Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 425:

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Chapter 425:

Qiao Siying followed just as Lin Yuan said.

She really waited outside in advance.

Qiao Siying is now standing at the entrance of the Qiao family Villa.

There is an afterglow from the shine of the setting sun.

Lin Yuan saw this beautiful girl who is also one of the four major beauties in Jiangbei.

She is wearing a black silk dress.

The black silk dress perfectly complements her slender waist as well as the whiteness of her skin.

The skirt is not too long as it just covers the thighs, revealing a pair of crystal jade knees and beautifully-shaped and well-proportioned calves.

She wore a pair of silver stilettos and a bright white pearl necklace hanging on her neck.

The crystal luster reflects on the delicate snow-white skin on her chest.

The perfect body proportions under the dress can definitely make countless women envy and attract the eyes of countless men.

Her long golden hair draped over her shoulders like a silk satin woven from gold and vaguely reflects the brightness of the setting sun making her stand out more.

It can be said that Qiao Siying looks so perfect when dressed up nicely.

Lin Yuan who is accustomed to seeing beautiful women, is also a little surprised.

Of course, Lin Yuan is just slightly surprised that Qiao Siying’s dress today is so meticulous.

Lin Yuan has already seen a 100-point beauty in Chi Qian.

And he also understood Qiao Siying’s democratic personality.

So after looking sideways for a second, he recovered himself.

But the surprised look in Lin Yuan’s eyes was caught by Qiao Siying as she was observing him carefully.

Qiao Siying’s glamorous eyes lit up immediately.


This man actually said she has a foul smell.

Qiao Siying simply ignored Lin Yuan and the fact that he cast an unexpected and surprised look.

Now he looks at her with indifferent eyes.

”Get in the car, Dubai Princess.” Lin Yuan smiled.

”Okay.” Qiao Siying nodded and prepared to get in the car.

But maybe because she’s not used to wearing stilettos that her walk was quite unstable.

She almost fall like a dog eating shit but a hand supported her.

She looked up and was surprised to see it was Lin Yuan.

“Thank… thank you.”

Qiao Siying thanked him quickly.

But feeling Lin Yuan’s hand touching her and smelling Lin Yuan’s body at close range, Qiao Siying’s pretty face flushed slightly.

Her heart couldn’t help but beat quickly.

But it didn’t take long for Qiao Siying to recover her senses.

An indifferent and hateful voice rang in her ears saying: “Even the Dubai Princess has to watch the road while walking. Don’t be like a proud swan or you will fall like a dog eating shit.”

Qiao Siying doesn’t need to look to recognize whose voice it was.

She get back on her toes and quickly pulled her body away.

At this time, her face wasn’t red anymore and her heart not beating wildly.

Qiao Siying just wanted to bite Lin Yuan out of hate.

Lin Yuan is just so hateful.

It’s ridiculous that she was imagining something that will not happen just now.

Her accelerated heartbeat must be due to the danger of almost falling.

Qiao Siying soon quickly thought of an explanation to justify everything.

Lin Yuan ignored her and went straight into the car.

Qiao Siying opened the other door and also went into the car.

”Address?” Lin Yuan asked lightly.

”It seems that it is in the China Resources Hotel.” Qiao Siying scrolled on her phone and found the address where the reunion will be held.

”China Resources Hotel?” Lin Yuan repeated and then glanced at Qiao Siying.

”What’s the matter?” Qiao Siying was inexplicably nervous as Lin Yuan looked at her.

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