Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 407:

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Chapter 407:

”What are you murmuring about?” Yu Shanshan who had a lot of food stuffed into her mouth didn’t hear Gui Qingtong clearly.

But Lin Yuan and Chi Qian next to them have better hearing than ordinary people.

They can hear more clearly.

What is this girl talking about?

The two have a black line on their face.

She is such a cute and beautiful girl but she said such things.

It is very contradicting.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked at each other and saw each other’s smiling.

Lin Yuan remembers that Gui Qingtong enjoys surfing the internet.

She should learn this from the internet.

As for Chi Qian, she only looked quietly at Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan.

After eating, the four also went separate ways.

Lin Yuan sent Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan back to the dormitory.

”See you this weekend.”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian said their goodbyes.

”Well, see you this weekend. Thank you, brother Lin Yuan.”

Chi Qian smiled and nodded.

They will meet this weekend to practice an ensemble.

Then Yu Shanshan took Chi Qian and hurried upstairs.

It seemed that she didn’t want to let the two talk more.

After Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan went upstairs, Lin Yuan said to Gui Qingtong: “Get in the car.”

”Eh?”Gui Qingtong was slightly puzzled.

”I’ll take you back to your house and I will also go there anyway to take some important papers.”

Lin Yuan shook the key to Gui Qingtong’s house which Mei Yuxian gave to him.


Seeing this, Gui Qingtong got in the car quickly.

Then there was a trace of happiness on her little face.

Lin Yuan wanted to take her home.

They can be alone all the time.

And then she can try and keep Lin Yuan at her house.

Isn’t that a romantic couples world?!

Her mom also approves of him too!

Gui Qingtong’s face was full of excitement.

Looking at Gui Qingtong who was very happy, Lin Yuan smiled back and shook his head.

He met with Gui Qingtong and it is just right he sends her home.

And it also happened that he needed to get some important papers from Mei Yuxian.

While Qui Qingtong was getting in the car, Lin Yuan heard her whisper again.

” The harder you lick the harder it gets …”

”But no matter how cold and tough the man is…

“His chrysanthemums will still be warm and soft…”

Hearing Qui Qingtong’s outrageous remarks which Lin Yuan didn’t know where she learned them from, Lin Yuan was full of black lines on his face.

”What kind of chrysanthemums you are talking about? Do you want to drink chrysanthemum tea? Hurry up and fasten your seatbelt.” Lin Yuan said.

”Ah! Oh!” Gui Qingtong blushed when she heard Lin Yuan’s words.

She then quickly fastened her seatbelt obediently.

Then she put her hands on the corners of her skirt and pressed them down.

She assumed a well-behaved and cute appearance.

Lin Yuan then droves the car out of the campus and sends Gui Qingtong home.

Although Gui Qingtong claims she went to see the campus, after getting in the car, her behavior says otherwise.

She kept tilting her head.

Those big eyes of her kept staring at Lin Yuan instead.

Her line of sight never left Lin Yuan’s face.

Feeling the fiery gaze, while waiting for the traffic light, Lin Yuan turned his head and smiled and said: “You keep staring at me, are there any flowers on my face?”

”Ah that…”

Seeing Lin Yuan suddenly turning to her and looking at her with a smile, Gui Qingtong’s heartbeat raced and her pretty face flushed.

But she is smart to react quickly.

Still, with a blushing face she pouted and said nonchalantly: “Brother Lin Yuan, you had this grain of rice stuck to your face. I can see it.”

While talking, Gui Qingtong stretched out her small hand and touched the corner of Lin Yuan’s mouth.

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