Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 433:

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Chapter 433:

Lin Yuan ignored her.

Qiao Siying who was seated on the co-pilot blushed at the thought of it.

She is a young lady born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

To be a maid to serve others?

It’s just too ridiculous.

She never thought in her life that she would ever serve others.

Lin Yuan ignored Qiao Siying’s thoughts and parked the car directly in front of a big shopping mall.

“Get off.” Lin Yuan said to Qiao Siying.

“Huh?” Qiao Siying was puzzled.

“Why get off here?” Qiao Siying asked.

Lin Yuan said helplessly. “Dubai Princess, did you leave your brain abroad?”

“Can you be more dedicated to being my maid? Do you want to be a maid in that dress?”

“Let’s go. Buy a maid outfit for yourself.” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Qiao Siying’s face flushed immediately.

She wanted to fight with Lin Yuan as usual, but she can only do what he says.

To play the part of being a maid, she really has to be in a maid outfit.

Lin Yuan has a point.

She couldn’t resist.

She could only say, “Oh.”

Then she gets off the car obediently.

She then followed Lin Yuan into the Yida Plaza.

The Yida Plaza is very big.

There are so many shops.

Lin Yuan and Qiao Siying walked into the shopping mall and found a clothing store that sold maid skirts.

The store’s name is Yuan Ai.

Seeing the skirt-style maid outfit, Qiao Siying blushed.

She stopped outside and didn’t dare to go in at all.

But Lin Yuan’s expression was indifferent.

“Hurry up and pay the bill yourself.” Lin Yuan turned to Qiao Siying and said lightly.

But Qiao Siying’s face turned even redder when she heard it.

She whined to herself for half a minute and gnashed her teeth.

Then she followed Lin Yuan into the clothing store called Yuan Ai.

The clothes sold in the store are very different from normal clothes.

They are a bit… vulgar…

There is that kind of feeling but it is not so exaggerated.

It can be said to be somewhere in between.

There are no customers in the Yuan Ai store at this time.

It seems that the usual business is also average.

There was only one female store manager and a few female employees playing boringly with their phones.

The female store manager is surprised when she saw Lin Yuan coming in.

But Lin Yuan did not have any expressions.

The female store manager liked Lin Yuan’s handsome face and upright figure and elegant temperament.

The female store manager who is still bewitched by Lin Yuan’s charm is so fascinated.

She just couldn’t help but lick her lips.

She thought of going to him and striking up a conversation.

She could wear the clothes being sold by their own store and then have fun together tonight.

But after recognizing the tens of millions worth of Patek Philippe on Lin Yuan’s wrist, the idea in the store manager’s heart was instantly dispelled.

This is a high-level person!

The female store manager immediately came up with a rather diligent tone and asked Lin Yuan: “Handsome guy, what do you want to buy?”

The female store manager can’t help but wink at Lin Yuan.

Maybe this young man will like her!

They can spend a spring night together and maybe she’ll have some money.

The female store clerks nearby also gathered around.

They all have the same idea as the store manager.

Lin Yuan ignored their winks and hints.

Pointing to Qiao Siying behind him, “I brought my maid to pick some clothes.”

The store manager and the store clerks immediately looked back and were surprised to see a blond-haired and extremely good-looking lady.

Qiao Siying is a mixed-race beauty after all.

’As expected of a young master, the maid is also good-looking!’

The store manager and the store clerks thought instantly.

”I… I am not a maid!” Seeing the profound eyes of the female store manager and store clerks, Qiao Siying shouted stiffly.

The store manager and the store clerks snickered and covered their mouths.

Seeing Qiao Siying’s appearance, the store manager gave up her idea.

But a bold store clerk smiled and said, “Young master, do you still need a maid?”

Lin Yuan glanced.

Her face value can barely reach 70 to 80 points.

Not very good.

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and shook his head.

The store manager scolded: “Xiaohong, go to work. Stop playing around here and harass my customers.”

The store clerk Xiaohong stuck out her tongue and ran away quickly.

At this moment, Qiao Siying was blushing.

She is just standing still in place.

She is too shy now.

The maid clothes here are too weird!

She couldn’t imagine what those would look like when she wears them.

She blushed just thinking about it!

Looking at Qiao Siying’s blushing, Lin Yuan said directly: “If you don’t want to pick clothes, then I will pick for you.”

Qiao Siying held her red face with her right hand and was too shy to speak.

Lin Yuan calmly pointed to several items in succession.

“This, this, and that. Please wrap them up.” Lin Yuan said.

Seeing what Lin Yuan pointed to, Qiao Siying’s pretty face flushed instantly.

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