Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 422:

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Chapter 422:

Hearing Lin Yuan’s orders, Long Wu rushed directly to the Lin family mansion.

Lin Yuan also went downstairs to prepare to meet Shi Shengnan.

It didn’t take long, Lin Yuan saw Shi Shengnan, a 180cm tall woman with a huge and exaggerated stature.

It can be said that as a bodyguard, Shi Shengnan is extremely qualified.

She is loyal, strong, and nearly invincible in close combat.

Even now that Lin Yuan is much better than Shi Shengnan, he dare not say he didn’t need her at all.

And even if he doesn’t need her protection anymore, Lin Yuan can ask Shi Shengnan to protect Qiu Wanxi and the others instead.

Compared to male bodyguards, Lin Yuan prefers female ones.

And Shi Shengnan is a hundred times more reliable than a male bodyguard.

As soon as Shi Shengnan arrived, she respectfully asked Lin Yuan, “Young Master, what do you need from me?”

Lin Yuan smiled and shook his head and said, “I don’t need anything. I just want to tell you something.”

Shi Shengnan hurriedly asked: “Just say it, Young Master. Whether it is going up against a sword or going down to the sea of fire, I will definitely go all out!”

Lin Yuan waved his hand: “It’s not that serious. It is just a small matter. I just want to let you know about something.”

While speaking, Lin Yuan turned to the side and shouted, “Long Wu, bring Jiahui out!”

When Lin Yuan uttered the name ‘Jiahui’, Shi Shengnan’s whole person was shaken.

She then turned her head abruptly in Long Wu’s direction.

She saw Long Wu in a black suit and sunglasses.

Long Wu led a thin and yellow-faced little girl in a shabby dress. (T/N: malnourished and sickly looking)

Seeing the little girl in shabby clothes, Shi Shengnan who is always calm and obeyed Lin Yuan’s orders is now a bit restless.

She stared at the little girl and her eyes widened from shock, her eyes full of disbelief.

She couldn’t help but shout: “Jiahui?!”

“Sis… Sister?! Sister Shengnan?!” The little girl also stared at Shi Shengnan, her eyes widened.

“Sister Shengnan!” the little girl Jiahui shouted and ran towards her sister.

Shi Shengnan squatted and dragged and hugged the little girl.

Shi Shengnan and Jiahui couldn’t help their tears from falling.

Lin Yuan is not surprised at all.

That is because he had specifically ordered to find this little girl from the day he acquired Shi Shengnan as his bodyguard.

Shi Shengnan was sold from the countryside to the city.

She worked laboriously, moved bricks, and fortunately became a boxer. She was lucky enough to be introduced to the bloody tavern.

She had been in the city for a long time to make a living.

She is not worried about the hometown she left behind, but the people in it.

Jiahui is her younger sister and her only family.

After she was away for long, Shi Shengnan went back many times to her hometown to look for her sister.

But there was no trace of her.

She made herself think that she might have been abducted and sold just like her.

It has always been a thorn in Shi Shengnan’s heart.

In the original novel, Ye Feng met Jiahui by chance.

It made Shi Shengnan completely loyal to him.

Jiahui is very important to Shi Shengnan.

The sisters met again after several years so they couldn’t help but hold each other and cry.

After the sisters cried for a long time, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. There will be more time for you two to stay together now and in the future.”

“As for Jiahui’s affairs, I have made my people arrange it all.”

“Her new residence will be in the same community where you live. You can move in and live with her. As for her school registration, and others, they’re all settled. She can go to a school in Jiangbei.”

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