Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 426:

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Chapter 426:

Lin Yuan ignored her and directly turned on the navigation screen.

Then Lin Yuan immediately drove to their destination.

Sitting in Lin Yuan’s Lamborghini co-pilot position, Qiao Siying couldn’t resist but sneak peek at the rearview mirror several times.

Qiao Siying intended to dress herself up nicely today.

She is quite confident in her looks.

But her confidence feels quite hurt because Lin Yuan didn’t even look at her more at all.

And he didn’t even speak a word to her in the car.

He just drove quietly.

This made Qiao Siying develop some serious doubts about her charm.

Don’t men, in general, like to chat with beauties?

Won’t they even strike up a conversation or two?

Seeing Lin Yuan like a dull gourd that didn’t talk, Qiao Siying couldn’t help but turn her head and look over.

She saw Lin Yuan driving the car seriously.

He looked ahead without turning his eyes off the road.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s side face, Qiao Siying’s heart couldn’t help but jump violently.

She asked herself, how could Lin Yuan be so handsome?

This just came to her mind instantly.

She doesn’t know why but she obviously feels hateful toward Lin Yuan.

But looking at his face from such a close range, she felt her heart beating wildly.

She can’t seem to look away.

Qiao Siying didn’t know that Lin Yuan’s appearance has already reached a very high level.

It greatly attracts the opposite sex.

But she didn’t want to be caught by Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing, and she will definitely be ridiculed by him.

Qiao Siying tried her best to remove her eyes from Lin Yuan.

It is like a person in the desert who is dying of thirst who sees the water but tries his best to stay away from it and not touch it.

It was extremely difficult to move her eyes away, but she still did it.

She also took a few deep breaths.

Qiao Siying feels that Lin Yuan is like a legendary succubus, but a male succubus.

Or that kind of a handsome vampire.

The weird attraction is just too difficult to resist.

To cover up the embarrassment and divert her attention, Qiao Siying took the initiative to speak.

”Are you not playing as my boyfriend? Isn’t my boyfriend so cold?”

Qiao Siying made a small suggestion.

Lin Yuan still drove the car looking straight and replied calmly and casually: “Don’t worry. I am the best actor at the Golden Horse Awards. It is more than enough to play as a boyfriend of someone like you.”

”What do you mean boyfriend of someone like me?!” Qiao Siying gritted her teeth.

Really, as long as Lin Yuan opens his mouth, it can instantly break the strange attraction Qiao Siying feels toward him.

She feels like she wants to bite him to death.

Lin Yuan ignored Qiao Siying.

He looks like he will never listen to whatever she says to him.

Qiao Siying couldn’t help it.

She is the one who asked for a favor.

Qiao Siying could only request in a weakly manner: “Let’s talk about this first. Let’s get more familiar with each other first so as not to get caught.”

”I have two female classmates whom I have a good relationship with.”

“There are also a few particularly annoying flies, one of them Huo Tianhao, who came from a rich family worth ten billions, and has been pestering me…”

Qiao Siying started chatting with Lin Yuan.

She wants Lin Yuan to know more about her.

But most of the time Qiao Siying spoke, and Lin Yuan just said a few words perfunctorily.

Qiao Siying was also helpless.

She has almost never dressed up like she is today.

With her natural beauty, no matter what she wears or wherever she goes, there will always be someone who would strike up a conversation with her.

And even those who would be contented with just looking at her.

Now, she’s the one who took the initiative. Some people would have been so happy to have a conversation with her.

But she could feel that Lin Yuan is really cold and indifferent.

Lin Yuan must be so used to seeing beautiful ladies like the lady from the Yan family.

So she understands.

In fact, Qiao Siying behaves okay today.

She didn’t talk much about democracy and freedom or expressed her hate for the rich.

It makes Lin Yuan feel okay.

His impression of Qiao Siying in the past was mediocre.

So Lin Yuan was too lazy to talk much and just listened to her.

Quickly, they arrived at the China Resources Hotel.

The car stopped at the lobby of the hotel.

Lin Yuan saw a few people standing in front of the hotel.

They should be joining the reunion of the international students today.

Lin Yuan didn’t pay much attention and just stopped the car to get off.


At this moment, Huo Tianhao stood at the entrance of the China Resources Hotel, wearing a decent suit, and was observing all the passing vehicles.

Seeing that more familiar faces were coming, Huo Tianhao stood at the entrance and smiled and greeted a group of classmates.

Not long after, the smile on Huo Tianhao’s face disappeared instantly.

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