Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 394:

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Chapter 394:

Soon after Lin Yuan lowered his head then he looked at Mei Yuxian’s finest mutton fat jade.

Although Mei Yuxian was a little shy, she still let Lin Yuan look at it.

”Sister Yuxian, your desk is quite big and it must be made from very good material. Let’s go and watch the scenery there.”

Lin Yuan feels that the desk is quite big and he intends to enjoy the scenery there with Mei Yuxian.

But Mei Yuxian just gave Lin Yuan a blank look and was not embarrassed.

”There is a sofa. It is better to go there.” Mei Yuxian bit her red lip lightly.

However, Lin Yuan insisted on going to the desk.

Mei Yuxian persisted for a few seconds, but couldn’t resist Lin Yuan.

As they watched the scenery, Lin Yuan fiddle Mei Yuxian’s smooth and supple long hair and whispers to her softly relieving her stress from recent work.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s soothing words, Mei Yuxian was so touched that her face blushed and she couldn’t help but shed tears.

Lin Yuan tried to be gentler and slower.

”It is really easy to get tired when you work like this. You should take care of your body. Let me give you acupuncture.”

As Lin Yuan talked, he used his medical knowledge to give Mei Yuxian an injection.

Since Mei Yuxian is in her work clothes, the injection process is quite complicated.

However, thinking about how Mei Yuxian’s hard work and her being under such great physical and mental stress, Lin Yuan still insisted on exerting his best medical knowledge in giving Mei Yuxian an injection.

It was only after a while that the injection was finished and the medicine was injected into Mei Yuxian.

After the injection, Mei Yuxian, who was slightly fatigued and had a bit of a weary look, soon became more radiant, after all, Lin Yuan has a divine level of medical skill.

After the injection, Lin Yuan hugged the slightly frail Mei Yuxian and the two rested on the sofa.

Mei Yuxian also cleverly leaned on to Lin Yuan’s arms.

At this time, she didn’t have even the slightest might being the head of the Mei Group. And her fierce temperament seemed to have been wiped out by Lin Yuan’s gentleness after she has been injected.

Now she seems unusually well behaved like a kitten, leaning back in Lin Yuan's arms like an obedient little wife

The two stayed warm for a while.

Lin Yuan then got up and said he will leave first. “I won’t interrupt you anymore with your work. But Sister Yuxian, you have to take good care of your body.”

Mei Yuxian has a charming smile on her face and said: “Don’t worry. I will take care of myself. I am not a kid anymore. And after you gave me an injection, I felt better.”

Lin Yuan looked at the blushing Mei Yuxian, who indeed looked much better.

After kissing Mei Yuxian on the forehead, Lin Yuan went on to leave.

But Mei Yuxian suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute.”

Lin Yuan looked back.

Mei Yuxian walked to the table and took out a key from the drawer and gave the same to Lin Yuan.

”I didn’t keep all the documents that you needed in the company. I kept some of them at home. You can pick them up at my house whenever you have the time. And help me take care of my daughter by the way.”

”I am not always home, so I feel a little sorry for Qingtong.” Mei Yuxian shook her head and said.

Lin Yuan took the key and smiled and said: “Don’t worry, my wife. I will take good care of Qingtong. I will make up for the lost time you had with her and take good care of her.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan kissed Mei Yuxian again.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Mei Yuxian gave him a blank look.

Then she said: “I warn you. The kind of care I am talking about is not that kind of care. Don’t think about silly things. Otherwise… I will break your leg!”

Looking at Mei Yuxian’s extremely ferocious appearance, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Good wife, are you worried?”

Looking at Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian gave him another blank look: “Humph. Don’t even think about it. If you dare to mess around, don’t… don’t even think about being my husband anymore. Do you understand, good husband?….”

Mei Yuxian called Lin Yuan ‘good husband’ and even stressed the same.

Her voice was quite fascinating, her tone a little seductive and very soft.

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