Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 401:

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Chapter 401:

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I have been too poor lately to treat you, especially including that greedy girl Yu Shanshan. So I won’t let you win easily.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chi Qian immediately showed a light smile.

”What are you talking about?!” Yu Shanshan, who stood not far away, heard Lin Yuan’s words and immediately shook her small fist.

However, seeing Lin Yuan’s fans around, Yu Shanshan didn’t dare go to and hit Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, she would have been crushed by Lin Yuan’s little fans.

After a short chat, the equipment is fully prepared.

The finals then started.

Lin Yuan took the first turn in the first game.

And Lin Yuan also holds the first-turn advantage.

From the beginning, he has been continuously launching a fierce attack, pressing against Chi Qian step by step.

Chi Qian’s level of chess skill is not low.

Naturally, she will not be quickly defeated like Lin Yuan’s opponents before.

On the contrary, her defense has been very good, making it difficult for Lin Yuan to find a loophole for some while.

Soon, half an hour passed and the two sides fought a long time.

It is needless to say that the match between the two has become exciting. Lin Yuan launched offensive attacks and Chi Qian defended perfectly.

Otherwise, the audience would have been bored and fast asleep.

Seeing Chi Qian’s seemingly perfect defense, some of the people in the audience said with emotion: “Chi Qian’s defense is so good and seamless.”

Many people nodded and agreed.

Lin Yuan also heard this and then smiled.

Lin Yuan commended her for making the battle exciting.

“Qian Qian, your defense is really powerful.” Lin Yuan exaggerated.

“I am honored for your praise Brother Lin Yuan.” Chi Qian showed a smile. Although her tone was humble, she is actually happy for Lin Yuan’s praise.

However, the next second, Chi Qian heard Lin Yuan yell softly, “Check!”

“Um?” Chi Qian quickly turned her attention back to the chessboard.

She was actually checked?

She quickly moved the King.

However, Lin Yuan is still aggressive and yelled check again.

Chi Qian did well defending earlier.

But at this time, Lin Yuan’s offensive became really fierce.

At the same time, she has been checked repeatedly.

Lin Yuan finally broke through Chi Qian’s defense.

Chi Qian has been checkmated finally.

“For the first round, winner, Lin Yuan!”

Chi Qian sighed after the referee’s announcement. Although her beautiful face doesn’t show it, there is a trace of depression in her eyes.

She had been in the defensive for half an hour and in the end, still lost to Lin Yuan.

On the other side, Lin Yuan smiled, it was not easy for him to win the first round.

Lin Yuan admits Chi Qian really did a very good job in defending.

But she had reached the limit.

“Brother Lin Yuan’s offense is indeed powerful. But in the second round, I shall be first to take the lead.” Chi Qian tried to lower the depression in her heart and smiled at Lin Yuan.

She defended perfectly during the duration of the game so it is actually depressing to lose in the end.

Chi Qian said that she will be launching fierce attacks in the next round and that Lin Yuan must look forward to it.

Lin Yuan of course can understand her meaning and answered: “Let’s wait and see.”

Both parties took a break.

After some time, the second round began.

This time, Chi Qian took the first turn.

It was the same as how Lin Yuan did it in the first game.

Chi Qian took the lead in launching fierce attacks.

Chi Qian’s onslaught of attacks was like raging storms, without stopping.

Lin Yuan’s defense was like a small fishing boat in the middle of the storm which can be capsized at any time.

Watching this, the audience was horrified and felt that Lin Yuan would lose at any time at this rate.

Ten minutes later, Chi Qian checked Lin Yuan.

She had even checked him many times.

But every time, it seemed Lin Yuan happened to find a way to escape by luck.

After a long while and she still couldn’t take down Lin Yuan, Chi Qian also started feeling a little anxious.


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