Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 405:

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Chapter 405:

The cute girl standing under the tree at this time is Gui Qingtong.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan have also met Gui Qingtong.

So, they also recognized her.

If Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan aren’t so sure that it was her, Lin Yuan who is particularly familiar with her is very certain it is her.

Watching those boys babbling about something surrounding Gui Qingtong and she is frowning.

Lin Yuan did not say anything and walked to them directly.

Seeing Lin Yuan walk over to Gui Qingtong, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan also immediately followed.

The boys surrounding Gui Qingtong did not know who Lin Yuan is.

But they could still see Lin Yuan’s unkind appearance.

They were initiating a talk with Gui Qingtong, but after seeing Lin Yuan getting closer, they ran away in a swarm and scattered in panic.

Seeing those annoying men finally dispersed, Gui Qingtong breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she raised her head slightly and looked up.

Then she saw Lin Yuan walking towards her.

Seeing Lin Yuan, Gui Qingtong who is frowning earlier was immediately surprised.“Big brother Lin Yuan!”

Gui Qingtong ran towards Lin Yuan and shouted his name with much joy and excitement.

“Qingtong, why are you here?” Lin Yuan asked as he watched Gui Qingtong run to his side.

Gui Qingtong responded: “I am here today to get some information about my enrollment. And I also came to check on where my dormitory will be in the future.”

“Big Brother Lin Yuan, why are you here also? If I knew you were here, I would have come earlier!”

Gui Qingtong’s eyes were full of excitement.

Obviously, meeting Lin Yuan here made her very happy.

Seeing the excited look of this girl, Lin Yuan touched her little head.

“I am here to meet a friend today. You saw her last time as well.”

Lin Yuan turned sideways to let Gui Qingtong see Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan behind him.

“Oh… I see.” Seeing Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan, Gui Qingtong pouted slightly.

Gui Qingtong felt a little sour looking at Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan.

She gave a hostile look at Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan, especially the breathtakingly beautiful Chi Qian.

“Sister Qingtong, I hope you are doing great.” Chi Qian smiled and greeted Gui Qingtong first.

“Hello, senior sister.” Gui Qingtong still responded with a sweet smile.

She still hasn’t figured out the relationship between Chi Qian and Lin Yuan so, of course, she will not be too hostile towards her.

Yu Shanshan also greeted Gui Qingtong, “How are you little girl from the Mei family?”

Yu Shanshan has an arrogant look with her hands behind her head, she thought about their last encounter on the night of the Mei family’s banquet.

Gui Qingtong wanted to rob her off of her younger sister status.

Although Yu Shanshan doesn’t want to admit it, Gui Qingtong looks really cute after all.

Although Yu Shanshan exuded arrogance, Gui Qingtong still withdrew her hostility towards her and said, “Hello.”

After saying hello, Gui Qingtong turned her gaze back to Lin Yuan.

Without any reservedness, she went directly to Lin Yuan and hugged his arm.

While shaking the same arm, she said, “Brother Lin Yuan, such a coincidence I saw you in school. Why don’t we have a meal together?”

Looking at Gui Qingtong addressed Lin Yuan as an older brother, and is speaking in a coaxing voice.

Yu Shanshan gritted her teeth.

She looked like a little kid who had just been robbed of a toy.

And Chi Qian noticed Yu Shanshan’s appearance and smiled slightly.

But what they didn’t notice was that Gui Qingtong’s chest almost involuntarily touched Lin Yuan’s arm.

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