Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 420:

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Chapter 420:

Lin Yuan took out his mobile phone and called someone directly.

Soon, the call was connected.

”Hello? Who is this?”

A silvery female voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Lin Yuan didn’t answer who he was and just smiled and said, “Hello, Dubai Princess. Don’t you remember me?”

Hearing the vaguely familiar voice and the strange title of ‘Dubai Princess’, Qiao Siying who was already lying in bed wearing a cool pink nightdress, suddenly sat up.

The small hand holding the phone was also shaking slightly.

”Lin Yuan is it you?!” Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth.

The title of the ‘Dubai Princess’ was the last name Lin Yuan called her during the concert of the fake singer of the Blue and White Porcelain.

It was when she bet on the real singer of the song.

At that time, Lin Yuan said that he was the original singer of the Blue and White Porcelain song.

Qiao Siying didn’t believe it, saying that if the original singer of the Blue and White Porcelain song was Lin Yuan, then she is the Princess of Dubai.

Only the two of them knew about this.

The person on the other end of the phone who is trying to tease her must be no other than that jerk, Lin Yuan!

”Hello Dubai Princess. It is an honor that the Dubai Princess still remembers me.” Lin Yuan quipped.

Lin Yuan called Qiao Siying because the Qiao family monopolize the supply of timber in the whole of Jiangbei.

This time, he intends to use Qiao Siying to connect with the Qiao family.

Although the only daughter of the Qiao family has a bad temper, Lin Yuan has some ways to deal with it.

” Dubai Princess! You are damn Dubai Princess!” Qiao Siying cursed.

She was very dissatisfied with Lin Yuan’s ridicule and so her cheeks were a little red due to embarrassment.

Thinking of Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth.

Since she was young, she basically played tricks and bullied others.

She has never been bullied!

Lin Yuan cheated on her with money the first time they met.

Then during the blind date, she was cheated on again and Lin Yuan let her step on some shit.

And her most precious treasure was pinched until swollen by Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying is afraid that she will forever remember that feeling for the rest of her life.

So when Qiao Siying thought of Lin Yuan she immediately gets that feeling of hatred.

She can’t wait to bite him directly!

But apart from that subconscious anger, Qiao Siying feels that Lin Yuan continues to surprise her over and over again.

For example, she learned that Lin Yuan is so powerful by surpassing her abilities in equestrianism.

He can also play the piano from his performance at the last Mei family banquet.

Those made her unable to believe that it was done by the same person.

Even her dad who loves her so much scolded her after a conversation with Lin Yuan.

As a result, she cried and Lin Yuan still taunted her while in the comfort room.

Then the last time during the concert of the fake singer of the Blue and White Porcelain song, the fake singer jumped at her and nearly threatened her with a knife.

Lin Yuan was quick to rescue her and subdued the man.

Lin Yuan protected her.

That very moment and that figure of Lin Yuan have been lingering in Qiao Siying’s mind.

But it always contradicted when Lin Yuan asked her to be his maid.

There were mixed feelings of love and hate in Qiao Siying’s heart.

Even she can’t tell what the complicated feelings are.

In fact, for a number of days after the concert, Qiao Siying had been inadvertently reminded of Lin Yuan.

Thinking of his handsome but irritating face, Qiao Siying feels a little confused.

But she would never admit the same.

She could never admit that she has a good impression of him.

She makes herself believe that the reason she must be thinking about Lin Yuan is that he is too hateful.

Yes, it must be so!

Hearing no answer on the other end for a long time, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “How is the Dubai Princess doing? The signal is not good when the Dubai Princess returned to Dubai?”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying who had been lost in her thoughts immediately came back to her senses.

Sure enough, the ability of the young master of the Lin family to amass hatred is so amazing.

Just two statements made her gnashed teeth with hatred again.

But she can only vent her anger on the bear doll in front of her.

She thought of the bear as Lin Yuan.

Her legs were crisscrossed around the neck of the bear while hitting it with a few punches.

Then she finally let go of the bear and responded: “What’s the matter, Young Master Lin? If there is something, please tell me quickly, if not, I will hang up.”

Although she had been thinking about Lin Yuan, Qiao Siying tried her best to pretend and ask indifferently.

Hearing that the tone of the person on the other end of the phone is a pretense calmness, Lin Yuan smiled but didn’t intend to expose the same.

Lin Yuan then said, “It’s nothing. I just missed you suddenly, so I made a call. You can hang up if you want.”

Qiao Siying gnashed her teeth again when she heard Lin Yuan’s remarks.

Lin Yuan must have called because of something.

It is impossible that he just missed her just like he said.

But Lin Yuan just didn’t want to say it and would just let her hang up.

This makes it difficult for Qiao Siying who has some obsessive-compulsive disorder to just really hang up.

Deep inside, she also vaguely wanted to talk more to Lin Yuan.

It’s just that she doesn’t notice it.

Qiao Siying urged again: “Young Master Lin, speak quickly. If you have something to say, just say it.”

Lin Yuan didn’t care about Qiao Siying’s urging tone. “Dubai Princess, don’t you want to hang up? Hang up.”

“Then I shall hang up.” Qiao Siying said.

Listening to Lin Yuan’s indifferent tone, Qiao Siying still failed to hang up.

There was silence for a long time but Qiao Siying still didn’t hang up.

After a long silence, Qiao Siying still didn’t hang up and asked Lin Yuan, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yuan didn’t tease her anymore and went straight to the point.

Lin Yuan said directly: “Didn’t you say at the fake concert that you will be my maid for three days? Are you ready?”

As soon as she heard this, Qiao Siying immediately became anxious. “What are you talking about? When did I say that? Are you sick that you talk nonsense?”

Lin Yuan replied, “Hehe. Does the young lady of the Qiao Family wants to cheat?”

“Okay, I promise to make it public tomorrow. Let’s see how you can raise your head in Jiangbei in the future.”

Qiao Siying was silent for a while.

Then Qiao Siying stammered: “I… I’m not cheating… you… your request is too much. Can’t you change it?”

Lin Yuan didn’t give in and said, “No. My request is final.”

Qiao Siying was silent again.

After a while, Qiao Siying snorted and said while stumbling: “That… that’s fine… But…but you have to help me with something.”

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