Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 427:

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Chapter 427:

A trace of anxiety flashed through Huo Tianhao’s eyes.

Why is it that Qiao Siying hasn’t come yet?

Huo Tianhao is a young master from a rich family.

But he is willing to stand by the entrance to greet people.

He doesn’t do it because he likes it but because he wants to see Qiao Siying’s arrival.

He wants to give a pleasant surprise to his goddess Qiao Siying who he had been dreaming and thinking of day and night.

Today, he must confess his love for her and successfully embrace the beauty!

But it’s already been half an hour and there is still no sight of his goddess!

’How come she hasn’t come yet?’

Huo Tianhao was a little anxious.

A lackey accompanying him persuaded: “Brother Huo, we’ve been standing for a long time already. Let’s just go in and wait for Miss Qiao inside.”

Huo Tianhao shook his head and said: “No, let’s just wait here. I have all things planned already.”

With that, Huo Tianhao gestured the roses he hid behind him.

The lackey was helpless.

Suddenly, Huo Tianhao’s eyes lit up.

He saw a yellow Lamborghini Aventador in the parking space ahead slowly opening.

Then a white calf stretched out and a beautiful figure wearing a black silk dress with blond hair slowly came down from the car.

Huo Tianhao’s eyes brightened immediately.

It’s Qiao Siying!

That blond hair is still so beautiful and dazzling!

He quickly took out the large bouquet of roses behind him.

At the same time, he waved his hand and directed his lackeys to come and hold the flowers next to him.

At this time, Qiao Siying had just got out of the car.

Huo Tianhao immediately walked towards her followed by a number of people.

He came to the car with the flowers in his hand.

Facing Qiao Siying he said: “It’s been a long time Qiao Siying, rose for you…”

Huo Tianhao said as soon as he came to Qiao Siying’s side.

But Qiao Siying didn’t wait for Huo Tianhao to finish and interrupted him first.


Seeing Qiao Siying who had just gotten out of the car turn her head away, it looks like something will be said later.

Huo Tianhao can’t do anything about it.

He can only shut up.

At the same time, he also instructed the lackey next to him to shut up so as not to annoy and arouse disgust from his beloved goddess.

Although in fact, Qiao Siying was already disgusted as soon as Huo Tianhao called her.

Huo Tianhao didn’t know what Qiao Siying was about to do.

But Qiao Siying’s next move made Huo Tianhao’s eyes widen.

After Qiao Siying got off the car, she turned her head and stretched out her slender white hand into the car.

Then a man’s hand rested on it.

Then followed by Qiao Siying’s gentle pull, a man got off of the Lamborghini Qiao Siying was riding in.

Seeing this, Huo Tianhao was stunned.

His goddess Qiao Siying actually shared a car with a young man he didn’t know?

Based on the past occasions, it should be herself or someone from her family who would send her here.

And Qiao Siying actually stretches out her hand for this young man!

She even pulled him out of the car?!

Huo Tianhao was already surprised enough.

But Huo Tianhao was even more surprised by Qiao Siying’s subsequent actions.

He saw Qiao Siying leading the man out of the car.

She then bent her arm and passed the same under the young man’s armpit and gently hooked it against the man’s arm.

Their bodies were so close to each other!

Then Qiao Siying seemed to have forgotten about him who stood next to her.

She directly took the man’s arm and prepared to leave.

Huo Tianhao was in a hurry to control the situation.

He can no longer think properly.

He quickly walked up and placed the flowers in front of Qiao Siying and said, “Classmate Qiao Siying, flowers for you…”

Huo Tianhao forced the flower in front of Qiao Siying.

He intends to express his affectionate feelings towards her.

Qiao Siying frowned.

But Huo Tianhao wasn’t able to say anything more as a man’s hand took the flower in front of Qiao Siying.

Looking at the flowers he was meant to give to Qiao Siying getting inexplicably robbed off of his hand, Huo Tianhao looked dumbfounded.

He turned his head to look and saw the man holding the hands of Qiao Siying smiling at him.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Oh, is it for Siying? I thank you for Siying. Are you Siying’s old classmate?”

”I would like to introduce myself. I am Siying’s boyfriend, Lin Yuan.”

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