Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 397

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Chapter 397

Chi Qian is laying cards on the table!

Lin Yuan originally intended to watch quietly and wait for Chi Qian to finish playing.

But it seems that Chi Qian noticed his arrival.

Chi Qian never liked it when someone interrupts her performance.

But she even stopped and put down the bow she held in her hand and turned to Lin Yuan and said, “Brother Lin Yuan, you are here!”

Chi Qian’s smile was as beautiful as a fairy in a painting.

But Lin Yuan is long used to seeing beautiful women so he is not easily excited.

Lin Yuan also smiled and said, “I just arrived. Why don’t you continue to play?”

”I waited so that you can practice with me.”

If Chi Qian said the same to other boys, they would have been very excited.

However, Lin Yuan still had the same smile on his face and said secretly in his heart: ‘This little fairy wants to tease me again. It is not that simple.’

Lin Yuan then continued: “Then let’s start practicing.”

Lin Yuan walked over and sat down beside Chi Qian.

The distance between the two is very close. Lin Yuan can even smell Chi Qian.

If people saw Chi Qian, the school flower who had always been distant to others seated this close to a man, they will definitely be very surprised.

But Chi Qian seemed to want to get closer to Lin Yuan.

So she stood up while holding her violin and then sat a little closer to Lin Yuan.

Although the piano stool is quite spacious, it is still slightly crowded to accommodate two people at once.

Chi Qian’s citrus body fragrance is constantly digging into Lin Yuan’s nose.

Lin Yuan gave Chi Qian a surprised look.

He knew that it is not Chi Qian’s character to be too close to other people.

He was so surprised that she would take the initiative to sit close to him now.

And Chi Qian seemed to have seen the surprise in Lin Yuan’s eyes and so she smiled and explained, “When the time comes for exam performances, you will also need to be this close during accompaniments, so I am trying in advance. I will sit this close to you Brother Lin Yuan. Would you mind?”

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head: “Of course, I don’t mind.”

Chi Qian was sitting next to Lin Yuan. He could actually touch her if he lift his hand.

Lin Yuan could clearly see her ivory white neck and her face with perfect facial features.

No man would be able to focus when such a beautiful lady was seated next to him.

However, Lin Yuan’s willpower is very strong and he said directly: “Then let us start practicing.”

”Okay!” Chi Qian nodded her head.

The two immediately began to play together.

There is still that indescribable tacit understanding between them so they accompanied each other very well.

The sound is comparable to the sound of nature.

Their practice went smoothly from beginning to end.

After half an hour, both of them put their hands off the instruments and took a break.

At this moment, Chi Qian who was sitting next to Lin Yuan suddenly turned to Lin Yuan and looked straight at him. Her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Yuan and then she said, “Brother Lin Yuan, can I discuss something with you?”

’It’s coming, finally.’

Lin Yuan knew that it was not the weekend and yet Chi Qian called for him. Lin Yuan believes that she has some plans.

But he didn’t know what it is.

Obviously, Chi Qian was about to lay her cards on the table.

Seeing that pretty face trying to look away, Lin Yuan stared straight at Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan smiled and slightly said, “Okay. Just tell me. What’s the matter?”

Seeing Lin Yuan’s sudden questioning, Chi Qian was a little surprised that Lin Yuan might have been anticipating this.

Then she stopped hesitating and said with a smile: “Our school will hold a chess competition this afternoon. Would you like to participate?”

Hearing Chi Qian’s words, Lin Yuan immediately understood.

Chi Qian’s intention for calling him today is because of this chess game.

Every time Chi Qian’s favorability increases, it brings Lin Yuan a lot of counterattack points.

Lin Yuan is better than Chi Qian in many aspects.

Chi Qian who always wins, who is very strong and perfect, has hardly ever experienced a loss.

That is why she has always been so obsessed with winning against Lin Yuan.

The last time when Lin Yuan sent Chi Qian back to the dormitory, Chi Qian mentioned chess.

Unfortunately, during that time, the chessboard they passed by lacked pieces.

This time, Chi Qian obviously wanted to use the school chess tournament to win a game against Lin Yuan.

But saying it suddenly seemed a bit abrupt.

So she found an excuse and talked more about it to Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian’s beautiful bright eyes looked at Lin Yuan. Although she was already looking forward to Lin Yuan’s promise, her complexion was still calm.

She also didn’t want to impose it upon Lin Yuan.

Looking at Chi Qian’s vague expectation, Lin Yuan raised his eyebrow and said directly: “Okay. I will participate.”

Lin Yuan is very confident about his current chess skills.

After all, his chess skills are now at the divine level. Even Cui Yunrong, who is close to a level of national player, cannot win against him.

Lin Yuan believes it will not be a problem winning against Chi Qian.

Since Chi Qian wanted to be abused so badly, how could Lin Yuan refuse?

After hearing Lin Yuan’s positive response, Chi Qian’s face blushed slightly and revealed a shallow yet charming smile.

“By the way Chi Qian, in this kind of competition, generally the participants need to get registered in advance. I just arrived. Can I really participate?” Lin Yuan suddenly thought of this and asked Chi Qian.

Chi Qian smiled slightly and said: “It’s okay. When I signed up earlier, I also submitted your name.”

It seems that Chi Qian had already planned this long ago and Chi Qian is very confident in herself.

Chi Qian’s chess skills are indeed excellent.

But of course, Lin Yuan’s level of self-confidence is way higher than Chi Qian’s.

After getting Lin Yuan’s approval, both of them packed up their things.

Then Lin Yuan followed Chi Qian to the competition venue.

Soon, the two arrived at the competition venue.

There were already a lot of people. Following Chi Qian, both Lin Yuan and her fill out the entry form.

Then they waited for the time that the competition will begin.

While waiting, Lin Yuan looked around.

Then he saw a familiar figure.

This playful figure is no other than Yu Shanshan.

Lin Yuan is not surprised that Yu Shanshan is here.

Chi Qian is a very calm girl while this little girl is always lively.

Yu Shanshan also discovered Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

After all, the beauty of the two cannot be hidden. And they attracted the attention of many people as soon as they walked over.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian together, Yu Shanshan was also quite surprised.

Especially seeing Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan just, as usual, smiled and jumped happily at the same time.


With a yell, Yu Shanshan pounced like a hungry tiger.

However, Lin Yuan immediately saw Yu Shanshan.

Yu Shanshan saw the competition forms held by both the hands of Chi Qian and Lin Yuan.

She didn’t expect the same.

She was surprised that Chi Qian would come and join such a competition.

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