Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 430:

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Chapter 430:

Maybe everyone being expected already arrived that after Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan took their seats, the hotel began serving dishes.

At the table where Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan are seated, the speed of serving the dishes was exceptionally fast.

It was faster than the other tables.

There is also the hotel manager watching them.

Soon, all sorts of dishes were served.

And while everyone was enjoying the food, Huo Tianhao was holding a wine glass in one hand while the other held a wine bottle.

He welcomed everyone and even offered a toast at every table.

One of the initiators of the reunion among the international students is Huo Tianhao.

He even organized most of it.

After all, Qiao Siying wouldn’t want to see him normally.

He can only use this occasion as an excuse to see her.

At this moment, he is looking at Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan seated at a table while chatting happily with the other girls.

Hou Tianhao is still feeling jealous.

’What’s so good about a little white face except for being a little more handsome?’

After Huo Tianhao returned to China, he managed the family business in a prosperous way.

Now the family’s billions of assets are handed over to him.

He also has quite a huge amount of assets to his name.

He decided to show the same to Qiao Siying to make her understand how he is so much better than that little white face.

So Huo Tianhao acted as if he was the master of the occasion.

He led the toast on every table.

At the same time, he also said with arrogance: “Dear classmates, it has been a long time since I’ve seen you. Let’s all have a toast. After all, I invited you to come today, so eat whatever you want!”

When someone politely says no, Huo Tianhao would wave his hand and say directly: “it’s okay. It’s okay. I am in charge of my family’s business now. Spending this little money is fine.”

He low-key showed off his financial strength.

And the former classmates also cooperated, showing a surprised expression while nodding slightly.

Seeing this scene, Huo Tianhao got some satisfaction.

With the low-key show-off from one table to another, he will soon reach the table where Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying were seated.

Huo Tianhao has already drunk a lot of wine at this moment. His cheeks were slightly red and the eyes that looked at Qiao Siying still had a trace of fiery heat.

He had been to so many tables until came the moment he was waiting for.

Huo Tianhao especially stood beside Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan.

He first greeted his goddess Qiao Siying. “Classmate Qiao Siying…”

But Qiao Siying just ignored him.

She then peeled off a shrimp deliberately and in front of Huo Tianhao fed the same into Lin Yuan’s mouth.

Although Lin Yuan ate without any expression,

But Huo Tianhao was still triggered.

The girls at the table all saw the scene and just turned a blind eye to it.

They couldn’t help but cover their mouths and snicker.

Huo Tianhao couldn’t help it anymore.

He then raised the wine glass and pretended to be all mighty and spoke in a voice that was even louder than before.

In fact, his pretense is a bit blunt.

But there are still many girls who pay attention to him because of his remarks.

That is because after all, Huo Tianhao is not bad of a catch. His background is really good. He is also rich.

Qiao Siying doesn’t like him, but many girls think he is okay.

Feeling the attention of everyone, Huo Tianhao’s mouth was slightly tilted.

”All of you can eat whatever today. It will all be on me…”

Huo Tianhao stretched his voice, preparing to see how Qiao Siying would react if she discovered his ability so that she would pay more attention to him.

She has to understand that she cannot rely on that little white face.

But he was only halfway through his speech when he was interrupted by a voice.

”This gentleman…”

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