Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 402:

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Chapter 402:

Chi Qian gritted her teeth and yelled check again.

This is already the tenth time.

However, Lin Yuan easily blocked her offensive again.

Not waiting for Chi Qian to move once again, Chi Qian heard Lin Yuan say: “Check!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s word, Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes widened, staring at the chessboard closely.

Sure enough, she was checked!

And not only she was checked, but it was also a check that didn’t give her the slightest chance of retreat!


She lost again!

Lin Yuan who was at the defensive end, carefully arranged his offense one step at a time.

Just ten minutes and then Chi Qian lost again!

For ten minutes of defense, Lin Yuan successfully completed his counterattack.

With two consecutive wins in a best of three-game, Lin Yuan achieved victory.

With Lin Yuan’s victory, his little fans cheered him on.

“Woohoo! The male god wins! We are the champions!”

“Wuu! Lin Yuan is not only handsome, but he is also good at chess!”

“Really impressive! I want to play chess with you too. Can you come to my house and teach me today?”

Lin Yuan ignored the cheers of the people around and just smiled at looked at Chi Qian seated opposite to him.

Chi Qian, who lost the game, didn’t have much expressions of frustration but at this time was in deep thought.

After losing the game, Chi Qian instantly thought of a lot of things.

She has come to realize that in this game, it makes no difference as to who goes first or second turn nor who takes the offensive or the defensive.

She realized that in fact, she seemed to have lost this game long ago.

Even if it was not Lin Yuan who took the first turn, she was still the first to be lured in by him.

She had always wanted to defeat Lin Yuan.

The thought of this made her feel a little anxious.

Of course, Chi Qian also understands that Lin Yuan’s chess skills are definitely better than hers.

She can still compete with him defensively but offensively reflects her flaws.

But the most pressing realization was her involuntary eagerness to win against Lin Yuan makes her at a slight disadvantage and may result in losses.

She became more careless with the thought of losing at any time.

But even though she thought so much about it for a moment, her eagerness to win against Lin Yuan hasn’t diminished at all.

The desire to win against Lin Yuan not only did not weaken but instead became stronger!

Lin Yuan heard Chi Qian’s declaration of defeat.

But at the same time, Lin Yuan also saw the competitive spirit burning in Chi Qian’s eyes.

Chi Qian has surrendered in this chess game, but not in other aspects!

Lin Yuan is not worried either and just nodded and smiled.

When Chi Qian surrendered, a prompt also sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

[Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +5! Reward: 5000 counterattack points!]

Lin Yuan is slightly surprised that the favorability directly increased by 5.

It seems that this time, losing in a game of chess was a big blow to Chi Qian.

Although losing aroused her other competitive ambitions, it was obviously a big blow to her.

But thinking about it, Chi Qian had actually planned for today’s game long ago.

Before even asking Lin Yuan if he can join the competition, Chi Qian already registered him as a participant.

But unexpectedly, even after planning for so long, she still lost to Lin Yuan.

This made Chi Qian feel a little frustrated.

But even after she lost, her desire to win against Lin Yuan intensified even more.

This is very similar to Lin Yuan’s character, both are unwilling to accept defeat.

The game of chess was over.

It ended with Lin Yuan hailing as the champion.

Lin Yuan doesn’t care about the thousands of yuan worth of prizes he got.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan then prepared to leave together.

But before they left, Yu Shanshan leaned and whispered to Chi Qian’s ear: “Qian Qian, don’t forget about the bet.”

Chi Qian’s face flushed slightly when she heard Yu Shanshan’s words.

Lin Yuan did not notice at this time that Wang Wei, who played with Chi Qian earlier and kept on hitting on her and harassing her, suddenly moved in their direction.

As soon as Wang Wei came to them, he said to Chi Qian as if their relationship had gotten more personal: “Schoolmate Chi Qian, do you want to come to my house and look at the chess book…”

However, Wang Wei hasn’t even finished speaking yet when Chi Qian suddenly turned around to face Lin Yuan.

Then under Lin Yuan’s somewhat surprised eyes.

Chi Qian threw herself directly into his arms.

The soft body pressed directly against Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian’s arms also wrapped around Lin Yuan.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned.

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