Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 429:

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Chapter 429:

”It’s a lie. It must be all a lie… Goddess Qiao Siying can’t suddenly show up with an unknown boyfriend…”

”And I feel like they are not lovers at all…”

Huo Tianhao kept whispering while he walked.

Although Qiao Siying’s actions were quite natural when she hooked her arm with Lin Yuan earlier.

But Huo Tianhao still feels something off.

He is not sure whether he has really seen something or he is just comforting himself, hoping that there is still a chance with Qiao Siying…

Huo Tianhao walked quickly towards the banquet hall upstairs.


At this moment, Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying had just arrived at the banquet hall upstairs.

Lin Yuan looked around.

There aren’t too many people in the banquet hall.

There are about thirty to forty people.

All of them dressed quite well for the occasion.

They are also quite temperamental.

To be able to enter the circle of international students same with Qiao Siying.

At the very least, the family background should be from the upper-middle class.

Basically, they are not falling behind the ladder.

Qiao Siying glanced around.

Soon she saw a few classmates whom she has a good relationship with.

She immediately pulled Lin Yuan and walked towards a table that was full of women.

Lin Yuan didn’t resist and just let Qiao Siying pull him.

It attracted the attention of many people.

At this moment when they saw them walking toward their table, the girls at the table also looked at Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying.

Qiao Siying took Lin Yuan to the table.

She greeted two of the girls she had a good relationship with when she was studying abroad, “Hello Mengmeng! Feifei!”

”Siying, you are here!”

”Sit down!”

Mengmeng and Feifei also got up and greeted Qiao Siying.

But although they greet her, their eyes couldn’t help but stay on Lin Yuan whom Qiao Siying was holding.

There is no way!

Lin Yuan is really good-looking.

And he has an elegant and extraordinary temperament.

He looked very attractive to them.

They couldn’t help but look at him and examine him.

After Qiao Siying sat down, Mengmeng couldn’t help but ask: “Siying, who is he?”

It was not only her that was curious, but all the other girls are also.

When they heard Mengmeng ask, they all looked over and waited for the answer.

Qiao Siying smiled and replied: “This is my boyfriend, Lin Yuan.”

”Hello everyone.” Lin yuan also smiled and greeted the girls.

”Ah, hello, hello! I am Siying’s roommate when she was studying abroad!” Mengmeng responded quickly.

The other girls also responded.

“Siying, your boyfriend is so handsome!” Feifei who was sitting aside said in a low voice while grinning at Qiao Siying.

”Yes, yes! Really handsome!” Mengmeng on the side also nodded.

Qiao Siying smiled and answered, ”He’s okay.” 

She held Lin Yuan even closer to her.

Her pretty face also flushed.

She had a shy yet affectionate look on her face.

Although it was a bit awkward to pretend to be affectionate, Qiao Siying felt very comfortable as she isn’t bothered by Huo Tianhao anymore.

She continued to lean on Lin Yuan and even pretended to be so in love.

It is strange that she did not feel disgusted at all.

It was completely different from what she imagined.

Many girls at this time also couldn’t help but look at Qiao Siying with envy.

That is even including her former roommates, Mengmeng and Feifei.

There is no way!

Qiao Siying is the young lady of her rich family herself, yet she is also very beautiful.

In the end, she also found a very handsome boyfriend.

They can all tell that Lin Yuan is not only handsome, but he also has a top-notch appearance.

Lin Yuan’s temperament and his manner are also very unusual.

They can tell that his background is not simple.

How can they not feel envious?

There are so many girls who want to take the place of Qiao Siying.

Feeling the envy of the girls around, Mengmeng and Feifei included, Qiao Siying felt unusually refreshed.

Most girls love to compare.

Seeing everyone so envious makes Qiao Siying quite happy.

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