Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 406 (1)

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Chapter 406 (1)

Lin Yuan touched the little head of the mischievous Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan did not respond to Gui Qingtong’s remarks.

Instead, Lin Yuan asked: “Qingtong, I just saw a few boys next to you. What happened?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Gui Qingtong’s cheerful face suddenly sink.

She was very happy to see Lin Yuan but after thinking about those annoying boys just now, Gui Qingtong felt a little annoyed.

Not waiting for Gui Qingtong to speak, Yu Shanshan on the side interjected first: “What else would be going on? It must be those little rascals just now who wanted to pester Gui Qingtong. Although this little girl is flat-chested and short, she is still a bit cute.”

Lin Yuan raised his eyebrows and asked Gui Qingtong: “Is it the same as what Shanshan said, did those boys pestered you just now?”

Gui Qingtong nodded and responded: “Yes, as soon as I came to the garden area, before I even saw the dormitory, those boys came to me directly.”

“They introduced themselves as from the student union and wanted to invite me to join. I refused but they kept saying this and that…”

Yu Shanshan nodded and said: “Yes, the boys of the student union are very annoying, like dogs lingering around beautiful girls all day. They will pester them nonstop if they refuse to join, which is really annoying!”

“This is not the first time they have done this to new students. They haven’t changed a bit. They used to pester Qianqian in the past, but I was able to drive them away.”

Gui Qingtong nodded in agreement.

Although not knowing Yu Shanshan personally, the two reached a complete agreement in this regard.

Lin Yuan quickly understood, it should be that the boys saw Gui Qingtong’s cuteness.

Upon seeing a cute girl like Qui Qingtong, they wanted to strike a conversation by introducing her to the student union.

Lin Yuan immediately said to Gui Qingtong: “I’ll talk to them.”

“Big Brother Lin Yuan…”Gui Qingtong was a little worried.

She wanted to stop Lin Yuan, but those boys are really annoying.

She knew that Lin Yuan wanted to teach those boys so that they will not bother her again in the future.

But then there are more people on the side of the student union, so Gui Qingtong is a little worried that Lin Yuan might be hurt.

Gui Qingtong decided to stop Lin Yuan but Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan remained motionless.

They don’t look like they mean to stop Lin Yuan at all.

After Gui Qingtong saw Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan’s reaction, Gui Qingtong also reacted.

Brother Lin Yuan has always done things with confidence.

He can even handle things at her mother’s level perfectly.

How can he not solve this little thing?

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan both knew Lin Yuan’s combat power.

Lin Yuan can even beat up more than a dozen, let alone three or four boys.

Lin Yuan can also beat them easily, so there is no need to worry.

Yu Shanshan shouted to Gui Qingtong: “Let’s walk around and watch a good show.”

Chi Qian shook her head and just followed.

At this time, the boys of the student union, after escaping, stood under a tree on the side.

Gui Qingtong who didn’t even bother to talk to them is now talking and laughing with Lin Yuan.

She even took the initiative to embrace his arm.

Among the boys was the vice president of the student union who also looked jealous.

He immediately turned his head and said to the president next to him: “President, why are you pulling me? Isn’t it just a single person? From what class does he belong? We are still above him being the officers of the student union!”

The president of the student union shook his head and said: “Xiao Wei, I think you have already lost your mind. Look at who is next to this man, Chi Qian! Do you know how mysterious is the background of Chi Qian?”

”Even if you don't know Chi Qian’s identity, you should know the identity of the other girl named Yu Shanshan who is also with him? Can’t you see that they are very close to this man?”

”Forget it. I am not going to play any dumb puzzles with you. This man doesn’t even look like a student of our school because he is the young master of the Lin family, Lin Yuan! He is from the Lin family. Do you even get that?”

Hearing what the student union president said, the vice president’s eyes widened.

”Lin…Lin family? The Lin family in Jiangbei? This man is the young master of the Lin family?!”

The vice president knew that the family of the president of the student union also had a certain influence.

He also has some knowledge about aspects of major families.

The Lin family can be said to be like a clap of thunder reverberating in Jiangbei.

Of course, he has heard it.

Not to mention a major family like Lin's family.

He won’t even dare to provoke a middle-level family like that of the student union president.

And the president of the student union and his family are just insignificant beings compared to the Lin family.

The vice president of the student union never expected it that the man he wanted to teach turned out to be the young master of the Lin family which is Jiangbei’s top family.

He is thankful to the president of the student union that he was pulled away.

Otherwise, he would have clashed with Lin Yuan.

And that would be his end!

Thinking of this, the vice president of the student union sweated.

He repeatedly thanked the president: “Thank you, president! I really thank you for saving me today.”

There are a few people from the Student Union who had just a general idea of what vice president Xiao Wei was talking about.

He said thanks again and again to the president of the student union.

This is comparable to the kindness of life-saving grace.

After all, not all of them knew about it.

What would happen to someone who gets to the bad side of this kind of major family?

The president of the student union then puts his arms around his chest and enjoyed the vice president’s thankfulness.

However, after a couple of thanks, the president found that the vice president stopped and looked at him with horrified eyes.

”What is wrong with you?” The president of the student union frowned.

Xiao Wei said in a terrified tone: “He…he comes over”

The president of the student union looked back and a cold swear ran down on his back.

He saw Lin Yuan walking towards them.

Although he looked calm, but they all know his identity.

How could it be possible for them to equally remain calm at this time?

”I…I am going to hide first president!”

Xiao Wei, the vice president of the student union, and the others shouted.

Then they hid in fear.

Only the student union president was left.

Soon, Lin Yuan came to the student union president.

Seeing Lin Yuan standing in front of him, the student union president swallowed and then asked nervously: “Wha… What do you want from me?”

Looking at how nervous the student union president is, Lin Yuan smiled and asked, “Do you know me?”

The president of the student union hesitated and then nodded: “Yes, you are the young master of the Lin family.”

Lin Yuan gave a friendly smile and then said: “Since you know me, it will be easy as it is nothing big. You guys belong to the student union, right? You seem to be the president?”

”Do you see that girl over there? She is my friend. I don’t want to see you guys lurking around or getting close to her, understand?”

Although Lin Yuan’s tone was calm, hearing this still made the student union’s president have a cold sweat.

He nodded repeatedly and said: “I understand! Young Master Lin, rest assured we will never get close to her moving forward.”

Lin Yuan smiled again and said, “Why are you alone? Where are the other members of the student union?”

The president of the student union smiled and said, “They… they said they have a bad stomach so they all went to the bathroom.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Okay. I’ll go now. It would be best if I don’t see them again, or else they will not like it.”

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