Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 431:

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Chapter 431:

”This gentleman…”

Hearing the voice, Huo Tianhao turned his head to take a look.

The voice came from the hotel manager who had been standing next to the table.

China Resources Hotel is a chain of hotels and their industry can top more than half of the Huo Family.

So although the manager of the China Resources Hotel interrupted him, Huo Tianhao was still quite polite.

Huo Tianhao immediately stopped and asked: “Hello manager, what’s the matter?”

The manager paused and glanced at Lin Yuan first.

After seeing Lin Yuan expressionless, the manager asked cautiously: “This gentleman… let me remind you that Young Master Lin Yuan has already ordered before you came. You don’t need to pay for the banquet tonight.”

”Uh…” Hearing the manager’s words, Huo Tianhao was shocked.

After drinking some wine, he then asked the manager: “You mean Mister Lin already paid for everything?”

He was planning to show off his wealth by telling the guests that he would pay for all the food and drinks but Lin Yuan has actually settled the bill already?

’How can it be?!’

Then Huo Tianhao saw the manager shook his head

Huo Tianhao nods in relief.

However, the hotel manager then said: “Young Master Lin is the son of our chairman. He sent a text message earlier that all has been already taken care of…”

Hearing the words of the hotel manager, Huo Tianhao was stunned.

The girls at the table, Qiao Siying’s roommates Feifei and Mengmeng, and even Qiao Siying herself were stunned.

Lin Yuan picked up the table napkin and wiped his mouth lightly and then said to the hotel manager: “After the dishes are served, you may go down. Don’t stand here and affect the dining mood.”

”Yes! Young Master!” Hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the hotel manager look terrified and quickly stepped back.

Seeing this scene and hearing the answer from the hotel manager, everyone was stunned again.

Young Master Lin Yuan? There is no need to pay…

They looked at the manager who left quickly and then at Lin Yuan.

Everybody guessed it very quickly.

Everyone here is smart people and not stupid.

Their brains were turning fast.

China Resources Hotel seemed to be part of the industry that is dominated by the Lin family in Jiangbei.

And the Lin family is one of the top major families.

The young master of the Lin family… It seems to be that his name is Lin Yuan?!

Thinking of these, everyone looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s calm expression combined with the idea of Qiao Siying’s family background, and the reaction from the manager, the people around understood in an instant.

This Lin Yuan is definitely the young master of the Lin family, one of the top major families in Jiangbei!

Can they really eat with such a high-level person?!

”He turned out to be the young master of the Lin family?!”

“China Resources Hotel is owned by the Lin Group!”

”I’m actually eating with the Lin family’s young master?”

Everyone was quite surprised.

They are well aware that under normal circumstances, they couldn’t come across a person like Lin Yuan.

They were able to have dinner with him because they were Qiao Siying’s classmates.

For gatherings of high-level personalities like Lin Yuan, most of the people present aren’t even qualified to attend.

They are several levels below Lin Yuan, who is the young master and only son of the Lin family.

And they have all just heard about him.

Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin family, has recently gained fame in Jiangbei.

Not only did he make the share price of the Lin Group increase.

Moreover, he also runs a company that has recently cooperated with the Yanyue Company, selling the most popular facial masks all over the country in the past few days.

The market value of Lin Yuan’s own company has also risen.

One rumor is even more unbelievable than the other.

They even heard that Lin Yuan has a high influence on the entire Lin family and the Yan family, and other top major families as well.

They only heard and couldn’t check for themselves whether such rumors were true or not. But Lin Yuan’s identity far exceeds any of them who is present, even if all of them combined. There is absolutely no one who can compare.

The way they looked at Lin Yuan all became fiery.

Especially the women, it is as if they can’t wait to eat him.

Huo Tianhao was quite embarrassed at this moment.

He stood there motionless, his complexion pale.

He was interrupted by the hotel manager just when he tried to boast.

He wanted to show off his wealth but it turns out that the guy he so wanted to be shut off is the son of the owner of the hotel where the reunion was being held.

