Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 432:

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Chapter 432:

Seeing these women had their eyes glowing, her former roommates included.

Qiao Siying frowned.

Lin Yuan obviously just pretended to be her boyfriend.

It is all a pretense.

But there was a strong sense of possessiveness in her heart.

She feels a little bit jealous.

Even if they are just pretending, these female classmates are too much!

Qiao Siying came to Lin Yuan quickly.

She chases away the wild bees flying around Lin Yuan.

Then she directly took Lin Yuan’s hand.

Lin Yuan squinted at Qiao Siying.

After Lin Yuan put down the glass, he saw Qiao Siying coming to his ear and then said: “Let’s go!”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded slightly.

The people present don’t interest him in the slightest.

Lin Yuan originally just came to accompany Qiao Siying.

Now, it has become so noisy with all the girls wanting to be around him.

Then Qiao Siying pulled Lin Yuan to his feet.

Then Qiao Siying said to her classmates: “Sorry, I am a little uncomfortable. Let my boyfriend and I leave first.”

“Huh? Let’s enjoy ourselves a little bit more!”

“Yes. We finally got together after a long time.”

“Sit down for a while.”

Qiao Siying’s classmates asked but most of them is looking at Lin Yuan.

“No more. Sorry.” Qiao Siying shook her head.

Then she pulled Lin Yuan and both left the hotel.

Looking at the backs of Qiao Siying and Lin Yuan leaving, her classmates looked at Qiao Siying with envy.

The waiters and the managers who they came across while they were leaving obviously knew about Lin Yuan’s identity.

They each bowed to Lin Yuan one after another.

Watching Qiao Siying holding Lin Yuan’s hand while leaving quickly, Huo Tianhao and a few other licking dogs who have a crush on Qiao Qiying felt jealous.

But they dare not say much after knowing the identity of Lin Yuan.

They did not dare think about competing with Lin Yuan at all.



Lin Yuan was soon pulled back downstairs by Qiao Siying.


As soon as they got back in the car, Qiao Siying opened her lips slightly and let out a sigh of relief.

Those people were very enthusiastic about Lin Yuan just now.

Even if the attention was not aimed at her, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Lin Yuan glanced at Qiao Siying and asked faintly: “Going home?”

Qiao Siying nodded: “Yeah, I’m going back home.”

Qiao Siying knows that Lin Yuan meant asking if his pretending to be her boyfriend is already over.

After getting the answer, Lin Yuan stepped on the accelerator directly.

After leaving the China Resources Hotel in a Lamborghini, Lin Yuan did not speak.

Qiao Siying also didn’t speak a word.

So, the atmosphere in the car was a bit quiet and awkward.

Qiao Siying hesitated for a moment, and then took the initiative to break the silence and said: “I didn’t expect that China Resources Hotel is actually owned by the Lin family.”

Qiao Siying naturally could see that Hui Tianhao wanted to show off his wealth to the guests earlier.

But he has a really bad luck.

Unexpectedly, the hotel actually belongs to Lin Yuan’s family.

Lin Yuan glanced at Qiao Siying and said lightly: “Even if it is changed to another hotel, the result will be similar.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying was taken aback.

Then she reacted and realized.

Right. It is not that Huo Tianhao has bad luck and chose the wrong hotel.

It was Huo Tianhao who chose to mess with the wrong person.

Most high-end hotels in Jiangbei are monopolized by the Lin Group.

As for the few others, Lin Group also has some influence on them.

Even if Huo Tianhao chose a different hotel, it would still end up the same way.

But Qiao Siying does not feel pitiful towards Huo Tianhao.

On the contrary, it was just as she wanted.

After today, it can be presumed that Huo Tianhao would dare not bother her again.

Thinking of this, Qiao Siying immediately grinned and smiled very happily.

She then proactively chatted with Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan still replied indifferently.

Looking at the traffic lights ahead, Qiao Siying suddenly frowned.

Qiao Siying said strangely: “Young Master Lin, you seem to be driving in the wrong direction. My house is not around here…”

Lin Yuan glanced at Qiao Siying and said lightly: “That’s right.”

“Huh?” Question marks appeared on Qiao Siying’s face.

“My house is in this direction. Do you want to be my maid and serve me in front of your dad in your house?” Lin Yuan said.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Qiao Siying was taken aback.

Then she quickly understood.

She agreed to be Lin Yuan’s maid if Lin Yuan pretends to be her boyfriend.

She shall then fulfill her promise to be Lin Yuan’s maid for three days.

She almost forgot about it.

“Thi this… this is too fast. Isn’t it?” Qiao Siying blushed slightly and stuttered.

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