Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 416:

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Chapter 416:

Hearing what Meng Yuelan said, Lin Yuan was taken aback.

Why isn’t it a good thing?

Lin Jianjun on the side also nodded and said, “It’s true that its growth is steadfast, but it is not a good thing.”

Hearing that Lin Jianjun had the same sentiments, Lin Yuan was bewildered and asked, “Why is it not a good thing?”

Meng Yuelan said again: “Your company gets better and grows by the day, how can you inherit our Lin Group?”

Lin Jianjun nodded and said, “Yes. We are actually just waiting for you to come back from your company’s bankruptcy and inherit and manage the family business.”

Hearing the words of his parents, Lin Yuan was speechless for a while.

These two just wants to be an arm-flinging shopkeeper. (T/N: meaning someone who asks others to work but does nothing themselves)

He entered into a seemingly endless disagreement and discussion with his parents.

Lin Yuan wanted to let Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan manage the company well.

He does not intend to take the Lin group for now.

It took a long time for his parents to drop the idea.

But they turned to a different topic.

Meng Yuelan asked again: “Yuan’er, which lady do you plan to marry?”

They just finished talking about the company, now they are asking about him getting married and having a wife.

It’s their regular routine.

But the situation now is not the same as before.

Before, they were worried that Lin Yuan could not even find a wife candidate.

But after Meng Yuelan witnessed her son’s skills and charm at the Mei Family Banquet, she always asked from which family is the lady that Lin Yuan plans to marry.

Without waiting for Lin Yuan to answer, Meng Yuelan continued: “I checked on the girl from the Mei family, named Gui Qingtong. That girl seems pretty good. She is cute and has a very good personality. The Mei Group is also a good partner for cooperation.”

Hearing what Meng Yuelan said, Lin Yuan spoke to himself:

‘Gui Qingtong is indeed good.’

‘Though we don’t even have any substantial progress yet’

‘But my relationship with her mother Mei Yuxian has already reached a higher level.’

‘I even spent time with her in bed this morning.’

Of course, he cannot say it.

Lin Jianjun said: “I still think that the girl from the Yan family is more suitable for Xiao Yuan…”

Meng Yuelan and Lin Jianjun began talking and discussing again.

Lin Yuan just ignored them.

His parents discussed it for a while.

Meng Yuelan turned her head and asked Lin Yuan, “Xiao Yuan, which one of them do you like?”

Lin Yuan said helplessly: “I like them all. I want them all!”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s rather domineering words, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were both shocked.

”Not bad, not bad. They are all a great choice. Yuan’er is so domineering.” Meng Yuelan nodded.

”Well, if you say you want them all, then so be it.” Lin Jianjun expressed his support.

Meng Yuelan then glared at him.

”Yuan’er can have them all. But as for you, don’t even think about it.” Meng Yuelan said.

Lin Jianjun could only smile honestly.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I want to ask if something has happened to the Lin Group or Jiangbei recently?”

Hearing Lin Yuan taking the initiative to talk about business, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan stopped saying anything more about marriage.

Then they spoke about the Lin Group’s recent news.

They talked about how the company’s equity was preserved due to Lin Yuan’s ability.

They also talked about how much he had gained the trust of everyone in the Lin Group.

Hearing what Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were talking about, Lin Yuan frowned as they didn’t say what he wanted to hear.

”Is this the only news? There is no news about the Lu family?”

Hearing Lin Yuan bringing up the topic of the Lu family, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan froze for a while.

After pausing and thinking for a while, Lin Jianjun said suddenly: “The Lu family? There seems to be news about them recently. It seems that they have invested a lot of money and poured their wealth to penetrate the market. They seem to start doing business…”

”I just can’t remember how much clearly. But anyway, this Lu family is just a small family. They won’t be a big competitor.”

Lin Jianjun waved his hand.

Meng Yuelan also nodded.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “The Lu family in Jiangbei is of course just a small family and can’t be considered a great competition.”

“But we should be concerned about them entering Jiangbei because the status of Shanghai’s Lu family is not inferior to the Lin family!”

”Although the Lu family in Jiangbei is just a side branch, we still need to give them a certain degree of attention.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan were taken aback.

Then suddenly their eyes widened.

A branch of the Lu family from Shanghai?

They have certainly heard about them.

And Lin Yuan’s argument is justified.

Lin Jianjun and Meng Yuelan quickly gave orders to urgently check the details of the Lu family.

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