Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 413:

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Chapter 413:

“Hmph!!!” Mei Yuxian snorted heavily.

Seeing Gui Qingtong is not paying attention, Mei Yuxian stretched out her hand to pinch Lin Yuan’s waist.

She rotated the same in a circle.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s painful expression, she let go of her hand contentedly.

Though with Lin Yuan’s physique, it is naturally impossible for him to get hurt so easily being pinched by Mei Yuxian.

But Lin Yuan always has to pretend when facing women.

Seeing Lin Yuan seemed to have ‘suffered’ and already ‘paid the price’ of his actions, Mei Yuxian said a few more words.

She waved her hand and told Gui Qingtong to go out and wash up.

As Gui Qingtong was leaving, she looked at Lin Yuan apologetically.

Then she bowed her head and stepped out of the room.

After Gui Qingtong left, Mei Yuxian stared at Lin Yuan closely and gritted her teeth. “Lin Yuan! Didn’t I tell you yesterday to just take care of Qingtong! I didn’t tell you to sleep with her in one bed?!”

Lin Yuan is not like Gui Qingtong who is so afraid of Mei Yuxian.

Lin Yuan smiled and helped Mei Yuxian tidy up the collar of her OL uniform while also taking the opportunity to touch her a few times.

Then he smiled and said, “Baby, didn’t I explain it already? Gui Qingtong was really scared last night so she came to sleep with me.”

“Moreover, there was a quilt between Qingtong and me which I placed deliberately.”

Lin Yuan knew that in fact after Gui Qingtong has explained that she was scared last night because her mother was not home, Mei Yuxian was not angry anymore.

So Mei Yuxian just smiled and really couldn’t get angry at this time.

After all, she was not able to fulfill her duty as a mother.

But the thought of Lin Yuan sharing bed with other women, and at her own home.

Even if it was her daughter, Mei Yuxian was still upset.

“Huh! Who knows what you might have done! I know you very well. Even in my office…”

Mei Yuxian still crossed her hands and squinted at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan immediately reached out to Mei Yuxian and hugged her delicate body.

Afterward, Lin Yuan patted her back and reassure her: “Okay. I really didn’t do anything. Baby, you have been working nonstop in the company for several days. You haven’t even had breakfast yet since you came home early.”

“Today, I will make breakfast for you and Qingtong and make you eat something fresh and warm.”


After hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Mei Yuxian still snorted.

She, however, leaned her head on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Their bodies are so close to each other.

Mei Yuxian admits that she can’t live without Lin Yuan anymore.

She just hugged him tightly.

She couldn’t help but want to lean on Lin Yuan and enjoy his warm embrace.

Maybe she just longed for someone to rely on as a woman with all the hard work she does.

Working very hard had made her exhausted both physically and mentally.

Acting like she was angry just now was in fact just her wanting to act cute in front of Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, she would not seem happy right now as if nothing happened.

Leaning on Lin Yuan, Mei Yuxian was motionless, like a lazy cat.

She even wanted to close her eyes and sleep.

However, Lin Yuan patted Mei Yuxian’s back a few times.

After soothing her emotions for a while, Lin Yuan said: “Let me go. Don’t be too clingy, baby. Qingtong might be here any minute and this will be hard to explain. Also, I still have to make breakfast.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Mei Yuxian reluctantly let him go.

But her expression is now different.

Mei Yuxian said with disgust: “Clingy? I am too clingy? Xiaoyuan, don’t be too arrogant.”

Looking at Mei Yuxian who seemed to want to save her face and maintain her majestic image as the head of the Mei family, Lin Yuan smiled and patted her hips.

Then he said, “Okay, okay, your husband is too arrogant.”

Mei Yuxian’s face flushed.

Lin Yuan smiled and then went downstairs.

After washing up, just as Lin Yuan said, he began making breakfast.

This effort of him can be regarded as a way to soothe Mei Yuxian’s fatigue from working continuously.

It can also be regarded as his way of making up for the embarrassment of being “caught red-handed in bed”.

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