Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 419:

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Chapter 419:

Lu Wanli felt terrified at the thought of it.

But he doesn’t believe that the Lin family has that kind of strength.

The Lu family isn’t even capable of the same even in Shanghai.

From the performance of the Lin family in the past, it seems impossible.

Lu Wanli shook his head and immediately dismissed his thoughts.

Thinking that the road ahead is already blocked, he contemplated how to proceed.

Ye Feng was thinking of a way too.

But he couldn’t think of any other way.

He could only ask: “Senior brother, what shall we do now?”

Lu Wanli pondered for a while and then replied helplessly: “Let’s go. Let’s go to Chen Family.”

After speaking, the two got up and went directly to Chen Family.



Seeing Lu Wanli and Ye Feng arriving, Chen Zheng hurried to greet them.

“Aigoo, Xiao Feng and Patriarch Lu, please come in.” Chen Zheng welcomed them warmly.

Ye Feng and Lu Wanli entered the residence directly.

Then, Ye Feng directly told the whole story about what the Lin family did to block them.

Chen Zheng upon hearing the news also cursed: "The Lin family who has been domineering in Jiangbei has done such shameless things again!”

Although his tone was angry, the corners of Chen Zheng’s mouth were slightly raised.

The Lin family’s actions have caused the Lu family so much distress.

But for the Chen family, it is not entirely a bad thing.

After cursing, Chen Zheng continued: “Then what do you plan to do next Patriarch Lu and Xiao Feng?”

Lu Wanli directly responded: “We are blocked by the Lin family. And now we have failed to secure the shopfronts. No one is willing to cooperate with us. So, I would like to ask the Chen family for cooperation.”

“With the power of the Chen family, there is no need to be afraid of the Lin family.” Lu Wanli said to Chen Zheng.

Hearing what Lu Wanli said, Chen Zheng can’t help but get embarrassed.

Chen Zheng replied: “I really can’t stand the behavior of the Lin Family. I also want to help Patriarch Lu and defeat the Lin family together. But, the resources of our Chen Family when it comes to shopfronts…”

Chen Zheng mentioned a lot of difficulties.

Lu Wanli cursed secretly deep inside.

‘This Chen Zheng!’

Sure enough, he has to sit down with him and discuss the price.

If the Lu family wanted to continue and develop in Jiangbei.

Then he can only choose cooperation with the Chen family, which is equally powerful as the Lin family.

Cooperation with the Chen family can only be secured at the expense of giving them a cut of the benefits.

This is exactly what it would take for Chen Zheng to change his mind.

It would make the cooperation reasonable.

The two sides negotiated.

The Chen family would secure the shopfront locations and utilize the resources of the Lu family.

But the profits of the Lu family will also be shared with the Chen family.

After the negotiation, both parties signed the cooperation agreement.



And on Lin Yuan’s side…

Lin Yuan just returned to his room.

Not long after he settled in his room, a system prompt sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Stopped the Lu family before they even started! Successfully interrupted Ye Feng and his senior brother Lu Wanli! ]

[Reward: 1000 counterattack points! ]

[Plundered Ye Feng’s 50 points fate value!]

Hearing the prompt from the system, Lin Yuan was not too surprised.

This is part of his plan.

Lin Yuan then continued to think of ways to target the Lu family.

Lin Yuan knew that blocking Ye Feng and the Lu family from securing shopfront locations is definitely a good move.

He successfully blocked them before they even started.

But just relying on this is not enough.

Because although the Lu family has few connections in Jiangbei, it is not completely without foundation.

And there is also Ye Feng’s fate.

If they pay enough benefits, the Chen family will definitely help.

If Lin Yuan wants to completely cut off the development of the Lu family in Jiangbei, it has to be from the source.

Didn’t the Lu family want to penetrate the furniture industry?

Then, their timber supply must be cut off.

They cannot make furniture without raw materials.

Then they will be paralyzed again.

But in order to do so, Lin Yuan has to find someone.

The family where this person belongs happened to have monopolized all the sources of supply of timber in Jiangbei.

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