Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 414:

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Chapter 414:

Lin Yuan already had his cooking skills promoted to the divine level before he made breakfast.

So he was able to make a large table of breakfast.

It can be said that the dining table was full of different colors and flavors.

It kind of makes people drool just by the sight and smell of it.

The kind that would make one swallow their own tongue.

Gui Qingtong’s gobbling posture clearly shows it.

But while eating as if there’s no tomorrow, Gui Qingtong did not forget to serve Mei Yuxian diligently.

She did it so as not to get scolded again.

She also wants Mei Yuxian to discuss with Lin Yuan’s family about her marriage.

Gui Qingtong doesn’t know it, but the main reason why Mei Yuxian scolded her was because Mei Yuxian was jealous.

With Lin Yuan’s delicious cooking, the large table was quickly emptied.

They said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

But it can also be the other way around.

After Mei Yuxian and Gui Qintong both happily had breakfast, the system prompts sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

【Ding! Mei Yuxian’s favorability +1! Reward: 300 counterattack points 】

【Ding! Gui Qingtong’s favorability +1! Reward: 300 counterattack points! 】

After eating with a full belly, Mei Yuxian was so happy and cast an approving look at Lin Yuan.

Then she stretched her arms.

But seeing Lin Yuan looking at her dishonestly, Mei Yuxian immediately curled her lips.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help it.

Mei Yuxian’s perfect body is just too attractive.

Even if he had met and seen too many stunning beauties, no one can compare to Mei Yuxian’s figure.

And as soon as she stretched her body, the beauty and delicateness is shown off to the fullest extent.

Mei Yuxian’s figure is just so stunning.

So, it is hard for Lin Yuan to remove his eyes from her.

If only Gui Qingtong weren’t there, Lin Yuan might have pounced on her body directly.

To stop Lin Yuan’s preying look, Mei Yuxian coughed intentionally.

Then she turned to Gui Qingtong and said: “Mom is really too busy with work recently and there is very little time and opportunity to go home. Because of this, I am very sorry.”

“However, since you are still too young and marriage is way too far, you still have to keep distance from the opposite sex going forward.”

“Qingtong, do you understand?”

Hearing what Mei Yuxian said, Gui Qingtong nodded obediently.

This time, she certainly could not bring up the idea of marriage to Mei Yuxian.

As for whether she would really do as her mother said…

It is really hard to tell.

“Okay, since you are already full, go back to your room and study hard.” Mei Yuxian instructed.

“Mom has some things to discuss with your Brother Lin Yuan.”

Gui Qingtong glanced at Lin Yuan reluctantly and went back to her room to study.

After Gui Qingotng left, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Sister Yuxian, how about my breakfast? Was it delicious?”

Mei Yuxian nodded and said: “It is really delicious. I didn’t know that your skill is so good.”

Lin Yuan smiled and responded, “My skill is good? Sister Yuxian, you should have known that a long time ago.”

As Lin Yuan said it, his hands have been sweeping around Mei Yuxian’s delicate body.

Mei Yuxian knew that Lin Yuan is teasing her again.

Lin Yuan asked again, “Sister Yuxian, are you full?”

Mei Yuxian touched her slightly bulging belly, nodded in satisfaction, and replied: “I am full.”

“Then why don’t you feed your husband? Last time I personally fed you caterpillar bread. Naturally, there should be reciprocity.” Lin Yuan smiled.

“What kind of reciprocity are you saying!” Mei Yuxian replied.

But after a few seconds, she stood up and pick up the bowls and chopsticks.

Mei Yuxian had a lot of thoughts in her mind.

Mei Yuxian just pretends to be strong on the outside but she has begun to like and get used to this atmosphere and feeling.

Lin Yuan leaned comfortably on the chair enjoying the service of the highly regarded head of the Mei Group.

After a while, Mei Yuxian called the housekeeper and instructed her to come and clean the table.

Then Mei Yuxian directly pulled Lin Yuan into her room.

“I’ve just finished eating and now I’m about to start exercising? Why are you in such a hurry, my good wife?” Lin Yuan gave Mei Yuxian a surprised look.

Mei Yuxian rolled her eyes at Lin Yuan and said: “Hurry up. What fart exercise are you saying.”

“I really brought you here because we need to discuss something.”

Mei Yuxian is really a workaholic.

Mei Yuxian discussed some business with Lin Yuan for more than an hour.

A lot of things have been finalized.

Mei Yuxian took a sip of water and put all the papers away before telling Lin Yuan, “Thank you for coming home and helping me take care of Qingtong.”

As for Gui Qingtong’s negligence, Mei Yuxian has always been very guilty.

Lin Yuan smiled, waved his hand, and responded: “It’s okay. Give me a copy of the key so that when I have the time, I can go here and take care of Qingtong.”

Lin Yuan walked to Mei Yuxian’s side as he spoke.

He then hugged Mei Yuxian and said: “After taking care of Qingtong, it is time to take care of Sister Yuxian…”

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