Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 421:

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Chapter 421:

Lin Yuan smiled and asked, “You tell me first. How do you want me to help you.”

Qiao Siying replied: “Actually… it is not a big deal…”

“It’s just I am an international student, and there is a class reunion among international students tomorrow. I want you to come with me and… and act as my long-time boyfriend…”

Lin Yuan immediately laughed when he heard Qiao Siying’s words. “Be your boyfriend? The Dubai Princess has chosen me as her husband? Why do you want me to act as your boyfriend at the reunion of international students?”

Since she is the one in need, Qiao Siying ignored Lin Yuan’s ridicule.

Qiao Siying explained frankly: “Because some people at the reunion are so annoying. They wouldn’t be too annoying if you are there.”

Hearing what Qiao Siying said, Lin Yuan remembered immediately.

Qiao Siying’s reunion is also mentioned in the original novel.

Although Qiao Siying’s personality is not very good in Lin Yuan’s opinion, her looks is definitely one of the best.

Yan Ruyue is an ultra-class beauty.

Although the styles are different.

Qiao Siying has a trademark of mixed-race beauty with beautiful blonde hair.

And she is also very attractive.

The reunion in the original plot is not complicated.

It is a reunion among international students.

There were a few who wanted to pester Qiao Siying.

Especially, a particular licking dog.

Qiao Siying is annoyed every time they meet.

This is why Qiao Siying wanted to find someone who would pretend as her boyfriend at the reunion among international students.

She will use him as a shield to disperse the licking dog.

In the original novel, Qiao Siying found Ye Feng by chance.

But now, Qiao Siying hates Ye Feng very much.

Naturally, it would not have been possible.

Qiao Siying originally didn’t plan to go.

Even if she had pretty good friends among the students before.

But she suddenly received a call from Lin Yuan.

Qiao Siying was also on a whim so the matter was brought up.

“How about it? Can you pretend to be my long-time boyfriend?” Qiao Siying asked again.

Although she hates men, especially those from big families like Lin Yuan, she is even more surprised by the fact that she asked Lin Yuan to act as her boyfriend.

Not only is she not disgusted, she even vaguely expects that he will agree…

Lin Yuan thought for a while and smiled and said: “Okay, I promise to agree to your request. After the matter is over, you remember to be my maid.”

“It is not impossible for me to help you. But one favor yields to another. You have to be my maid as it is the consequence of the previous bet.”

“So if you want me to help you again, then you owe me one more favor.”

Qiao Siying was anxious and shouted: “You!”

Lin Yuan smiled slightly: “What are you doing? Do you want me to help you?”

Qiao Siying was silent for a while, and then said helplessly: “Okay, I owe you if I owe you!”

After discussing the meeting time and place for tomorrow, Qiao Siying just hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Siying beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.

She then looked into the mirror and opened her closet.

After trying a few sets of clothes, Qiao Siying threw them all back into the closet.

Then she threw herself on the bed wearing only her underwear.

Holding the bear doll, Qiao Siying’s face turned red.

“Why should I try on clothes! It’s not like I haven’t been to a class reunion!”

“Why am I so excited! What am I looking forward to!”

Qiao Siying buried her face between the bear doll and her bear.

Although she denies it, but deep inside, she is looking forward to the reunion tomorrow.

She even felt so excited.

Of course, it is not purely because of the class reunion.

In the past gatherings, she tried to dress as simple as possible so as not to attract attention.

She is excited mainly because Lin Yuan will be pretending to be her boyfriend.

Although her head denies it, her body does the opposite.

The corners of her mouth at this time are raised.

At the same time, she wants to dress nicely.



On the other side, Lin Yuan heard the system prompt.

[ Ding! Qiao Siying’s favorability +3! Reward: 300 counterattack points! ]

“I asked Qiao Siying to be my maid, but her favorability increased instead?… is she a masochist?”

“No. It should be because I have agreed to pretend to be her long-time boyfriend at the international students’ gathering tomorrow.”

Lin Yuan quickly figured it out.

“Open the system properties panel.” Lin Yuan said silently.

Soon, the property panel appeared in front of him.

【Host: Lin Yuan 】

【Counterattack points: 15,000 】

【Wealth Value: 17 billion 】

【Attributes: 】

【Strength: 250+, Speed: 250+, Reaction: 250+, Charisma: 250+, Physique: 250+ 】

【Skills: 】

【Medical Skills: Divine Level, Cooking Skills: Divine Level, Piano Skills: Divine Level, Singing: Divine Level, Equestrian Skills: Divine Level, Chess: Divine Level, Calligraphy: Divine Level, Fighting Skills: Divine Level, Pistol: Divine Level, Sniping: Divine Level, Hacking Skills: Advanced, Painting: Advanced, Stocks: Advanced, Antique Appraisal: Advanced, Tai Chi: Advanced, Car Skills: Intermediate, English: Elementary 】

【Favorability Panel: 】

【Yan Ruyue: 96, Qiu Wanxi: 100, Qiao Siying: 50, Chi Qian: 35, Gui Qingtong: 96, Mei Yuxian: 95, Jiang Rou: 83, Xie Shixuan: 20, Xie Shiyin: 5, Ding Xiaorong: 70, Ning Shu: 40 】

【Loyalty Panel: 】

【Wang Ergou: 97, Shi Shengnan: 90, Chen Yu: 90 】

【Fate Value:】

【Ye Feng: 500 (50% remaining) 】


Lin Yuan checked all that was in the system properties panel and then consumed 10,000 counterattack points.

“Increase all five attributes by 20 points.”

[ Ding! Strength, speed, reaction, charisma, and physique are all increased by 20 points! ]

With the prompt from the system, a warm current flew through Lin Yuan’s limbs, bones, and meridians.

The feeling of warmth and pleasure is comparable to the lingering pleasure with Mei Yuxian.

But the pleasure went quickly.

Three seconds later, Lin Yuan felt the power in his body.

Sure enough, the attributes have been increased.

Lin Yuan feels that is he now like a little superman.

With this, it is not impossible to become a superman.

After his attributes were increased, Lin Yuan looked at his loyalty panel again.

“More than 90 is almost impossible to betray. But definitely, the higher the better.”

Wang Ergou’s loyalty is almost full.

And Chen Yu’s loyalty will definitely get higher as soon as the Chen family meets its end.

What concerns Lin Yuan is that of Shi Shengnan’s.

Lin Yuan immediately took out his mobile phone and called Long Wu.

Lin Yuan: “Do you have any news about Shi Jiahui I asked you to find for me?”

Long Wu said hurriedly: “Young Master, I was just preparing to report to you with today’s information. Shi Jiahui has been found and has just been sent to Jiangbei.”

Lin Yuan nodded and said: “Okay then. You can send her over to me now.”

After Long Wu said that she has been sent to Jiangbei, Lin Yuan called Shi Shengnan directly.

Lin Yuan asked her to come to him.

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