Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 399:

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Chapter 399:

As if a lemon was suddenly inserted into his mouth, Lin Yuan’s opponent was filled sourness.

Lin Yuan’s opponent launched a massive storm of attacks.

But with Lin Yuan’s chess skills, he can deal with the attacks of his opponent easily.

He also grasps every flaw, pressing him on every step.

Soon, the opponent was driven into a desperate situation.

Lin Yuan’s opponent never expected Lin Yuan to be so strong.

Lin Yuan’s attacks were too fierce and more powerful that he thought.

The game lasted for less than ten minutes and Lin Yuan won against his opponent.

Lin Yuan didn’t feel much, just watched his opponent stand up in disbelief.

However, Lin Yuan’s little fans cheered altogether.

It was like they were avid fans of a celebrity.

But they don’t actually care much about the result of the match because Lin Yuan is so handsome!

After defeating the opponent, Lin Yuan also stood up.

Looking around, Lin Yuan found that Chi Qian and her opponent are not that far away.

Chi Qian also noticed Lin Yuan standing up immediately and met with his eyes.

Seeing Lin Yuan stand up immediately, Chi Qian was suddenly a little anxious.

Because Lin Yuan standing up only meant that he has already defeated his opponent.

While she is still playing against her opponent.

Although Lin Yuan doesn’t mind the time, it still matters to Chi Qian.

She doesn’t want her victory to fall behind that of Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian then focused on wanting to speed up her victory and thought about winning faster.

But Chi Qian’s opponent is a guy who admires her very much.

He is obviously quite interested in Chi Qian.

Or it could be said that any man in the school, including gays, won’t dare say that he had no interest in her.

Chi Qian’s opponent seemed to be quite confident of his appearance.

While fixing his hair thinking about what move to do next, he initiated a conversation with Chi Qian. “Chi Qian, I didn’t know you actually like to play chess, I must say that you are very good. But I still feel like you can still improve on a lot of things. If you will join our chess club, I can teach you.”

The guy is Wang Wei, the vice president of the chess club.

Having an opportunity to compete against Chi Qian made him so happy. He felt that this is a golden opportunity so he played and moved slowly and at the same time kept on looking for more opportunities to have a conversation with Chi Qian.

As for Chi Qian’s response, she raised her eyebrows slightly feeling annoyed.

But she didn’t make it appear too obvious.

She just faintly replied: “It’s your turn.”

”Oh Okay!” Wang Wei pretended to think for a while before dropping a chess piece.

At the same time, he spoke again: “Chi Qian, you also like to play chess. I have been playing chess ever since I was a child which means I have been playing chess for quite a long time. There are many interesting chess books at home. If you are interested, you can come and let’s look at it together!”

Wang Wei is quite bold and too full of himself that he directly wanted to bring Chi Qian home.

However, Chi Qian didn’t even care about what Wang Wei said.

Chi Qian had only one thing in mind, and that is to win quickly.

It’s only been half a minute since Lin Yuan won and she hasn’t won yet.

She was in a hurry.

Faced with Wang Wei’s talkativeness, Chi Qian said in a slightly unpleasant and urging tone: “Please hurry up and stop talking first, okay?”

”Oh! Okay! We’ll talk more about it later!”

Wang Wei suddenly felt excited.

He didn’t even notice the dismay in Chi Qian’s face and the tone of her voice.

He didn’t think much about it.

Hearing that Chi Qian doesn’t want to talk anymore at the moment, he stopped talking.

He prepared to prove his greatness and might to Chi Qian.

He wanted to defeat Chi Qian and get her to learn chess under his supervision, then find a way to invite her home where they can continue to study chess together.

Thinking about these, Wang Wei couldn’t suppress a weird smile.

However, Chi Qian didn’t wait for him to continue daydreaming.

A clear voice suddenly pulled him back to reality.

Chi Qian said lightly: “Checkmate!”

Hearing this, Wang Wei refocussed back on the chessboard.

Looking at the chessboard, he was stunned.

Before he knew it, he was already checkmated by Chi Qian?!

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