to stay for one more hour in Mei Yuxian’s office to watch and play with her.

After another hour, Lin Yuan left the building of the Mei Group.

Although the discussion was relatively long, Lin Yuan’s physique is relatively good and strong.

However, Mei Yuxian spent a long time discussing things with Lin Yuan.

At this time, her state is relatively unstable.

Fortunately, it was done in her office so she can sit comfortably in her office chair.

Of course, although a little unstable, Mei Yuxian’s focus is still intact.

After Lin Yuan left, Mei Yuxian called Secretary Zhang in.

Secretary Zhang was a little dazed when she saw the appearance of the President.

Earlier, Mei Yuxian was a little pale because of long hours of work, but after Lin Yuan came, her face and her cheeks are a little red.

Secretary Zhang became scared, did something go wrong at work?

The very comfortable Mei Yuxian ignored Secretary Zhang’s thoughts.

Leaning on the chair, Mei Yuxian said leisurely: “Secretary Zhang, can you help me buy some pantyhose.”

Hearing Mei Yuxian’s words, Secretary Zhang was stunned.

She doesn’t know why Mei Yuxian asked for such a thing.

But after hearing Mei Yuxian’s instructions, Secretary Zhang left immediately.

She quickly bought and brought the same for Mei Yuxian.

While putting it, Mei Yuxian sighed with emotion and said, “In this world, there are so many unscrupulous merchants. The quality of clothes is so poor and breaks easily”



On the other side, Lin Yuan returned home directly after leaving the Mei Group Building.

After all, after he met with Mei Yuxian, he sweated a lot. Lin Yuan took a shower first.

After taking a shower, he took out and looked at the information Mei Yuxian had given him.

He also sorted out some of the information sent by Long Wu.

In those materials were detailed records of the Lu Family’s plans in penetrating Jiangbei, including their involvement with Ye Feng and the Chen family, etc., who are also enemies of Lin Yuan.

At the same time in the Chen family residence’s lobby, everyone was out welcoming a person seated in line with Chen Zheng, the head of the Chen family.

The attitudes of Chen Zheng and the other members of the Chen family are extremely enthusiastic.

Among them was also Ye Feng.

And Ye Feng was pouring tea for the guest while showing utmost respect.

The guest being welcomed is no other than the head of the Lu Family, Lu Wanli.

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