Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 404:

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Chapter 404:

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked back.

Who else could it be other than Yu Shanshan?

Yu Shanshan parked the shared bike on the side of the road.

Then panting, she ran over to Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

Once she came to them, Yu Shanshan cursed again with her hands on her waist: “Huhu… you two! It doesn’t matter if you hug in public. But after hugging…Huhu…”

“One doesn’t even care about his sister, the other doesn’t even care about her roommate. Both of you turned your head decisively and left me!”

“I am really mad at both of you! Huhu”

Yu Shanshan still cursed while panting.

Listening to Yu Shanshan’s scolding, both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian smiled back, unable to talk back.

Because Chi Qian got really nervous from hugging Lin Yuan earlier, she forgot about Yu Shanshan.

Lin Yuan on the other hand helped Chi Qian to get away from the crowd and so he also forgot about Yu Shanshan.

The two slipped right away leaving Yu Shanshan who had to use a shared bicycle and catch up.

“Shanshan, if we finish the exam on time, I will call you as I need to thank Brother Lin Yuan as well.” Chi Qian said.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I will invite you to dinner when you are free. And I will take care of a half days’ worth of shopping expenses, okay?”

“Hmph!” Yu Shanshan turned her head to the two with her arms onto her waist again.

At the same time, the anger on her face disappeared completely.

Obviously, she got swayed by the offers of the two.

After hearing the benefits she will receive, she immediately stopped pretending to be angry.

With a trace of disdain on her little face, Yu Shanshan also whispered: “I saw you two get into the car in a hurry and leave at once. I thought you were headed somewhere else. It is a good thing that you came back to the dormitory.”


A silvery sound from something banging the little forehead of Yu Shanshan was heard.

It was not Lin Yuan this time who did it.

It was Chi Qian.

Looking at Chi Qian’s blushing face, Yu Shanshan knew that her joke was already too much.

She then apologized hastily.

“I was wrong! I was wrong!” Yu Shanshan held her head tightly.

“I think it is necessary for me to tell auntie about you.“

“I shall talk about you looking at beauties all day at school.” Chi Qian said with a flushed face.

Obviously, Yu Shanshan’s joke made Chi Qian very embarrassed.

“Please don’t! I was wrong Qian Qian!” Yu Shanshan hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Cousin, you could at least help me here!” Yu Shanshan wanted to ask for help from Lin Yuan.

However, she received another blow on her forehead.

There are even threats.

“I have made a text message to your mother which I suppose you don’t want her to receive. The shopping expenses should not exceed 50,000. If it exceeds, the text message will automatically be sent.” Lin Yuan laughed.

“You! You are taking advantage of the situation I am in!” Yu Shanshan cursed.

Lin Yuan just ignored her.

Yu Shanshan and Chi Qian argued for a while.

When the blush on Chi Qian’s pretty face disappeared, she recovered her white clean skin once again.

Then Lin Yuan accompanied Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan to the garden area.

Lin Yuan was ready to send both of them back to the dormitory.

But just right after they walked, Lin Yuan suddenly stopped.

Seeing Lin Yuan stop suddenly, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan also stopped walking.

Lin Yuan’s pause was rather strange.

Yu Shanshan asked curiously: “Cousin, what’s the matter?”

“I just saw an acquaintance.” Lin Yuan replied.

Looking at Lin Yuan looking in a direction, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan also looked over.

They saw a few big trees and under one stood a very cute girl.

And she was surrounded by four boys at this time.

Looking closely at the face of the cute girl, Yu Shanshan said in surprise: “Gui Qingtong?”

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