Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 396:

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Chapter 396:

“Senior brother, Lin Yuan and the Lin Family have humiliated me many times, and even killed my sworn brother! I just hate them! You must help me get revenge!” Ye Feng gritted his teeth and said in a grimly manner.

In response to Ye Feng’s anger, Lu Wanli lightly picked up a cup of tea and nodded blankly, and said: “Don’t worry junior brother. This time not only you who invite me over. Master has also called me over to help you. Lin Yuan has caused you so much misery. I will definitely help you retaliate against him. I am obliged to take care of you junior brother!”

”That’s good! Thank you, senior brother!” Ye Feng was very happy to hear Lu Wanli’s words. He knew the power of Lu Wanli and the Lu family which is not inferior to the Chen family, even stronger.

Lu Wanli then added: “It’s just a mere Lin family, don’t worry. I have already planned and arranged some things. They would never think that the Lu family had already planted flags in Jiangbei long ago.”

”I have sent people from Shanghai to Jiangbei. The Lu family will give them a big surprise and will directly hit them severely!”

After speaking, Lu Wanli turned his head to Chen Zheng, the head of the Chen family, and said, “Patriarch Chen will cooperate with the Lu family when the time comes. We must defeat the Lin Family by one stroke, and together we will swallow the Lin family!”

Chen Zheng nodded and said, “Okay!”

Ye Feng, who was on the side, clenched his fists and his eyes filled with hatred. “Not only the Lin family but also the Yan family, the Mei Family, and that police director! They have to die before my eyes! Especially Lin Yuan! I want him to kneel in front of me and beg for mercy! I want to crush him into pieces!”

Lu Wanli and Chen Zheng didn’t express much compared to Ye Feng’s anger.

Both were expressionless as if thinking about something.

Lu Wanli came personally to Jiangbei.

Naturally, he meant to avenge his junior brother, Ye Feng.

But it was not the most important thing, they have other purposes in coming to Jiangbei.

The key goal is to take such an opportunity to further expand the power of the Lu family.

After Lu Wanli became the Patriarch of the Lu family, he brought the Lu family, who had been declining, back to the top in Shanghai, and even made progress to become an extremely powerful family in all of Shanghai.

But Shanghai has many top big families that the Lu family found it difficult to make further progress.

He can only consider expanding elsewhere.

However, the water in the capital is much deeper than in Shanghai. One carelessness will lead to failure.

Lu Wanli didn’t dare to penetrate so rashly.

Therefore, he took his eyes on Jiangbei and planted the Lu family’s roots in Jiangbei gradually.

With the foundations already set up, it will then be easier to penetrate.

This time of helping Ye Feng could very well be a good opportunity.

As long as they work hand in hand with the Chen family to eliminate the Lin family, one of the top families in Jiangbei, the Lu family can expand its power and influence.

And Chen Zheng on the other hand knew Lu Wanli’s plans very well.

Love and hate don’t just emanate from nowhere.

Chen Zheng definitely knows that the Lu family also wanted a share of the pie.

But Chen Zheng had no reason to refuse the Lu family’s help.

Because he knows that the Chen family and Ye Feng cannot overthrow Lin Yuan and the Lin family.

Therefore, it was necessary to accept help from the Lu family. Even if they will have to lose some shares to the Lu family, it is better than being a complete failure.

Ye Feng didn’t think so much. He was only very happy to get the help of his senior brother. All he cares about is that Lin Yuan should die!

Lu Wanli and Ye Feng led the talk about the plan happily. Lu Wanli was full of himself.

However, they didn’t know that their secret plan, is no secret anymore.

Even their every move was already placed on Lin Yuan’s table.

Lin Yuan integrated the data and roughly made a plan.

He has focused on this until the afternoon came.

Lin Yuan took a rest for a while. Remembering about his appointment with Chi Qian, he prepared himself and then drove directly to the Jiangbei Conservatory of Music.

Lin Yuan had been to Jiangbei Conservatory of Music several times.

He is no stranger to the piano room and other places.

So this time, Lin Yuan didn’t bother his cousin, Yu Shanshan, to lead the way.

Lin Yuan went straight to the music and piano room that Chi Qian had arranged.

Lin Yuan stood at the door of the piano room.

Before opening the door, he heard a melodious and soothing sound of the violin.

The sound is very bright and nice. It can make people feel relieved when they hear it.

This familiar sound, just by listening, Lin Yuan knew it was Chi Qian’s playing.

Only Chi Qian can make this familiar and very soothing sound.

Lin Yuan didn’t hesitate too long and directly pushed his way in.

There was only one figure inside the big music room, one that had long black hair.

It was a figure that will get everyone’s attention as long as they lay their eyes on it. That is because the figure was very eye-catching. Beauty attracts people’s attention and makes it hard to look away.

This figure is naturally Chi Qian's.

As soon as Lin Yuan opened the door, he saw Chi Qian sitting straight on a stool in the music room.

Today, she wore a pale yellow dress. Her long black hair flowed freely. One of her long and slender arms held the violin while the other slowly pulled the strings. Although only one side of the face can be seen, it was already breathtaking and stunning enough to look at.

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