Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 428:

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Chapter 428:

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s remarks, Huo Tianhao is petrified on the spot.

”Bo… boyfriend?!” Huo Tianhao muttered incredulously.

However, Qiao Siying was smiling and was very happy.

She was just like a rose in full bloom.

She held Lin Yuan’s arm tighter again and moved her body closer to him.

She was really acting like a passionate girlfriend.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Huo Tianhao carefully looked at Lin Yuan.

His face is very handsome, his height is tall, he is dressed decently, and his temperament is elegant.

His whole body exudes an inexplicable attractive aura as if there is a domain surrounding him.

Very attractive!

From the moment Qiao Siying placed her arm under Lin Yuan, Huo Tianhao has no good feelings for him at all.

Huo Tianhao doesn’t have the slightest affection for Lin Yuan.

But he has to admit that Lin Yuan is very handsome.

Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, based on appearance alone, he completely lost!

And while Huo Tianhao was looking at Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan also glanced at Qiao Siying’s licking dog.

This should be the Huo Tianhao that Qiao Siying told him.

The young master of Jiangbei’s Huo family.

The Huo family belongs to the second or third-tier family in Jiangbei.

The total assets can be said to be about tens of billions.

Although his family is incomparable to the Lin and the Qiao Family.

However, Huo Tianhao appears to be quite favored in the Huo family.

Huo Tianhao has been Qiao Siying’s classmate ever since they studied abroad.

It seems that the first time he laid eyes on Qiao Siying, he was shocked by her beauty.

Probably he also wants to have a relationship with the Qiao family through Qiao Siying.

Now he is back in Jiangbei to attend the reunion.

He planned that when he gets the chance, he would come over to Qiao Siying and confess to her.

Qiao Siying is however very disgusted with him.

Huo Tianhao was stunned and unable to speak.

Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying didn’t bother talking to him either.

Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying walked forward hooked onto each other.

Huo Tianhao could only look at the back of the two.

Looking at Qiao Siying who is stuck to Lin Yuan, Huo Tianhao ‘s eyes were full of envy and jealousy.

And seeing Lin Yuan’s arms so close to the chest of Qiao Siying, Huo Tianhao was even more jealous.

He studied abroad with Qiao Siying for five to six years.

Not to mention holding her hands or putting his hands close to her chest, he hadn’t even gotten the chance to touch her at all!

It’s very difficult to get close to Qiao Siying.

She would always keep a distance from him every time.

And now, a boyfriend suddenly appears?

And they looked so intimate!

How can Huo Tianhao not feel envious?

Except for Huo Tianhao, the other international students and classmates who attended the reunion and knew Qiao Siying also stared at the two.

After all, handsome men and beautiful women can easily attract people’s eyes.

Especially Lin Yuan who seems to be exuding a faint charm aura.

That slender figure and handsome face attracted the attention of many of Qiao Siying’s female classmates.

Feeling the gaze of the women around, Qiao Siying was inexplicably comfortable.

She subconsciously leaned her body a little more towards Lin Yuan.

It was until Lin Yuan felt a little squeezed that he pushed Qiao Siying a little even touching her chest.

Qiao Siying blushed slightly and loosened up a little bit.

She doesn’t know why but normally she is not used to having any physical contact with men.

And she is aware of how much she hates Lin Yuan.

But when she came in contact with him, she felt a little reluctant to let go.

And with what just happened, she was quickly named Lin Yuan’s girlfriend, so she played the part.

If Lin Yuan hadn’t pushed her a little, she would have forgotten that Lin Yuan only came to pretend.

”Ahem, come on. Let’s go to the venue.” Qiao Siying coughed and said with embarrassment.

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded.

Now that he agreed to pretend to be Qiao Siying’s boyfriend, Lin Yuan is also trying his best to play his part.

Soon, the two are under everyone’s gaze.

They walked directly into the hotel venue.

After the two entered the venue, some students looked at Huo Tianhao playfully.

They knew that he has always been pursuing Qiao Siying.

They all knew what might be going on in Huo Tianhao’s mind.

They saw him holding a large bouquet of roses meant for Qiao Siying.

Then she suddenly shows up with her boyfriend.

And they looked very intimate.

How interesting is that?

Being watched by everyone like a joke, Huo Tianhao felt so embarrassed.

He dismissed his lackeys and prepared to enter the hotel directly.

As soon as he entered the hotel entrance, Huo Tianhao pauses, and his face stiffened.

He saw a big bouquet of roses lying quietly in the trash can by the hotel entrance.

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