Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 423:

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Chapter 423:

Although Lin Yuan’s tone was very plain, Shi Shengnan was deeply moved.

Shi Shengnan turned her head to Lin Yuan, and then knelt down and bowed her head to him.

”Thank you, Young Master! Thank you very much, Young Master! If not for you I wouldn’t find Jiahui, I am so grateful to you Young Master!”

”My…Shi Shengnan’s life is worthless. It is really not worth the Young Master doing so much for Shengnan. But from today onwards, my life will always belong to the Young Master!”

Shi Shengnan kowtows her head to the ground very hard.

Regardless of the pulling of her sister Shi Jiahui next to her and even with the continuous bleeding of her forehead, Shi Shengnan didn’t raise her head.

Instead, Shi Jiahui was pulled over to kowtow along with her to Lin Yuan.

She is not a fool.

Shi Shengnan looked for Jiahui for so many years.

Although in terms of Lin Yuan’s current capability, it is actually nothing.

But for Shi Shengnan, Lin Yuan has shown great kindness.

And there are more things like Shi Jiahui’s household registration and school registration.

Lin Yuan ordered and helped to prepare it all.

She won’t be able to repay it even in this lifetime.

【Ding! Shi Shengnan’s Loyalty +10! 】

【 Ding! Shi Shengnan’s loyalty reaches full value! 】

【 Shi Shengnan activates the permanent buff: Righteous blood and loyal heart, willing to repay a favor with extreme sacrifice! 】

【 Buff holder will always be loyal to the host and will always put the host first! 】

【 Ding! Reward: 1000 counterattack points! ]

【 Ding! Reward: A random advanced skill! 】

【Ding! Got the Cat Affection Buff! 】

Hearing the prompts from the system, Lin Yuan is not surprised.

When Lin Yuan acquired Shi Shengnan from the Bloody Tavern before.

It can already be regarded as a debt of gratitude.

The favor amounts to being given a new lease on life

However, Shi Shengnan has other worries about her younger sister, Shi Jiahui.

Now, Shi Jiahui was found with Lin Yuan’s help.

Shi Shengnan is now relieved of her worries.

Therefore, Shi Shengnan’s loyalty reached its peak.

Even if she has to risk her life for Lin Yuan right now, she will definitely agree.

What surprised Lin Yuan a little is that besides the counterattack points he got, he is also rewarded a Cat Affection Buff.

Is this also a skill?

Lin Yuan checked.

Basically, with this buff, cats will have a high affinity with him.

Except for being the dream skill of all the cat lovers in the world, this skill seems to be useless to ordinary people…

But Lin Yuan can be regarded as a cat person, so it seems not that useless.

After confirming that Shi Shengnan is 100% loyal, Lin Yuan did not let Shi Shengnan continue with the pointless kowtowing.

Lin Yuan pulled her up and said: “Okay. I believe in your loyalty; You and your sister have not seen each other for a long time. Have a meal together and talk about what happened in the past years.”

Shi Shengnan was shocked to find that Lin Yuan is stronger than her.

Lin Yuan pulled her up by force.

Of course, she wouldn’t resist Lin Yuan’s orders.

Shi Shengnan wiped her tears and nodded to Lin Yuan.

”Okay, master. Thank you so much, master!”

Lin Yuan also smiled at the little girl.

Shi Jiahui is different from her sister Shi Shengnan.

Although her clothes are ragged and yellow-faced, she looks quite delicate and her eyes are vivid.

Although Shi Jiahui could not fully understand, she knows that Lin Yuan has shown them great kindness.

Coupled with Lin Yuan’s appearance, the little girl has become fond of Lin Yuan.

”Thank you very much, Master, for helping me find my sister. And thank you Master for allowing me to go to school…”

”I am the same as my sister. I will always dedicate my life to the young master!”

Shi Jiahui mimicked Shi Shengnan and also made a promise.

The expression on her little face is also very serious.

Lin Yuan didn’t care too much.

He just touched the little girl’s head and said, “Okay, wait until you grow up and then let’s talk about it. Go and take a bath and eat with your sister first.”

Shi Shengnan and Shi Jiahui said their thanks a couple more times.

Then with Lin Yuan’s order, the two sisters left and returned to the residence arranged by Lin Yuan for them.



After dealing with Shi Shengnan, Lin Yuan looked at the time on his watch.

It is almost evening.

Lin Yuan went to his room and took a shower and changed his clothes.

After all, he promised to pretend to be Qiao Siying’s long-time boyfriend at her reunion.

Lin Yuan has no plans to dress up in a low-key manner, then do the usual routine in novels ‘playing the pig to eat the tiger’.

He plans to dress as he would on formal occasions.

He will wear an exquisite suit tailored by a professional designer.

He will wear a Patek Philippe watch worth tens of millions.

Just the same as he usually dresses.

But after all, he has a high face value.

Even if he wore something simple, he would still look handsome.

The maid who helped him with his clothes couldn’t look away at all.

The little maid’s heart was racing.

Lin Yuan’s phone vibrated.

Lin Yuan picked it up and took a look.

Sure enough, it was Qiao Siying.

Lin Yuan answered immediately.

As soon as she saw Lin Yuan answered, Qiao Siying asked: “Are you ready?”

Lin Yuan nodded and replied: “Yeah.”

Qiao Siying said again: “Then can you come to pick me up?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and replied: “I am too lazy to drive. You should drive to my house and pick me up.”

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