His plan failed.

From the beginning to the end, Qiao Siying did not even look at him.

And seeing the fiery eyes of the women around Lin Yuan, Huo Tianhao was even more uncomfortable.

But Huo Tianhao also knew.

His identity is far below Lin Yuan.

He did not dare offend him.

He just hoped that Lin Yuan wouldn’t care about his previous attempt to mock him.

Huo Tianhao planned to talk straight to Lin Yuan and apologize to him.

Huo Tianhao felt like a sharp edge of a knife was stuck in his back at this time. His face flushed. He wanted to drill a hole in the ground to hide from embarrassment.

But in fact, Huo Tianhao worried and felt embarrassed for nothing.

No one cared about him at all.

At this moment, everyone’s attention was on Lin Yuan.

All of the women looked at him with fiery eyes.

Huo Tianhao thought hard about how to get to Lin Yuan and apologize to him.

But Huo Tianhao was stunned after discovering that nobody looks at him at all.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on Lin Yuan alone.

Lin Yuan is too dazzling.

He is handsome, rich, capable, and powerful.

After discovering that nobody paid attention to him, Huo Tianhao was relieved.

And so he felt more comfortable than he was earlier and drank the booze alone.

The eyes of the people around Lin Yuan are fiery.

Lin Yuan didn’t say anything as he is used to being in such a situation.

Seeing that the licking dog Huo Tianhao was drinking sullenly, Lin Yuan didn’t care either.

In fact, Huo Tianhao’s fate in the original novel is even worse.

It was Ye Feng whom he was supposed to clash with.

When Ye Feng came to the party, he was not as close to Qiao Siying as Lin Yuan now.

Ye Feng dressed ordinarily then Huo Tianhao tried to mock him and was later slapped in the face severely in public.

He even got beaten up.

And Lin Yuan has no habit of pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

Therefore, Huo Tianhao didn’t dare to be too presumptuous towards him from the very beginning.

So he can still be considered lucky. He was only a little ashamed.

Lin Yuan didn’t bother to care about him.

His relationship with Qiao Siying is simply average.

The main purpose for him agreeing to pretend to be Qiao Siying’s boyfriend is to get the cooperation of Qiao Siying’s family and plunder Ye Feng’s fate.

If it were his woman like Qiu Wanxi or Yan Ruyue, he would off have disposed of him directly.

As for Mei Yuxian and Chi Qian. They can solve the troubles themselves, and their methods maybe even better than him.

【 Ding! Successfully reversed the plot! Reward: 1000 counterattack points!】

While Lin yuan was thinking, a prompt suddenly sounded in his mind.

It seems that since he stole the scene of Ye Feng in the original novel, he was given a reward.

Lin Yuan listened to the system prompt while casually accepting toasts from the people around him.

After discovering Lin Yuan’s identity, everyone present had their eyes fixed on Lin Yuan.

Everyone present had fiery eyes.

They, one by one, proposed a toast.

The women around wanted eagerly to talk to him.

Lin Yuan dealt with each one of them casually.

In this situation, Lin Yuan is not bothered.

But Qiao Siying who was seated beside Lin Yuan felt a bit unbearable.

Even the eyes of her former classmates were fixed on Lin Yuan.

Although Qiao Siying knew that they are not looking at her but at Lin Yuan next to her.

But Qiao Siying is still a little uncomfortable.

Lin Yuan is too popular.

These people licked too much.

It is obviously a reunion of former classmates, but Qiao Siying feels bad.

Qiao Siying got up immediately and went to the toilet.

Even if Qiao Siying left, it did not affect Lin Yuan’s popularity even in the slightest.

It is the opposite.

After Qiao Siying left, the people felt even more relaxed.

There were even a few girls who sat directly beside Lin Yuan.

They occupied Qiao Siying’s seat.

Qiao Siying went to the toilet to wash her face.

When she came back, she saw a large group of women surrounding Lin Yuan.

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