Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 411:

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Chapter 411:

Lin Yuan hesitated slightly.

Not waiting for Lin Yuan to think further, Gui Qingtong ran directly into the room.

She closed the door immediately.

Lin Yuan can only be forced to agree that she comes in.

He put his phone aside and made some room for Gui Qingtong.

Lin Yuan watched as Gui Qingtong walked over to him very quickly.

She put the pillow down and just rolled onto the bed.

”Qingtong, how old are you yet you are not so timid?” Lin Yuan said helplessly.

”And you are not a little girl anymore. How can you lie next to others so casually?”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Gui Qingtong sticks her tongue out.

Then she laughed and said, “I am scared and I won’t just lie with anybody. Brother Lin Yuan is not some random guy, isn't he?”

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s reasoning, Lin Yuan was speechless.

At this time, Lin Yuan’s phone was next to him.

It kept on vibrating.

It should be Mei Yuxian who kept sending him messages.

Feeling the vibration from the phone, Gui Qingtong tilted her head and asked curiously: “Brother Lin Yuan, it is already late. Who are you talking to?”

Vigilance flashed in Gui Qingtong’s big eyes.

”I am just chatting with my business partners.” Lin Yuan said nonchalantly.

Hearing Lin Yuan’s answer, Gui Qingtong nodded.

”Okay, brother Lin Yuan is like mom, always very busy at work. It is boring to talk and think about business all day long.”

Hearing Gui Qingtong’s thoughts, Lin Yuan coughed twice.

Then he put the phone behind him.

If Gui Qingtong discovers that at this time he was actually chatting with Mei Yuxian, and the conversation seems that of between an old husband and wife, it is unimaginable what would happen next.

But he did not completely lie either.

He is indeed chatting with a business partner.

Mei Yuxian is also considered his business partner.

Gui Qingtong is still a kid but lying next to Lin Yuan, she doesn’t seem very shy either.

She enjoys having a good chat with Lin Yuan.

She also asked Lin Yuan to tell her a bedtime story.

Lin Yuan squeezed Gui Qingtong’s face a few times then urged her to sleep in between the conversation.

Gui Qingtong also listened and went to bed obediently.

After Gui Qingtong fell asleep, Lin Yuan took out his phone again.

He drafted a reply to Mei Yuxian.

But it didn’t take long, the little girl beside him moved closer.

Lin Yuan looked suspiciously.

But this is not really intentional.

It seems that Gui Qingtong becomes a little dishonest when sleeping.

Or it could be that her favorability towards Lin Yuan is very high that subconsciously she wanted to come closer to him.

The rubbing went into Lin Yuan’s arms.

The little girl, Gui Qingtong, is quite cute.

Although she hasn’t fully developed yet compared with the breathtaking beauty of Yan Ruyue and others.

But her cuteness sure is enough for people to like her.

Her peaceful sleeping face at this time is even more cute and pleasant to look at.

She looks really cute, sweet, and soft.

But even though Gui Qingtong is lying next to him completely defenseless, Lin Yuan doesn’t plan on doing anything to her.

The first reason is that Gui Qingtong is still a bit young.

As for the second, of course, her relationship with Mei Yuxian should also be taken into consideration.

What would happen if either of his relationship with the mother and daughter becomes ill?

For example, if he entertains Gui Qingtong’s feelings, will it not hurt Mei Yuxian?

That would make Mei Yuxian very furious.

So Lin Yuan decided to wait.

He is not in a hurry.

He chatted with Mei Yuxian a bit more and decided to sleep.

He touched Gui Qingtong’s little head and saw that she had already begun drooling on his arm.

As soon as Lin Yuan put down his phone, he finally falls asleep.


Early next morning, Mei Yuxian woke up.

She hastily took out the documents that she went through last night.

Then she looked through them very quickly for the last time.

After confirming that everything is good, she instructed her secretary on some things.

After which, Mei Yuxian went straight home.

When she arrived at the Mei mansion and opened the door, she saw a pair of familiar men’s shoes.

”Lin Yuan?”

Mei Yuxian remembered that those shoes should belong to Lin Yuan.

And except for Lin Yuan, she couldn’t think of other men who can enter the house.

”Xiaoyuan stayed here last night?” Mei Yuxian thought.

She isn’t surprised since she asked Lin Yuan to help take care of Gui Qingtong.

So it is normal that he also spent the night here to accompany Gui Qingtong.

In fact, she knows her daughter being very timid before.

She gets scared at night easily when she is alone.

Scared of the strong wind, scared of the rain and the thunder.

However, as a mother, Mei Yuxian always chooses to be busy with work.

Even if Gui Qingtong is scared, she left her home alone.

”Ugh…” Mei Yuxian sighed.

The guilty Mei Yuxian put on her slippers and went upstairs.

Seeing that the door of Gui Qingtong was still shut, Mei Yuxian just glanced at it and walked past it.

She does not intend to disturb her daughter’s sleep.

She decided to go and talk to Lin Yuan first.

Mei Yuxian went to the guest room and pushed the door open.

Seeing the situation inside, Mei Yuxian was stunned.

How come Gui Qingtong and Lin Yuan are lying on the same bed?!

What is going on?!

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